The side hustle 

Jobs that pay under the table (in some cases called “earning off the books”) are essentially jobs that are paid in cash and are generally not reported to the government as earnings. 

These sorts of tasks that pay money are actually great chances to self-employment when conventional job search efforts fail. 

With a lot of individuals being precariously employed in this brand-new gig economy that exploits large groups of workers, and given the years-long stagnation of wages in the U.S., it is no surprise that more people are turning to self-employment and developing their own jobs.

Do some prep

Invest some time checking out websites like Quora, Reddit, and Yahoo Answers for common issues people have that they may be going to pay you to assist them with. Lastly, utilize your skills against existing demand for your services, and right there you can develop your own paying job. 

You’ll need to have an honest view of your own marketable skills, as this will pace the way for successful job ideas in the near future. 

How to Make Money Under the Table

Don’t overestimate your talents as this could lead to bad work and a damaged reputation that will prevent you from finding further work. 

We’ll look at a few basic job types that tend to support immediate cash payment rather than formal employment and payment via check or direct deposit. 

Just remember that failing to report income to the government is highly illegal. Even if you’re making money, in cash, from a private client, you still need to report it. 

Taxes may be frustrating at times, but going to jail for tax evasion is much worse. 


Tutoring is a great way to make money on your own if you have special expertise in a specific subject. 

Tutoring companies tend to take care of the finer details of finding clients and running background checks. 

If you’re looking to make money under the table, you’ll need to handle all of these things yourself. 

You need to present yourself as trustworthy, intelligent, and flexible with your schedule. 

Try to focus on prep schools and nearby colleges and universities. Those locations would tend to pay the most for tutoring. 

Working as a tutor, you can practically set your own hours and do not require a workplace to work from either. It is a very low-overhead task with the added advantage of restricted competitors as there will only be so many people local to you with the same teachable skills.

You could run ads on regional sites or even better leave adverts up around universities. This sort of thing will likely be really busy come test time in the late fall and early spring, however by charging so much per page and by the nature of the subject and due date required, you can make some great money at this.

Home gardening and landscaping services

When it comes to landscaping and gardening, potential clients aren’t as concerned with your resume and qualifications as they’re concerned about the results you can achieve. 

If you have a green thumb, then offering gardening services to people in a nearby neighborhood could be a great way to make some cash. 

How about something uncommon here, like establishing veggie gardens in people’s yard, for a fee? 

How to Make Money Under the Table

You could set up a pesticide-free garden, and preserve it for busy working people who wish to eat healthy and understand where their food is coming from. 

Best of all, your work will serve as an advertisement. When others see what a great job you did with a garden or yard, they’ll most likely ask the homeowners who did all the work. 

Soon enough, you might have enough money to buy a truck for your business and maybe even hire some additional staff. 

If you have a truck and a simple snowblower, you could even make more cash here due to the effectiveness that such a tool provides. 

Online freelancing

Online freelancing is the perfect way to market skills and tasks that can be accomplished via a computer, and therefore completed remotely. 

That said, online freelancing services tend to be focused on just a few skills. These are tasks like website building, writing and editing services, and visual design work through software programs. 

If you have special tech skills, make it clear on your profile. There are many people who just don’t want to take the effort to learn everything about computers and writing code. If you carry those skills, then it may be time to offer your services to the public. 

Sites like Upwork have become major hubs for freelancers and contractors alike. 

Just remember that these sites are highly competitive, especially when it comes to tasks that just about anyone can do. 

Because of this worldwide competition, you may very well end up providing your services for far less than they’re worth. There are countless postings on the site that offer pay way under minimum wage. Keep this in mind while looking for online work. 

Personal assistant 

A personal assistant is an individual who does odd jobs for one consistent client

Whether it is taking elders to doctor appointments, grocery shopping, standing in line and paying parking tickets, or dealing with some company at regional municipal government, individual assistants can be contacted to do anything, actually.

The only limitation of becoming an assistant is that you’ll almost always have to be local to the area of your client. 

There is a possibility to work as a virtual assistant, but those tasks will be limited to online work and administrative assignments that can be completed remotely. 

If you’re working as an in-person assistant, then most of your work will most likely be focused on running errands that your client simply doesn’t have the time to deal with. It may even involve taking care of their pets when they’re not in town. 

As an assistant, it’s best to offer up a very wide range of skills that could be helpful in many different situations. 

Sell crafts and personal projects

Sites like Etsy have popularized the idea of selling handmade goods on the internet. 

If you have a special skill for restoring physical objects or creating gifts from scratch, you can easily establish your own virtual storefront. 

From there, you’ll have the chance to decide how many items you want to produce and how quickly. You also get to decide how much your goods will cost.