When you want to show your artistic side, it is always helpful to know how to start creating art! If you are ever asked to create something as an artist, this comes very naturally to you then, but for those who are just starting out or even if you’re in a creative slump, this can be tricky to source.

There are many different ways to approach making art, so instead of asking what style they prefer, ask them to tell you how they like to brainstorm ideas for their next project. By doing this, you will learn some key tips that may help you get into the habit of creating art!

This article will talk about how to propose an exhibition to a gallery, but before we dive in, let us look at why this is such a important topic.

Make a list of images you would like to show

how to propose an exhibition to a gallery

After deciding where your ideal exhibition space is, make a list of pictures you would like to include in your showcase. These can be your own photos or ones that are copyrighted or free for use.

If possible, take your laptop with you to create your exhibition so that you don’t have to return later! You can also bring your phone or camera if there’s enough room to place it somewhere.

After making this list, organize them into different categories. For example, maybe Business, Love, Family, etc. Then, choose the best category and order by importance (most important first).

Now, go to any good quality brochures, sites, or documents related to these subjects and add those to the next step.

Decide where the exhibition would take place

how to propose an exhibition to a gallery

After deciding if you are proposing in person or via chat, decide where the exhibition would be held. If it is in a public space with lots of people, then probably not!

If there’s no room at your own home, check out online spaces such as Airbnb to see whether they have any gallery exhibitions that you could use their space for.

Many museums will let you use part of their space for free, or offer low-cost entry tickets, so do some research and see what they look like before investing money in venue fees.

In both cases, you’ll need to make sure you don’t overstay your visa and/or run up expensive travel bills by taking transport somewhere else after the event.

Find out what the gallery is looking for

how to propose an exhibition to a gallery

Before you even approach them with your proposal, make sure that they are already advertising their space by checking their website and social media accounts. If they have a recent announcement or event posted, then that is proof of them being open for business!

They may also use third-party software to track visitors to their site, so making sure that this has a positive feedback is another way to determine if the space is available.

By using these strategies, you can be certain that the gallery is open for proposals at least temporarily.

Write a proposal for the exhibition

how to propose an exhibition to a gallery

Now that you have done some research, gathered your materials, and prepared your business plan, it is time to write up a proposal! A proposal is a formal statement or argument asking someone to do something- most commonly agreeing to work with you on a project.

Writing a strong proposal takes more than just writing well, but also practicing how to organize your thoughts and putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. You will want to be clear, passionate, and logical, knowing what arguments to use depending on the situation.

When proposing an exhibition, there are two main types of proposals: internal and external. An internal proposal asks another member of the organization to work directly with you on the project, while an external proposal goes one step further by asking them to invite you to present your ideas to a larger group. This way, they can spread word about you and your art!

Internal proposals are great because you get additional exposure, but external proposals may feel slightly intimidating as people who work at the gallery might not necessarily agree to let you host an event here.

Confirm the date and time with the gallery

Now that you have your proposal all ready, it is time to confirm the date and time with the gallery!

Most galleries will agree to meet with you for an exhibition if they are given at least two weeks’ notice. They may even offer you some extra time after the show to talk more about their business. This way you can really understand what kind of art they want to display and how they run their company.

If there are any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask them! Many artists feel nervous talking about their business, but asking away truly helps others open up as well.

Prepare your artwork

how to propose an exhibition to a gallery

Now that you have done some research, gathered your supplies and organized all of your materials, it is time to prepare your piece for exhibition. The next step in preparing for your show will be creating your display or collection.

You can create this by having different groups or shapes. For example, if your painting is about love then there should be lots of examples of love (e.g., hearts, romantic scenes). If your work is focused on nature then there should be many examples of natural beauty (flowers, trees, etc.).

After you have completed these two parts, you can choose which gallery to propose your exhibition to.

Give your proposal to the gallery

how to propose an exhibition to a gallery

Now that you have done all of the hard work, it is time to give your proposal to the gallery!

Most major art galleries will ask you to make a presentation before they agree to show your artwork. This can be in person or via Skype (or even phone) depending on where you are located. They may also ask you to send along some examples of your work so that they can get more familiar with what you create.

In these settings, many people feel nervous as they know little about art. What styles appeal to them really matter when deciding whether or not to showcase your work. If possible, try to bring some samples with you but this is not necessary unless the gallery asks for them.

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Follow up after the exhibition has been accepted

how to propose an exhibition to a gallery

After your partner receives notification that their new artwork is being featured, it’s time to follow up! When you don’t hear back from them within a week, drop off a quick note saying how lovely the exhibit was and asking if they’d like to get some drinks later? (Don’t pushy or seem too hard, we recommend staying casual and natural.)

If you really want to push things then maybe send one of those ‘would you like to go shopping together?’ messages but only if you are very sure they’re someone who would be interested in such a thing already.

This doesn’t mean you have to do all the work for them, though – let them know when you will be around so they can accept or reject if and when they feel ready.