When it comes to showing your artistic side, there are many ways to go about it. Some people start with drawing or painting, then move onto photography. Others may begin with taking pictures and then progress to editing them down!

Whatever level you’re at for creating beautiful photographs, this article will talk you through some basic concepts when it comes to displaying them. So get out your camera and let’s play!

When it comes to showing your photographic skills, someone who is more experienced can help you by giving you tips and tricks. This person could be a friend, family member, teacher or even yourself two years later!

This person would also probably look at your photos all the time because they want to see how you apply these rules. That way, you’ll feel comfortable sharing your inner photographer as well.

Gradual exposure is an important concept when it comes to developing images. Changing the settings of light and dark can make a difference between good and great shots.

Decide where you will put the exhibit

how to show photography in a gallery

When deciding how to showcase your photography, consider what area of the house best fits for displaying pictures.

Make sure the space is clean

how to show photography in a gallery

Before you start trying to design your new gallery, make sure your current one is totally finished! If you are already designing another room or level for your galleries, making changes here can be a good way to move forward with your project.

We would suggest starting out by testing your newly designed gallery in an empty wall or group of walls so there are no other decorations or textures coming in to distract from the pictures.

Also, test it out using only white or black backgrounds to see how it looks like. Once you’re happy with the look, add some shades of gray or color to create the effect that the photographer intended.

Use a neutral colored background

how to show photography in a gallery

Choosing your gallery wall color is an integral part of choosing where to focus your attention when displaying photographs. Most people begin by picking a style that they like, then adding additional features such as frames or decorations. However, before you start spending money on all these accessories, it’s important to figure out how much space there will be for displaying photos in your home.

You don’t want to buy too many pieces if there’s not enough room to show off each one! Luckily, we have some tips here for you. By looking at our guideline photo and reading our tip, you’ll know what to do next!

General rules: When hanging pictures frame-style, leave about five inches between each picture. This gives your eye a chance to move from one image to the next and makes it easier to spot duplicates or missing pictures.

Avoid having every single empty area look the same! If you run into a problem finding more space, try moving or adding curtains or other furniture in the area. You can even cover the wall with art or tiles!

Color palette

Once you have determined how many spaces are available, now you can choose which colors to use in the gallery. Color schemes are usually made up of two main colors and several shades of each, but sometimes trims are included as well.

Many people begin their search for ideal gallery walls by figuring out which colors go best together.

Use all the space available

how to show photography in a gallery

In gallery design, there is an easy way to make your pictures look very nice and elegant. When setting up a wall or area for photography, do not feel limited by the edges of the frame!

Most cameras have a feature called depth of field (DOF). This is the range of distances where the image comes together as one focus piece. Beyond that distance, the picture becomes blurry and out of focus.

The average person does not use this DOF properly. They hold their camera close to the subject and then try to take more photos from farther away so that the whole image is in focus.

This is why people get blurred photographs with heavy vignetting and ugly backgrounds — the parts of the photo outside of the initial focused box are not in good quality.

When taking portraits, some photographers will go beyond the initial depth of field and create what is known as a “soft-focus” effect. The human eye naturally focuses on slightly closer objects, so having some blur within the portrait helps set the tone and emphasize the intimacy between you and your audience.

Provide a clear display area

how to show photography in a gallery

For people who are looking to learn how to do this, you need to make sure your gallery is organized and displayed properly. You should always have an album list as your starting place!

Most of us start by creating a new album or group, then we add our photos into that album using the built-in tools. But now, it’s time to organize those albums!

There are several ways to do this, but the best way depends on what kind of organization you want to achieve and what software you use. Some apps feature easy drag and drop organizing, while others may require more advanced skills like sorting photo types or trims. No matter which method you choose, just remember to keep everything organized correctly at all times!

That way, you will never end up with a pile of pictures with no structure, and therefore, no way to tell their story.

Use the lighting properly

how to show photography in a gallery

As we have discussed, natural light is your friend as long as you know how to use it. When putting pictures into a gallery or design project, timing is important!

When setting up the photo, make sure there are no shadows that would potentially look bad onto other parts of the picture.

Buy photos that show your work well

how to show photography in a gallery

While creating beautiful, artistic pictures is an art form in itself, showing your photography in a gallery style setting is another way to do it!


That’s what we will talk about here today!

We will go over all of the different components of displaying a photo in a gallery fashion and how to use them to showcase your talent.

Make sure your photos are very sharp

how to show photography in a gallery

While it is okay to include some soft-focus or out of focus images, this must be done properly! If you use too many that have just enough blur to make them interesting, people will feel distracted and wanting to look closer to determine if there is anything more going on with the image.

There are two main reasons why most of these overly blurred photographs fail to hold anyone’s attention. First, they are simply not very well photographed. Second, even if what was being captured had to be slightly over focused, then the photographer did not handle getting those shots proficiently.

Photos that are almost completely out of focus take quite a bit of work to achieve. The person taking the photo must be extremely still, using a tripod or other means to prevent movement. They also need to find an appropriate amount of time to let things come together before capturing the shot.

When editing the photograph, remember to reduce the depth of field by either cropping or zooming out so that everything is blured somewhat. This helps to break up the space and create a sense of calmness.