This article will discuss how to tell a girl she doesn’t love you anymore because most guys I have spoken with haven’t been able to deal with this well, and the hurtful words are so hard to swallow. And,

the reason why they hurt is that you invested all your time, effort, and emotion.

This article will explain why she doesn’t love you anymore. It’s not that she doesn’t love you anymore.

She just doesn’t love you anymore.

People say, “Love is blind.” But I say, “That’s not necessarily true.”

Or, “Love is an illusion.”

Love is a choiceThree men holding assorted painted love is love banner

The more you love someone, the more you can do for them. So if you really love someone, you can go out and do anything for them, and they will love you for it.

You don’t have to “kind of” love someone. You must love them.

Many guys have been in this situation where they want the girl to love them. They look at them and think, “I love her so much, and she still doesn’t love me.”

But, we never go to the source of the problem.

What causes someone not to love you anymore?

This is the point where many men miss the boat.

Many guys miss this point because they never get to ask her why she doesn’t love them. It’s that simple.

Why doesn’t she love me anymore?

Do you know the true cause? This is when many guys get stuck because they don’t know what to do about this situation.

If you haven’t asked her why she doesn’t love you, ask her.

But, first, know that she may tell you the truth, that she doesn’t love you because she thinks you are dishonest, lazy, selfish, or arrogant.

People always give you their true thoughts on themselves. Ask.

Listen. Ask some more.

A woman hates dishonest, lazy, selfish, and arrogant guys. Most likely, you are one of those.

Is it possible that she doesn’t love you anymore?

Now, I don’t want you to get offended by her answer. This is the result of someone she is insecure about.

It doesn’t mean she doesn’t love you, just simply that she is insecure with you.

This is what she’s insecure about. Do not take it personally.

Now, I’m not going to ask why she doesn’t love you because she doesn’t love you. She might not know herself.

Ask her why she feels that way, and let her tell you the truth. This will give you the solution to this situation.

She doesn’t love you because she thinks you are dishonest, lazy, selfish, or arrogant. She has to give a reason for why she feels the way she does.

And, it’s usually not what you want to hear.

And, it’s not fair. I mean, she has spent all her time, energy, and emotion in you.

She had made herself vulnerable to you, shared her life with you, and even thought about you. She spent time with you, worked with you, made sacrifices for you, prayed for you, made sacrifices for

you, made love with you, and invested in you.

You get the idea. She has made herself vulnerable to you and shared her heart with you.

And now, you take it all back.

You don’t even respect her. She might not even know why she doesn’t love you.

Or, she might think that you were dishonest, lazy, selfish, or arrogant.

All this will tell you why she doesn’t love you.

If she really did not love you, she wouldn’t come to you at a time that she felt you had hurt her. She would go to you before anything happens to hurt her.

She would have already made the investment of time, energy, emotions, and thoughts in you.

And, she wouldn’t be taking it back. So, something has happened to her that is causing her to hate you.

Hate is a reactionMultiracial students having argument on city street

She is missing out on the right man because of her reaction. And she is the one that has to change.

She needs to realize that this isn’t how you love someone.

When someone loves you, they love you even when you don’t show it. She’s missing out on what’s going on with you because of her reaction.

We’ve already covered the details of why she doesn’t love you. So, we can go back to why she thinks you’re dishonest, lazy, selfish, and arrogant.

The heart is the hardest thing to break. Why?

Because your heart is where you give yourself away, it’s where you lose yourself and give yourself to the world.

Our actions are everything. And, when we love someone, we have to act as we love them.

And, that means we have to make sacrifices.

When you give a girl everything she wants, when you give her everything you can give and don’t do anything else, she will become exhausted. You’ll exhaust her.

She will lose her purpose.

If she knows that you give her everything she wants, but that’s all you can give her, then she will get tired of waiting for you to give her more. And she will give up.

And that’s how you ruin a relationship.

The greatest relationship is the one where both partners give, and both partners are growing together. It’s not a relationship that relies on one person.

Her expectations and your lack of actions will wear on her.

When she meets a man who can do more, who doesn’t expect as much, and who makes sacrifices, she’ll want him.

She won’t settle for lessWoman posing wearing white dress shirt sitting on window

And, she will want to be around him more than anything. He won’t run out of energy because she won’t run out of love for him.

She’ll give love to him freely because she’s not expecting anything back. She’s not relying on him for anything.

And, when a man like that walks into her life, she’ll be hooked. She won’t want to leave him because she knows she’ll lose her love.

She’ll be set up for an incredible and loving future because she’ll find her match, and she’ll be in it for the long haul.

How much love will this woman invest in this man before she settles?

And, how many sacrifices will he have to make before he builds her up?

What if he doesn’t even get the chance to make any sacrifices because he makes a woman go home and cry because of his actions?

He wasn’t honest, wasn’t sincere, wasn’t loving, wasn’t honest with her, was lazy, selfish, or arrogant.

She’s going to feel damaged. He will leave a vacuum in her life that she can never fill.

And, she will begin to hate herself for not being able to live up to the standard of the man she met.

And then, she will begin to realize that she can’t live without him. He’s already changed her, but he’s changed her for the better.

Love doesn’t always look like what you see on the outside.

If it did, you’d see the man standing beside you in the mirror every morning before you go to work.

You’d see the love you share for your children every time you look at them.