This article will discuss how to tell a girl isn’t into you, and it can only be attributed to someone who’s been on the receiving end. I hope you’ve got your game face on and that you’re ready to approach this girl and hopefully win her over.

Firstly, here are some tips on what NOT to do.

If you’re not ready for a relationshipPlaid together

If you’re not ready for a relationship, I would say that you don’t need to approach her even if you’ve already picked her up on Tinder and made plans to meet up with her, don’t.

Leave it to fate. There’s no need to lead a girl on just because you’re unsure if you’re ready for a relationship.

This is a poor way of showing that you care, and it’s worse when you don’t care. In fact, you could be missing out on something really great.

Although you’re not sure if you’re ready for a relationship, you’re most likely not going to want to ruin a good thing. If she’s attracted to you and is inviting you to meet up with her, you should meet up with her.

She’ll most likely still like you once you meet up. Even if she rejects you, she’ll still like you and think you’re a great guy.

What’s the point in trying to win her over if you don’t have her interest in you?

If you think she’s not that into you

There are many girls out there who are not that into guys. If you’re trying to keep it casual, then this is absolutely fine.

Just try your best and make sure you don’t put too much effort into the situation. Let her lead the conversation at all times.

You can follow up with her if she says something that really captures your attention. If you’re trying to find out if she’s into you, this will lead to unwanted drama.

If you’re making up some excuses about herRelaxing on the grass

This is especially easy to do when you’re concerned that you’ll put too much effort into a potential relationship. Don’t give her excuses about why you’re not attracted to her and don’t overplay your shyness.

Why would she find you charming if you’re just shy? Just take a step back, smile, and ask her if you can buy her coffee.

You can still be witty and charming, and you can still find the subtle ways you come across.

If you’re just drunk

Unless you’re all sorts of drunk and you’re heading to a bar, it’s always best to stay sober. Girls will think you’re drunk, and it’s hard to be witty when you’re drunk.

It’s also just not a good idea. You might even end up saying something completely inappropriate, like, “I thought she was into you!”

This is the time to make up excuses, like the fact that you’ve had too much to drink and that you need to be careful of yourself.

If she refuses to text you back

This could mean that she likes you, or it could mean that she doesn’t like you.

Remember, you shouldn’t approach someone if they haven’t responded to you. Just move on to the next one.

If she’s emotionally unavailable

If she’s not that into you, this will be clear once she gives you any signs. She’ll give you the slightest hint that you’re not meeting her needs.

She’ll make small talk, or she’ll play it cool. If this isn’t the case, then this will be obvious, too.

She’ll either seem too distant and distant or too invested in you. Of course, you should only approach this if she’s been honest with you from the start.

If she’s a cop-outwoman in white and blue striped dress sitting on white and blue boat during daytime

Some girls aren’t into guys but are into making the first move. For this girl, a guy meeting up with her is actually just another way for them to get what they want.

For example, this girl likes you, but she doesn’t want to hug you. She doesn’t want to talk to you, but she’ll probably be okay with you giving her a “high five.”

If she’s not going to give you any signs, then she’s not that into you. Just move on.

Sometimes, it might be hard to decipher between emotional or physical attractions. There’s no concrete way to determine if she’s not that into you, but these are the signs that you should be looking for.

If she can sense these signs in you, then she’s most likely not that into you, and you’ll end up looking desperate and foolish.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how she’s feeling. You may not be into her either!

Take a look at a male and female. It’s pretty much obvious by looking at them.

The male does not care about women, but the female does not care about men, especially if he’s with her all the time. So, tell her you don’t want to date her, say it.

You do not have to see her ever again.

Now, how do you show her you want to date her? For example, she doesn’t say anything to you all day. So, tell her, “I’ve been waiting all day for you to talk to me.

Maybe you have a lot on your mind, and you’re thinking too hard about something, and you need to tell me what it is.” So, show her you want to date her by telling her you like her.

No, she probably doesn’t like you and won’t like you in a few months, but at least you’re showing that you want to date her and will date her! Tell her you’ll wait if you don’t get a response.