Texting isn’t always about sending flirty and suggestive texts to women you want to sleep with. Sometimes you want to say you’re really attracted to a woman and really like her.

There are very few ways you can do that other than talking to her face to face or on the phone. So, how do you tell a girl she’s beautiful via text?

Make an effort

The answer is a few things. The first thing is you have to be ready to make a significant effort, which means it’s going to cost you something.

It will cost you an opportunity to get to know this woman in an in-depth way, it will cost you an opportunity to be with her, and it will cost you a high level of trust in yourself and this process.

For that reason, many women say they won’t text back men they’re not interested in because they believe that it’ll just be yet another text conversation that will be meaningless. If she texts you, will you respond right away, or will you put her off or miss her altogether?

And even if she does send you a text, will you respond immediately?

Take timeclear hour glass beside pink flowers

If you don’t make the time and you don’t try, she’s going to be left wondering if you think she’s beautiful, but she won’t have a chance to find out. You’re simply making a decision not to try, and that decision is going to cost you some great opportunities.

The fact of the matter is that if you want to make a meaningful impression on a woman over text, you must make that effort. Whether it’s sending her cute animal pictures or sending her a nice compliment, you need to do something that shows you care about her and is sincere.

I will tell you about how you can send that text by using one of the best tools on the web today.

Respond accordingly

The third step of the process is when you respond. After you’ve sent a message that communicates that you’re really attracted to her, it’s time to see if she sends you a response back.

If she does, then you’re ready to tell her she’s beautiful over text.

Here’s the trick to telling a girl she’s beautiful over text:

Write her a genuine compliment, but make it fun and create a little adventure. For example, if you say, “Wow, you’re beautiful.”

This will show that she genuinely takes you, but what if you said, “Wow, you’re beautiful because your panties are cut so low.” That will make it feel like she’s been bad, and you’re really admiring her.

You can also write a funny caption to the picture she sends you and then replies by telling her she’s beautiful. This way, you’ll be creating an excellent text conversation.

Relevant example

The following is an example of one of my conversations with a girl, and it’s amazing how even the simplest compliments created a new dynamic in this text conversation. The same three words were sent in three different ways, but each time a girl responded to me, the conversation got better.

Here is the exact conversation:

Me: I really love your photos

Girl: I like yours too.

Me: Why? Do you also have a mirror?

Girl: Yes, but it’s a tiny mirror

Me: Really? I’m amazed that someone could find a smaller mirror. If you don’t mind me asking, what size mirror does your boyfriend have?

Girl: I have a huge mirror in my bedroom

Me: Great, so when you take a shower, does your boyfriend ever take a look at you in the shower?

Girl: Well, when I shower with him, it’s not like that

Me: I see, so you take a shower, and he takes a shower.

Girl: That’s what it is

Me: What if he takes a shower with you but is against shaving and doesn’t want to be topless?

Girl: Well, if he likes to shower with me, it doesn’t matter if he does it or not

Me: It’s up to him

Girl: Well, if he likes to shower with me, then he should at least shave in the shower.

Me: Of course. It’s up to him, but I won’t say anything if he doesn’t shave.

Girl: Of course

Me: Would you mind if I told him that you said you don’t mind if he takes a shower with you, but that you don’t like the fact that he doesn’t shave?

Girl: Well, what I do mind is that he doesn’t like to shower with me.

Me: Sounds like you’re in a better position than I am because I’ve already said I like to take a shower with you.

Girl: It’s not like you’re ever going to say anything

Me: I don’t want to give him any reason to change his mind, so I will keep everything I say to myself, and that way, he can’t say I was the one that ruined our relationship.

That’s the beautiful thing about talking with a girl over text. When you create really authentic conversations that give her nothing to worry about, she feels more comfortable being open with you.

If you want to go deeper into this topic, here are a few tips.

Watch a classic movieMovie night

I mean watching a movie where all of the women end up with the men they fall in love with. A great example of this is “Love Actually.”

Read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus by John Gray

Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus has hundreds of examples of how we perceive our relationships based on incorrect stereotypes. Here are just a few examples of the things we should be talking about instead.

  • Men are from Mars: A man is a heart on legs.
  • A man is a heart on legs. Women are from Venus: A woman is a heart on a stomach.
  • A woman is a heart on a stomach Men are from Earth: a man is a carpenter and goes to work.
  • A man is a carpenter and goes to work. Women are from Earth: a woman is a microwave and eats popcorn.

If you want to learn more, this is a great place to start.

Avoid talking about your exYoung people in conversation

If you’re talking to a girl for the first time, the first thing you need to avoid talking about is the ex. When you’re friends, you never talk about your ex, so there’s no point in talking about the ex during a conversation that is supposed to be all about her.

Instead, try talking about the great things that have happened in your life, the stuff you learned, how you’ve changed, etc. You don’t even need to mention that the girl is the ex; just say something like, “I learned that the rules in life don’t apply to me,” or “I realized that if I don’t laugh every day, I’ll go insane.”

Be honest with her. The only reason why we keep talking about exes in our relationships is that we feel guilty about it.

But try not to make her feel guilty about it. Don’t blame her for being the ex and not being the person you want to be with.

Just realize that we always compare ourselves to other people.