So You Want to Be a Model? Here is Where to Start

Have you been admiring Gigi Hadid, the renowned Victoria Secret model? Maybe you’re finally thinking “I want to be a model, where do I start?

Starting in any career is often marred by disappointment and moments of self-doubt. Oftentimes, you don’t even know where to start. But that doesn’t mean you should give up. The following techniques will get you on the runway and have you sealing lucrative deals before you know it.


Find What Suits You

Modeling has limitless opportunities. From runway and fashion to petite and plus size, to hair and skin modeling, there are numerous avenues you can explore as a model. Deciding where you fit ultimately boils down to two things: passion and ability.

Before you put yourself out there, take a moment to discover what you are cut out for and weigh it against what you love.

This is not to say that you are bound to one category for life. You are at liberty to move to a different field at any time during your career.

However, while flexibility is great, it’s important to stick to one genre and hone your skills in that particular area.

Identifying your category from the start will make you more particular when looking for opportunities. You also stand a higher chance of growing since you’ll start investing in that field from day one.

becoming a model

Locate a Modeling Agency

The roles of agencies are becoming more minimal by the day. Organizations and individuals prefer to recruit models directly through their social pages as opposed to going through an agency. However, when you’re just starting, the value that a modeling agency brings to your profession is immense.

For example, the agency will train you, sponsor your photo shoots, create your portfolio, and link you up with potential clients.

Keep in mind that agencies have different areas of specialization. While some accommodate all models, others only cater to specific niches.  Always choose the agency whose agenda is in line with your style.

It’s important to mention that not all agents are genuine. Some just want to swindle your money. Ensure you conduct thorough background checks on agencies and study their terms of agreement carefully before signing up with them.

Work on Your Social Media Presence

Visibility is crucial to the success of every aspiring model. In fact, there are models that thrive primarily on social media. Take for example the frequency of Instagram models. Their following is so massive that companies reach out to them for product promotion.

While most accomplished models work under agencies, social media sites offer a platform for employers to notice new entrants. Moreover, most agencies look at your online profile before hiring you.

They analyze your personality, interests, lifestyle, family, and circle of friends. That is why everything you post should be in-line with what you intend to portray as your personal brand.

After creating social accounts, don’t just stop there. Build a team of loyal followers. Having many followers will help you reach more people. As a result, you get the upper hand over a model with only a handful of followers.

I Want to Be a Model, Where Do I Start

If you are struggling to build your social profile, here are a few tips you can try:

  • Produce relevant content consistently. Don’t let a day pass without a post. Frequent posting equals more followers.
  • In addition, you can merge sharing photos with videos. Almost all social media platforms allow users to upload videos. In fact, you can even go live and interact with your fan base in real-time. However, ensure that your photos and videos are of high quality. Low-quality content is a turn off not only for your followers but also to potential clients.

Take Care of Yourself: Body Image

As a model, your body is your greatest asset. Your job will involve being in the limelight constantly. That’s why you need to be confident in your own skin. Start with eating right. This is the key to staying in shape.

While there’s no problem in satisfying occasional cravings for junk food, a healthy balanced diet will make sure your waistline stays slim and that your skin is always radiant.

Secondly, make fitness and exercises a daily routine. Keep your body active. You can either join a gym or do simple routines such as swimming and walking.

Similarly, a regular napping pattern coupled with enough sleep is essential to your wellbeing. Aside from boosting productivity, sleep aids in weight loss. Those who deprive themselves of sleep have larger appetites, which make them pay less attention to their calorie intake.

Practice Walks and Poses

From your boss’s media crew to the annoying paparazzi’s cameras, poses help form a models signature look. Similarly, runways are also part of the deal, especially for fashion models. But why the big fuss?

It can’t be so hard to walk and pose, can it? While it might seem quite straightforward for an onlooker, there’s actually more to it than meets the eye. In fact, these two are skills that set models apart from each other.

One of the things you need to work on is your facial expressions. Newbies assume that you’re expected to sport a beaming smile every time you are on the runway. This is not the case. Most times, models are advised to maintain a neutral face. You don’t want to divert the audience’s attention from the clothes you’re promoting to your smile.

I Want to Be a Model, Where Do I Start

Next, you need to work on your eyes. This is where you channel all the emotion that you would normally communicate with a smile. The eyes should portray confidence and challenge whoever looks into them.

Then you have the position called the hour head. Your chin should be tilted slightly downwards to face the audience but should never at any time be seen facing downwards. You rule the runway. Always put your head high as if you believe it (which you should, by the way).

In Conclusion

Now that you have a basic idea of what modeling involves, you’ll be able to decide whether it’s really the life for you. 

And if it is, do not stop going for auditions, looking for modeling agencies, and applying for jobs. You never know when and where you’ll find your big break.

In the meantime, you may need to find a day job to help support yourself while you pursue your dream. You may want to work as a bartender, an office temp, or an entry-level actor.