Many people associate liberal arts with large universities that focus more on studying literature, philosophy, and other “higher” learning experiences. However, this perception is quite limited.

Liberal arts schools are not only about educating students in how to read, write, and discuss big topics, but they also emphasize teaching students good ethics, moral leadership, and how to live a balanced life.

These qualities are important because we as humans need to learn how to relate to each other, understand different viewpoints, and be aware of our own biases when trying to reach consensus or understanding of things.

Furthermore, students at liberal arts colleges have an opportunity to connect what they are being taught in class with their everyday lives by exploring areas such as sociology, psychology, art, and humanities courses. All of these combine together to make up one of the most crucial parts of higher education: critical thinking.

This article will talk more in depth about one particular liberal arts college that I know very well: Belmont University. I will describe some of the academic classes students take, what student activities there are, and how much each school has influenced the community since it opened its doors.

History of liberal arts education

is belmont a liberal arts school

Historically, the term ‘liberal art’ referred to all fields that didn’t directly prepare you for work beyond academia. These include things like literature, music, painting, sculpture, and more.

The roots of this educational approach are Greek. Ancient philosophers focused not only on academic study, but also on educating students in how to be good people who lived their lives with wisdom.

This is what made them great thinkers and leaders. They taught reasoning, logic, and knowledge, but also ethics, morality, and spirituality. Only few survive such an education today.

Graduates of these universities go onto do many different careers, but none exclude the others. All three combine into one person. This is why they call themselves intellectuals or scholars.

Reasons Belmont is a liberal arts school

is belmont a liberal arts school

One of the main reasons why Belmont University is considered to be a liberal arts university is because it teaches students more than just how to put together an argument or learn from other people’s arguments.

Belmont also teaches their students about different cultures, moral philosophies, and ways to live your life. They teach their students about all these things not only through formal courses but also by having large-scale discussions in the classroom as well as in the dorms.

This exposure to various ideas and cultures helps students develop their understanding of humanity. It gives them insights into what makes someone else successful and how they can apply that knowledge to themselves.

Furthermore, Belmont encourages students to use education as a way to improve their own lives. This includes studying certain subjects for academic credit as well as outside of class hours.

Students at Belmont are always learning something new whether it be through taking an online course, attending a lecture, reading a book, etc.

The Belmont experience

is belmont a liberal arts school

One of the main things that set Belmont apart from other universities is its approach to educating students.

Belmont does not focus only on teaching you how to know about various subjects, but instead it teaches students how to apply what they have learned in those disciplines into lives beyond school.

You will learn practical skills such as leadership, communication, time management, etc., but your education here goes much deeper than that.

In order to really understand the value of higher education, we must look past just the knowledge being imparted onto students and assess whether or not the university is investing in their future success through developing fundamental skills.

Higher education should be more focused on helping students develop real life skills than it is on giving them a piece of information at the end of the semester.”

The student body at Belmont includes people with very diverse backgrounds and educational paths. There are many ways for students to gain valuable experiences outside of classes!

Many organizations hold events every week where students can participate. Some examples include movie nights, study groups, social gatherings, and speaker series.

These events are always free so there is no excuse to skip out! For example, one event I am aware of has a speaker who made a big name for themselves by sharing his story online- Oprah.

She talked about staying motivated during times when you feel like giving up and this message inspired many individuals around the world.

Belmont students and faculty

is belmont a liberal arts school

Many people associate liberal arts schools with large, sprawling campuses that offer a wide range of majors and degrees. However, not all universities fit this description! Some small private universities have made their name by offering quality education in specific fields while at the same time promoting student engagement and teamwork over individual achievement.

Belmont University is one such school. Known for its strong academic programs and beautiful campus location, many consider it to be an elite college choice.

It is important to note that although Belmont may refer to itself as an “arts” university, this does not mean that it teaches only art courses. In fact, most undergraduate degree programs require significant amounts of study outside of your major.

For example, some areas studied include business, psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, mathematics, philosophy, religion, music theory, literature, and more. These are all considered humanities studies because they focus on understanding how ideas work and how humans relate to each other.

Another key part of the Belmont educational experience is learning about self-knowledge and personal growth. This includes studying what makes you feel good about yourself and others, and exploring different beliefs and values.

Liberal arts colleges aim to develop in students both intellectually and emotionally, which can lead to lasting benefits beyond just graduating with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Belmont sports

is belmont a liberal arts school

Believe it or not, one of the biggest reasons why people consider Belmont to be more liberal is because they are surrounded by an overabundance of sports. People who go to college at Belmont seem to celebrate every win with a big party or celebration.

This happens in both student areas and outside of students. Many alumni enjoy celebrating their success after graduation so much that they form small groups with other graduates and open up about their experiences.

Alumni also keep in touch through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This helps them stay connected as well as learn more about going to school at Belmont and what each person was like before coming here.

Conversations can sometimes turn into stories about how many different clubs there are at Belmont. Some of these clubs include academic ones, cultural ones, professional ones, and even ones for just having fun!

There is always something happening somewhere at Belmont, which makes it a great place to spend your time while attending here.

Popular locations near Belmont

is belmont a liberal arts school

One of the main reasons why people choose to go to Belmont is because it is very accessible via public transportation. You can easily get here by taking the Red Line train from Harvard or Kendall/Central Station, or you can take the Green or Purple line trains at Lake Park station.

Belmont is also close to many popular restaurants and shopping areas in the surrounding area. Many people enjoy walking down The Greathall where there are lots of great eateries and stores. There’s even an ice cream shop that has a cult-like following!

Another reason why students love coming to Belmont is due to its community feel. People really care about each other here and use the resources available to help out their friends and classmates.

Culture near Belmont

is belmont a liberal arts school

Living in close proximity to Belmont University makes for some interesting social situations. As with any large metropolitan area, there are diverse cultures present here!

One of these cultures is what we refer to as “the creative culture.” This term describes people who enjoy producing art and/or engaging in artistic activities. These individuals may be involved in music, writing, painting, sculpting, or other forms of expression.

Another culture that comes out of living next to each other is one filled with community spirit. People like to connect with their neighbors and contribute towards the well-being of the neighborhood.

This article will talk more about the importance of education at liberal arts colleges and why it matters.

Delicious food near Belmont

is belmont a liberal arts school

Believe it or not, there are lots of great options for hungry students at Belmont. Some examples include: The Cheesy Box in the Commons which offers grilled cheese that can be dressed up as pizza or French toast; Jimmy’s Bronx Style Beef & Broccoli Stuffed Pizza, an Italian staple enjoyed by all!; and the famous Belmonte Taqueria just across from campus where you can get some authentic Mexican cuisine.

Many students enjoy walking down to Belmonte after classes and getting lunch or dessert while talking with friends outside or under the shade of the trees. People always comment about how good their tacos are and how fresh everything is!

The student body comes together to help each other out during meal times because people share what they have and want others to know about it.