Over the past few years, there have been many debates about just how liberal or conservative you are depending on your political beliefs. Some say that we are moving towards more liberal policies while others believe we are heading in the opposite direction.

There is one thing all experts agree on though — our political views influence who we vote for and what candidates we support.

When it comes to politicians, people with more liberal viewpoints tend to back brighter candidates like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren instead of someone with a better chance at winning the election.

On the other hand, people with more conservative views will usually choose a candidate with a good track record or an impressive resume over if they know less about him or her.

I am too liberal

how liberal am i quiz

Over the past few years, there have been several trends in politics that have drawn criticism from all sides of the political spectrum. These include criticisms of capitalism, globalization, and even the very concept of democracy.

Some argue that we live in an era where corporations run our governments and our elected officials are merely puppets for bigger corporate interests. Others say that big business monopolizes the market and uses their power to dominate the rest.

Yet more critics claim that democratic systems are no longer working because those with money buy votes using media outlets and funding sources that only benefit them.

I am not liberal enough

how liberal am i quiz

Sometimes people get the impression that being called liberal means supporting leftwing ideologies like socialism, communism, or even fascism. This is definitely not the case!

Liberalism refers to an ideological framework that emphasizes freedom. Systems with liberty are considered more liberal than ones that do not.

Liberals believe in free speech, individual expression, and opposition of oppression and discrimination. They also believe in social equality, or fairness for all individuals in society.

This does not mean liberals agree with everything across the board about every issue, but they will stand up for equal rights regardless of who you are or what race or gender you are. That is how liberalism operates.

It is important to remember that not everyone uses terms such as socialism, capitalism, or fascist correctly. Some may use terminology incorrectly depending on which side of the argument they are on.

Also, there are many different types of Marxism out there. Only some versions include the term socialist. The type and version of Marxist theory you refer to makes a big difference in what definitions apply to the word.

I am conservative

how liberal am i quiz

There are many different definitions of what it means to be a “conservative.” Some say that being conservative is staying with things because they are familiar, while other’s say that it is having an internal moral compass. Others define conservatism as big government or strong central leadership.

Being conservative does not mean doing whatever you want to do. Being conservative is knowing which ideas will work and sticking to them. It is understanding faith in God as a fundamental truth and living your life according to His rules and expectations.

I would describe myself as more liberal than conservative. A lot of people use terms like “liberal” and “conservative” without defining them, so let me take this opportunity to give my own personal definition.

Liberalism is leaving the door open and not putting up any barriers to new experiences, concepts, and beliefs. You may know some things about Christianity but if you try to make Jesus into someone else or teach your own interpretation of religion, you are still calling Christ his name and promoting the same thing under different names.

This can sometimes lead to religious extremism where one group preaches hatred towards others and their place in heaven for the sake of self-righteousness. We have seen this time and time again throughout history.

Conservatism, however, teaches us about our roots, who we are, and how to live our lives according to these foundations. This includes teaching us about morality, ethics, charity, community, family, and knowledge.

I am too conservative

Over the past few years, there have been many accusations made towards liberals in this country. They are said to be selfish people that want only their group to succeed. Or maybe they don’t care about others at all but themselves.

These accusations seem very strong and not true for most liberal individuals. Most people who describe themselves as liberal actually try to help other people and make sure everyone has access to things like healthcare or education.

However, some conservatives do not appear to care much about helping others. This is why it can be difficult to tell which side of an argument truly wants what is best for our nation.

It is hard to believe someone would put themselves before another person unless they really wanted the same thing. Unfortunately, a lot of people out there don’t.

Conservatives often say things like “the government doesn’t need to be involved with health-care anymore” or “government schools aren’t needed because private ones will take good care of students.” If these statements sound familiar, you may be more than just slightly biased against them!

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I am not conservative enough

how liberal am i quiz

“I’m not like most conservatives,” she says with a laugh. “Conservatives are very patriotic and believe in capitalism. They tend to be rich because they defend wealthy people. And they love guns!”

She shakes her head at this last comment. “No, I don’t think that’s me,” she admits.

I am moderate

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There are many ways to identify if someone is a liberal, or a conservative. Some say that being more socially tolerant makes you liberal, while others say supporting capitalism makes you liberal.

Another way to determine if someone is liberal or not depends on their stance on issues. If they believe in social justice, equality, and fairness for all people, then we can call them liberal. Otherwise, we can describe them as conservative.

Conservative politicians typically want bigger corporations that have strong leadership positions. They hope this will create an environment where employees feel like they are investing in the company by working for people they respect.

Liberal politicians strive to make our communities and world a place where everyone feels safe, accepted, and loved. This creates a supportive environment for anyone who needs it.

There are several theories about why people become liberals or conservatives. None of these prove one side wrong and the other right. It is just how people perceive the world around them.

No matter what political orientation an individual has, there is no reason to fear nor admire the opposite party. We all share the same human experience, so none of us have any moral ground to take advantage of each other.

I am not liberal enough

how liberal am i quiz

This week’s “I am not liberal enough” quiz question comes from Twitter user @FunnyAsHell, who asked how liberal she is. She said that while she sometimes votes for Democrats, she doesn’t agree with most of their policies and that she feels very conservative.

She also mentioned some issues she’s particularly opposed to like raising the minimum wage or legalizing marijuana.

So we decided to make this challenge our weekly #IAmNotLiberalWeek! We will be highlighting an issue in America that many people feel goes too far the other way, and then you pick whether it’s more important to you to focus on social justice or try to help everyone in need.

I am not conservative enough

how liberal am i quiz

A lot of people consider themselves very liberal, but they also believe in things like capitalism with limits, bigger government, more taxes, and regulation that goes too far.

This is different from being socialist or communist. ‘Liberal’ doesn’t refer to which political party you are affiliated with, it refers to how you feel about money and power.

Conservative politics focuses on protecting what we have now so future generations can enjoy these things as well. This may mean keeping the status quo, investing in our current systems, or creating new ones. It may even include taking risks and failing!

That’s why some call this position “realist” or “status-quo” — because it seeks to preserve the existing state of affairs for the sake of future generations. By limiting change, conservatives protect the things that made life good for those who came before them.