Lebron James, the basketball legend who has played in eight consecutive NBA finals, is leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Los Angeles Lakers. James became a free agent on July 1st but was already in a deal by the next day. I consider Lebron James arguably the best basketball player in the world (along with many other basketball fans) because he is constantly producing unbelievable performances and results. The only fault in James’ accolades are his several losses in the NBA finals and controversial move to Miami, but I stick in the camp that a player is only as good as the unit.

James is 33 years old and has signed a 4 year, $154 million contract, showing the Laker’s faith in the longevity of James’ stardom into the foreseeable future. The shift across the country will inevitably create some tension with fans who have seen him dominating on opposing teams for the last decade, but they will soon warm to his overwhelming presence and control of the court. Also closing the gap with the Golden Gate Warriors will increase the frequency of meetings and stir up the competition.

James said farewell to the Cavaliers fans on Instagram: “Thank you Northeast Ohio for an incredible four seasons. This will always be home.”

The supporting cast in Los Angeles is extraordinary with the young Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram adding a powerful combination that will hopefully mesh seamlessly. Lebron James is known for being a commanding leader, which hasn’t sat well with all teammates. As James ages, his play and leadership has matured and grown in ways that will smooth out the cross-country move.