For many, watching TV shows like The Office or How to Bake with Yeast is one of the main ways they have learned about other cultures. These show concepts are easily absorbed as you watch them several times. Many people learn something new from these shows every time they watch them!

Other examples include learning how to cook by watching cooking shows, or learning about politics through political satire programs like The Daily Show or This Is Us.

Many students enjoy this media form because it teaches them things that can be applied in different areas. It also gives them inspiration or motivation to pursue similar courses outside school.

There’s an argument to say that educational content isn’t very relevant to young people today since most kids these days have access to technology and lots of information. However, studying art, literature, history, and philosophy is still important for developing comprehension and communication skills.

These studies help develop logical reasoning, understanding of various ideas, and self-awareness. They strengthen your sense of identity and place importance on moral values.

Furthermore, studying humanities helps develop empathy, which is crucial when thinking about others and humanity in general. Humans are empathizers by nature, so teaching this concept early on could have long term effects on someone’s development.

Humans are also social animals, so knowing what makes people feel good about themselves and the world around them helps establish strong relationships.

The Bachelorette

liberal arts tv show

The Bachelor is probably one of the most well-known show formats in television history. It has spawned several offshoots, including The Bachelorettes (there have been two seasons) and Married With Children style weddings for some couples.

But aside from those, there’s only really one more popular version of The Bachelor that people seem to remember — The Worst Restaurant Finders!

The premise of this installment is simple: instead of finding your perfect match through romantic dates and little glimpses into their personal lives, you find yourself trying to pick which restaurant will win the highest number of votes from you as a judge.

It can sometimes be hard to choose between similar options, so it usually comes down to what kind of food they offer and how attractive their decorations are. Or if there’s an interesting looking cocktail or plate available.

Ted Lasso

liberal arts tv show

A few weeks ago, I mentioned my love for liberal arts television shows like The Good Place or Tuca and Bertie. While those are great examples of TV that focus heavily on philosophical concepts, there is one show that goes way beyond just having good conversations about virtues and vices and how to live your life.

That show is actually titled Virtuous Women. Now, before anyone gets too excited, let me tell you what the show isn’t. It’s not about how many ways Susan B. Anthony was virtuous (she definitely wasn’t perfect). It’s not about how much Shirley Temple taught us about self-reliance. And it’s certainly not an educational tool to learn about female leadership styles.

What this show is, however, is funny! Very, very funny. So if you need a laugh, try watching some VITC.
Tech guru Ted Lasso doesn’t seem to have a social skills problem, but he does struggle with his personal ethics. After all, who wouldn’t want everyone under their thumb? Becoming wealthy through unethical means seems totally okay to him.

So when his boss asks him if he ever did anything wrong at work, he comes up with a clever story. He claims he never broke any laws, never took money from the company, and always put in 110% effort into doing his job.

Running Mice Game

liberal arts tv show

A running mouse game is one of the most annoying tvs to watch. The games are usually for fun, but they get boring very quickly!

Running Mouse has become an epidemic in our society. People have resorted to making their own videos about how to play this crazy game!

The premise is simple- there’s a mouse that runs around a screen or field trying to escape alligators. Alligators will chase after the mouse if it goes too far. You have to time your jumps correctly to make sure you don’t get eaten!

This game can easily be made at home by anyone with the right supplies. Luckily, we have gathered some easy tips here for you to try! These are not only helpful for aspiring runners, but also graphics savvy people who like to create things from scratch.

You’re Welcome, America!

liberal arts tv show

This week we watched an episode of The Great American Documentary Festival which I will get into in more detail later. But for now, let’s talk about how this show connected with today’s topic.

The show focused on five college students who decided to do something different with their lives after graduation- they would produce and host their own TV show. All these students had different majors, but all were very passionate about what they studied.

At first, some of them doubted that their idea would work because nobody else has done it before. However, they soon realized that there is an audience out there for smart educational content and that educating people is one of the most rewarding things you can do.

After filming several episodes, the show became popular enough to win an Emmy Award. Since then, many other universities have adapted the format to make their own student produced shows.

The Great British Baking Show

liberal arts tv show

This show is an example of how to use dramatic storytelling in the media. It has been described as a ‘reality TV baking competition’, but that description misses the point it really is!

The setting for this show is not so much about having fun while you bake your very own batch of delicious goodies, but instead it is used to expose and critique social justice ideologies.

As we watch these bakers be given basic ingredients such as sugar, milk and yeast and asked to make something edible, our eyes are drawn towards their tools and equipment. What kind of mixer do they have? Is it a hand-held or stand-mixer? Are they using a whisk or dough hook attachment? All of these things tell us something about who they are as people.

If they did not have a stand-mixer then perhaps they would not get through the first round because they were able to organize themselves enough to buy one, which takes time and money that most people do not have. If they did not have a good amount of skin like normal human beings then maybe they will never achieve success in the culinary field because they cannot take no for answer.

This show uses the art of storytelling to highlight some important issues that we must address as a society. When episodes come down too hard on the contestants with regard to what kind of mixer they should purchase, it brings into question whether or not they will succeed in their career choice.

The U.K. Toy Awards

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This past February, the United Kingdom’s Toy Association held their annual awards event to determine the best toys of the year. One of these winners was the LEGO WeDo 2-in-1 Mobile Camera. Now, before we get into the details of this winning toy, let us take a look at its category!

The WeDo 2-in-1 mobile camera won in the Productivity Tools/Office Category. What makes this so impressive is that it isn’t only designed for kids, but for adults as well!

This device can be used for all sorts of things; taking pictures or videos with it, making calls with it, and even doing some basic editing like cropping and rotating your photos.

It also has an app where you can easily upload your photos and put them together in stories or albums. Not only does it have apps, but You can use any phone number as a call address too!

These are just a few examples of how versatile this product is, and why it deserved to win the award.

Top Chef

liberal arts tv show

While not necessarily considered an academic success, many have Chef Ramsay as their inspiration for career change or entry into the food industry. He is known for being direct and honest with his critiques of both contestants’s skills and personas.

He does not hesitate to speak his mind when he feels that something isn’t quite right in the kitchen or beyond it. His no-nonsense style makes him very popular among culinary professionals who want to be spoken to like a equal!

His charisma as a TV personality is unmatched – he has been entertaining audiences since 2003 when he hosted The Morning Programme on Channel 9 (now Network Ten). Since then, he has branched out into other food related shows such as Gordon Ramsey’s Ultimate Cookery Course which aired from 2010–2013.

These episodes were so successful that they inspired to create an online cooking channel called ‘Baking With Giada’ back in November 2012. Her popularity really took off after she appeared on her own show, Giada at My Table where she gave tips and recipes for every occasion.

Her fun, approachable style made her a hit amongst all generations! She now has her own cookbook titled _My Story – Recipes From All Over_ which was released last May.

The Great British Baking Show

In the past year, The Great British Bake Off has become one of Britain’s biggest TV sensations. With its beautiful sets and luscious desserts, it is easy to see why it has struck such a chord with viewers.

The show follows eight professional bakers as they are trained in recipes for both sweet and salty treats and then have to work together in a competition where each team member must bake an edible masterpiece.

After the contestants have been cut down from the initial twenty two, there was always a winner that got to represent England at the world championship in New York City.

While some may argue that the winning dessert could be said to be more artistic than culinary, what isn’t artistic about creating a delicious treat? And what better way to showcase your baking skills than taking part in an international competition?

Since it first aired in March 2016, the show has consistently amassed over 1 million views per episode and even broke Guinness World Records by having the most number of people watching a food program (5.7million).