As seen with my last article, staying in is a great way to take candid photos! Another easy way to do this is by using an empty room or space as your setting.

A common location for such spaces are museums. Museums tend to have art exhibitions which make for beautiful stills that capture some of the artwork.

The more artistic types can even find it helpful to use moving images during an exhibition to add some effect to the photo. Some people also enjoy walking around an exhibition while taking photos so there are additional settings you can use when looking into having an exhibition-style photoshoot at your own venue!

Museums often host events like film nights or lectures/discussions, these work well because they attract audience members who are interested in what the museum has to offer.

What is M Gallery Photography?

Many professional photographers use off-the-shelf or pre-made lighting to create pictures in photoshoots and advertisements. These light sources are typically continuous lights, like lamps, or large area trusses that hang down from above.

But what if we gave you a bunch of small light bulbs and asked you to make something beautiful with them? That’s exactly what musician Mary Grace Harper did when she shared her photo gallery with us!

We called it microlighting. Rather than using a continuous source of light, every few feet along the length of your subject, you have an individual light bulb which gives off just enough illumination for your picture.

This type of shooting is very popular today because you can easily go into almost any environment and capture some incredible photos! Even if you don’t have access to natural sunlight, microlights are not difficult to find and cost no more than a couple hundred dollars.

Mary has done this style of photography all by herself, but she had some helpful tips for you to consider too! Read on to learn more about her work and how to start doing microlight photography yourself.

What is the best time to visit M Gallery?

m gallery photography

The easiest way to visit M Gallery is online! You can schedule an appointment or just come at your own convenience. They have you be able to book either a morning, afternoon, or evening session, so there’s not much you cannot do with their service.

Their website also allows you to look around the different areas of the site such as the gallery area, about page, and link to some of their past work. This gives you more information than just by talking to someone at the location.

There are also links to connect with them on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook which has you profile and direct message feature. These allow for easier conversation and interaction with the artist/photographer.

How do I get a reservation at M Gallery?

m gallery photography

So you want to take some pictures with your camera in Chicago, but there is no way to find out when M Gallery will be open for photo sessions!

It’s not like other restaurants where you can just show up and hope to spot them around the area or even have them send out word that they would love to see more photos of their food.

At M Gallery, people come from all over the world to take pictures in the restaurant and showcase it as an inspiration for eating out back home. Therefore, they hold photoshoots every few months to gain new followers and increase exposure.

Since they are known for being very popular, getting a reservation at M Gallery takes time so don’t expect quick replies unless you plan ahead and make yourself available during those times.

What should I wear?

m gallery photography

When it comes to choosing what to wear for your session, there are two main things to consider. First, is this fashion season friendly? For example, if you have very little hair or none at all, then wearing something with more classic lines can be best.

For those who enjoy exploring new shades, looking into natural products is an excellent way to experiment! Many brands offer products that are not only vegan and/or no-paraben, but also natural (no form of phthalate either).

Second, how camera friendly is this look? If most of the pieces in the outfit are loose clothing materials like sweatshirts, jeans, or leather shoes, then going one level up in styling won’t matter as much. Conversely, printed shirts and tight dresses will require better photography skills!

Making sure your look is fully editable is another key factor to consider when picking out clothes. Even though we may not necessarily want to run around naked or anything, having some options is important so people can add their own touches.

What are the best photo opportunities at M Gallery?

m gallery photography

One of the things that sets M Gallery apart is their variety of settings and photoshoots. You will never feel like you have done all there is to do at this location!

They offer outdoor photoshoot locations such as along the beach or in parks, indoor studio environments, and even fashion shoots where you can design your own look.

Their professional photographers help you pick the right setting and give tips on how to capture the most beautiful pictures.

For example, they may suggest using some natural light instead of flash when possible, or suggesting holding an object close so that it takes over the picture. Or perhaps telling you what kind of atmosphere they want to create with music or decorations.

What are the different photo packages at M Gallery?

m gallery photography

M Gallery offers three main photography package types depending on your needs. These are referred to as casual, engagement and portrait sessions. Each of these covers several settings and features that differ slightly but significantly from each other.

The casual session is typically done in either a natural environment like a park or beach setting or at a local restaurant or coffee shop. This type of session is usually one hour long and costs $100-150 per person.

During this session, you will be asked some general questions about yourself and your lifestyle (“Do you drink alcohol?,” “What foods do you love?,” etc.) and then we will discuss what kind of pictures you want to take.

We will then work together to find locations and/or props that match those answers.

Who are M Gallery’s clients?

m gallery photography

As mentioned before, MG is mostly known for their fashion portraits but that doesn’t mean you can’t try them out! They offer off-the-grid, casual photo sessions in well-designed ambient environments.

Clients of mine have included business owners (both large and small), bloggers, writers, and creative professionals. I even had one client who was just starting her career as an artist and wanted to show off what she could do!

Overall, my clients love MG because they feel comfortable in front of the camera and like how natural the pictures look. Many people have said it made them laugh or revealed something about themselves that they didn’t know before the shoot!

They also loved the fact that MJ is very professional but not intimidating at all which helped ease any nerves they may have had. He always seems in control which makes you feel relaxed and able to take risks more easily.

What is the best restaurant in the area?

m gallery photography

As loyal readers of this site know, I have an obsession with trying out new restaurants! Luckily, I have some passionate friends who feel the same way so we always have a large group to accompany us when we make our hungry trek through the city.

One friend that enjoys eating at different types of restaurants is determined by what type of food she has been searching for lately. If her lunch or dinner plate looks very colorful, it’s probably because she wants something rich and spicy. She can usually be found devouring Thai cuisine or Mexican dishes.

Another friend loves exploring ethnic foods — anything outside his normal comfort zone (Westernized American eats). He has tried everything from Japanese noodles to Lebanese snacks and even Ethiopian fare once or twice.

A third friend really likes authentic Chinese cuisine, which is why he frequently takes me there to try things out. Because I love sushi, my main focus while traveling in Japan was getting good quality meals where they use fresh ingredients and flavor combinations that are unique.

These three people are hard to stop when you want to take their picture! They constantly inspire me to explore more culinary hotspots and find new favorites.