A Chilean engineer might have just created a device that could provide millions with access to a never-ending supply of clean drinking water

The device is called FreshWater and basically resembles a plywood drinking fountain. However, instead of drawing water from a reservoir, it actually uses an air flow to create its own small rain clouds that can then produce pure and drinkable water. The device was created by inventor Hector Pino, who was inspired to find a new way to produce drinking water by his daughter’s illness. She suffered from a rare condition that made her kidneys particularly susceptible to impurities in the local water supply. This set Pino on a long journey that has culminated in the production of FreshWater, which he’s testing in public places throughout Chile. With the device looking like a success, he’s now set his sights on creating a smaller, more accessible version of the machine. Check out a recent Bloomberg video essay on him below