The current U.S. government shutdown has recently become the longest such shutdown in American history.

The shutdown is largely due to President Trump’s staunch promise to create a security border along the border between the U.S. and Mexico.

This promise even helped Trump attract increased support from nationalist groups around the country during the 2016 presidential campaign.

President Trump believes that such a wall would significantly reduce the number of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. via the southern border.

Congressional officials have been unable to formulate a funding proposal that Trump has been seen as being a viable solution to the current state of illegal immigration in America.

Out of Work

Since the start of the shutdown earlier this month, many government employees around the country have been out of work as a result of the shutdown.

This has left government employees without a source of income for the duration of the shutdown. It has also deprived American citizens of many services the government typically provides, from DMV offices in all 50 states to TSA employees in the airports all around the U.S.

Many citizens are curious as to when elected officials will be able to find a compromise funding deal that would allow for the government to resume operation as soon as possible.

Dr. Gregory Finkelson Offers Shutdown Solution

Gregory Finkelson

Dr. Gregory Finkelson, President Of American Corporate Services, Inc.

One potential fix for the lengthy government shutdown comes from Dr. Gregory Finkelson.

Dr. Finkelson is an immigrant himself, coming to America from Russia to establish his own business, American Corporate Services, Inc.

ACS handles issues related to businesses and entrepreneurs. Dr. Finkelson places great importance on the need for legal immigration as opposed to illegal immigration by way of crossing the U.S./Mexico border without detection by border security officials.

In the face of the U.S. government shutdown, Dr. Finkelson has created an open letter to President Trump that puts forth a unique plan that would allow for the shutdown to end while also providing funding for the construction of Trump’s proposed border wall.

We believe that the Executive Branch may have the authority to create a special EB-5W Investment Immigration Visa Program that operates within the general guidelines of the current EB-5 program, if only for a limited period of time.

We believe that tens of thousands of foreign national investors in China and other countries could be the source of funding for the wall.

Using the current EB-5 minimum investment of $500,000, the $5 billion required to build the wall could be raised with the support of only 10,000 qualified investors.

The full letter can be read here.

Summarizing Dr. Finkelson’s Letter

On a very basic level, the proposed solution would make use of legal immigration tools already in place to help attract funding via foreign investors, specifically from China.

According to Dr. Finkelson’s letter, the plan would require only 10,000 ideal investors to garner the estimated $5 million that would be necessary for the construction of a border wall.

These investments would also offer a path to citizenship for wealthy foreign investors who would in turn only contribute to the collective economy of the U.S. as they would explore additional investment and entrepreneurial opportunities here in the U.S.


Immigration experts are still unsure whether a border wall would actually hinder illegal immigration to the U.S. in significant amounts.

In fact, a majority of illegal immigration is not executed by crossing the border but instead by individuals overstaying their travel visas or green cards.

However, Dr. Gregory Finkelson’s proposed funding plan for a border wall would likely prove to be effective while not requiring any significant financial investment from American taxpayers.