Two former Google employees are launching a startup that will use AI to radically improve the job seeking process within the tech industry.

The project is called, and was founded by Richard Liu and Yunkai Zhou, two former Google engineers. They have created a model that takes input from data catagories like employment history, qualifications and skills and personal interests, career motivation and more, to help plot out a candidate’s career goals and possibilities. From there, the system matches job seekers with its own clientele of companies, including Dropbox and Uber. Through this system, claims that it could ask a candidate for their two dream companies, and guarantee them an interview with at least one.

The company’s model functions in such a way that it only makes money when a hire is successfully facilitated. So far, 70% of matches have passed the first interview at their target company. The company is also offering its services in China, and has set its sights on establishing operations India.

While, granted, the company is still focused on functioning in the realms of tech, other job sites, especially LinkedIn, might want to watch their backs. There’s a new competitor in town.