Since releasing the highly anticipated Switch this past March, Nintendo has been aggressive as to not repeat its past mistakes.

Unlike its predecessor the Wii U, the Switch has been able to avoid the reputation of lacking games to play in part thanks to its popular Eshop, which boasts a vast amount of titles and allows gamers to download games digitally directly to his or her console.

This week Nintendo announced the release of eight new games coming to its Eshop, all of which are being sold for $30 or less. Pleasantly, this list of titles contains a decent degree of variation, including Wulverblade, a more classic style side-scroller action game, as well as The Flame in the Flood, a survival game. While this influx of less expensive games is enjoyable from a gamer’s perspective in that after playing major titles like Zelda and Mario Kart there are still viable games left to play on the console, these cheaper games all have a ceiling in terms of in-depth gameplay and creating an experience that pulls players in for tens or hundreds of hours.

Now that Nintendo has finally opened the floodgates for third party developers and made its online store viable, it might be time for the company to start focusing on releasing more games which feature the characters that made Nintendo the industry staple it is today.

Thankfully Nintendo fans everywhere don’t have to wait long for its next major in-house title, Mario Odyssey, which is available for physical and digital purchase Oct 27.