The Grand Canyon is the most popular tourist destination in the U.S., but how many people can say that they’ve truly experienced it? In this video by Harun Mehmedinović and Gavin Heffernan, you see it like never before.

The time lapse movie was made for Skyglow Project, an organization that raises awareness of light pollution. What you see on video is the phenomenon cloud inversion, which comes about when a layer of warm air traps cold air in a canyon underneath, resulting in a moisture buildup that creates a cloud, filling the canyon with a fluffy white ocean, which viewers can see from above. Both Heffernan, who is a filmmaker, and Mehmedinović, who is a photographer, traveled to the Grand Canyon during one of these rare cloud inversions, and by stringing together a bunch of photos taken with a fancy camera, they got the video you see before you.

The video was even featured on BBC Earth. The project was also involved with the International Dark-Sky Association, which is cool. Mehmedinović’s work has even appeared in National Geographic.