If you’re reading this, you’ve probably heard of GIFs before. They have become very popular over the past few years due to their versatility as image format and media type. Gone are the days when people would create animated pictures or animations using Photoshop!

Now anyone can make really cool looking videos and GIFs in no time at all with an app like GIPHY!

But did you know that there is another way to use gifs beyond just creating quick fun jokes or reactions? You can use them for business! Productivity apps have made it easy to add and insert gifs into your messages, documents, and presentations to enhance what you are sharing.

In this article we will be talking about one such app: QGIF! We will go through some features of the app, how to use them, and even look at a case study where a student used these tools to improve his academic performance.

Artwork dates back to the 1970s at Q Gallery

q gallery

In the early 1980s, two artists got together and started creating some pretty spectacular pieces of art. The artist behind this group was Casey Campfield, an American painter. His style is very colorful and cartoony which makes his work very eye-catching.

He gathered with him another artist who painted more realistic pictures, Jonathon Hill. Both Campfield and Hill brought their artistic skills to the table and created something new. They called themselves ‘The Q’ or for short.

Their artwork focused mostly on still life photography. This means they use all natural objects such as fruits and vegetables along with various other things like jewelry and statues.

These types of photographs are really in depth studies that take lots of time and effort to create. Because it takes so long to capture everything needed, there are no deadlines when it comes to completing a still life photo.

Something most people don’t know about still lifes is that they are not only just for looking at, but they also teach you a lot about painting. As you can see from our description here, both Jonathan and Casey took their time to study what kind of shapes these different items made.

They paid special attention to how light hit each item so that it looks authentic and believable.

The gallery opened its doors in 1982

q gallery

In early 1980s, technology was not very advanced when it came to picture sharing sites. Most people had their own computer or phone that could access pictures they already took or apps that would connect you to the internet so you can upload photos.

It is no surprise then that most of these photo sharing sites focused on having bigger galleries, more features, and better user experiences. Many still do!

But what if we asked you how many pictures you have? Or what format each one is? Or where you uploaded some of them? There were none of those things with Q Gallery!

That’s why it’s important to remember the legacy of this site today. It may be gone, but it left an impact on the way we share and experience art.

Q Gallery represents a number of artists, including Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Claude Monet

q gallery

As we can see here, some of the artist’s names are quite recognizable, while others are not. Some people may recognize Georges Braque or Pierre-Auguste Renoir from their work, but there is no clue as to who Li Jianxun is!

His paintings mostly feature bright colors and shapes that seem to go on forever. His style reminds us of Neo-Expressionism, which was a popular movement in the 1970s. He also uses very thin lines and textures for effect.

It is interesting to note how many references he includes in his works. These include geometric patterns, natural imagery (like sunsets and water), famous logos and characters, and even things like house numbers or car license plates. All of these pieces come together to create an immersive experience.

The gallery is owned and operated by the Benamou family

q gallery

As mentioned earlier, the Q Gallery was founded in 2010 when entrepreneur Chrystal Benamou opened up her own space to feature and sell art. Since then, she has grown it into a team of people that include creative professionals, marketers, and event organizers who are all part of the Q Team.

The company originally started as an online art store but now they have branched out into events, workshops, and even publishing. Their goal is to inspire and motivate others through artistic expression and creativity.

Their events typically focus on either exploring new mediums or educating attendees about current trends in the arts. They also hold charity fundraisers for important causes.

As far as their services go, they offer both personal and business packages. Businesses can start at just $500 per month with additional services such as social media management, photography, and press releases starting at around $100 each.

Q Gallery opened its doors in Paris

q gallery

In May of 2017, Q Gallery made its way to Chicago with an opening event that featured music, art, and delicious food! The gallery was sponsored by MyQ, so guests were able to bring their device or connect one they already have.

The space is self-contained and easily accessible to anyone who has basic furniture knowledge. There are no walls between displays, which allows for more interesting juxtapositions.

Visitors enter the exhibition area through the back wall where there’s a big screen television playing content. This gives people a sense of ease as they can either watch what the artist put out or dive into other things they may find interesting.

There’s also an iPad at the end of the table you can use to show off your work or play apps and games. I know from experience how helpful it can be when sharing creations online!

By leaving the space open, people feel free to explore and interact however they like. It doesn’t hurt my style one bit to see what others put together, but some prefer having their own little enclave to focus on.

For me though, it’s all about immersion. If someone wanted to look around, go outside, take a break, whatever — totally fine! Just don’t forget we’re talking about a TV here, so make sure you leave enough time before checking something else out.

Q Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in Paris

q gallery

Located just off of Rue de Grenelle, near the Louvre, Q Gallery opened its doors to the public for the first time in May 2016. The space was designed by French artist Olivier Mosset and features an open-plan exhibition area surrounded by glass walls that allow visitors to interact with the artwork.

The gallery’s collection focuses mostly on art from emerging artists or up-and-coming artistic movements, including conceptual photography, installation work, large scale sculpture, and more. Many pieces are directly inspired by scientific concepts or theories, making them interesting not only to look at, but also to study.

Q has organized several group exhibitions throughout its history, most recently “Transcendence: An Exploration of Boundaries and Dimensions” which ran from October to December 2018. This show featured works exploring the concept of transcendence through painting, digital media, and performance.

Q Gallery represents a number of artists, including Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Claude Monet

While some might consider art to be an expression of emotions or stories, there are some artists who simply use their skills to create beautiful pictures that tell a story beyond “I like this!” Artists develop their skill set through training in college or via self-study and then work hard to achieve success.

This is not always the case for artists, however. In fact, many people think that being talented enough to earn money making artistic creations is just naturally gifted.

It takes years of practice and dedication to become successful as an artist. Some may even struggle their whole lives without ever earning significant income from creating art.

The gallery opened its doors in 1982

q gallery

In early 1982, entrepreneur Quade Alexander decided to do something new. He created an online art community where anyone with a creative bone could showcase their work and be inspired by others’ work. This concept was called ‘Q Gallery’ because it was designed as a way to create quality artistic experiences for people who love creativity.

Alexander built his website using what would now be considered very advanced web design technology. At that time there were no other websites like this one – only few companies had ever heard of a website before.

He also did not use Flash or interactive features such as videos and animations. These things are much more common today, but back then they were quite rare.

Since he wanted to give everyone access to creating and displaying artwork, he made the site free to use. You never have to pay to show your talent and share yourself with the world!

Many artists make a good living off of their craft so why should you feel like you can’t follow your dreams? If you want to express yourself through painting or sculpture, start doing it!

There is no need to be rich to enjoy making art. Many famous artists started out paying their bills working part-time while supporting themselves with their creations.

The best thing about Q Gallery is that it has allowed many different types of artists to thrive.