Recent changes to the college’s general education requirements have many students, both past and present, quite upset. Starting this academic year, Queens has dropped its humanities requirement in order to make way for an introductory psychology course that covers topics such as personality theory, abnormal behavior, stress management, and relationships.

Many people feel that dropping one of the most difficult areas of study at QC is unnecessary and will cost some students valuable knowledge about how our society functions. Others believe that it goes too far in offering no fundamental understanding of what makes someone else “tick.”

While we can agree that studying psychology is important, there are other ways to achieve this across campus. For example, several departments offer certification courses in related fields like social work or counseling. And while not directly helping with psychological theories, certain majors require enough basic knowledge of the field to be successful.

Given all these reasons, many students are voicing their discontent over the recent GC drop.

Consider the following topics when choosing your degree

queens college liberal arts requirements

How to choose among liberal arts programs

Liberal arts is not one specific field or area of study. Instead, it refers to how you approach studying things. Yours would be categorized as “artistic” because you value education that teaches you about different areas, including literature, history, philosophy, and creative writing/journalism.

Some people may associate the term “liberal arts” with universities that were once very prestigious. These include schools like Harvard, Princeton, and Yale — all of which have now narrowed their focus to only business-related degrees.

However, there are many other types of institutions that offer bachelor’s degrees in the liberal arts. Some may even refer to themselves as having an undergraduate degree program in the field!

Why is this important? Because the more ways you can learn, the better prepared you will be for life. The liberal arts promote knowledge and understanding of various philosophies, cultures, and systems. This applies both to academic settings and non-academic ones (for example, reading classic books).

Your overall educational experience should emphasize learning via diverse mediums and from sources that do not necessarily connect directly with each other. By incorporating these into your studies, you increase your exposure to ideas and concepts.

Finding colleges and departments that fit what you want out of an education is another way to make sure yours stays a worthwhile pursuit.

Creative writing

queens college liberal arts requirements

In addition to requiring at least one creative nonfiction piece per semester, students must take either of two courses that require only an essay as a project.

In English 101 Introduction To Writers, students study different genres such as narrative (story), descriptive (description) and explanatory (argument). A topic for each genre is assigned and students are free to choose whichever style they want to write about it.

Students may also select a special topic like “How to Bake the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies” or “What makes a good person in the world.” Both topics could be written in any style!

Drinking alcohol and drugs before marriage is a bad idea, but some people do it anyway. Some people believe that if you don’t drink before marriage then your spouse will not expect you to drink once you say you love them.

People who think this should know that there are many ways to show love that have nothing to do with drinking. Having a sober lifestyle is a very attractive trait in a person.

Political science

In addition to requiring students to take two social studies courses, including one each of American history and world geography, most liberal arts colleges require that students choose either political science or sociology as their major. Both are considered soft sciences because they look at how people interact with each other in terms of politics and society, but not necessarily what makes up an individual’s moral code.

Political scientists study things like elections, legislative process, governance structures, and ideologies. They also analyze patterns of historical events and developments, which can help us understand why certain behaviors become popular and others fall out of fashion.

Sociologists focus more on individuals than groups, and they explore concepts suchas motivation, self-concept, societal roles, power, and inequality.

There are several types of sociologists, too. Some research specific systems (groups)of relationships, while others do qualitative research by talking to people about their experiences. There are also cultural theorists who study how ideas shape societies.

Film or TV production

queens college liberal arts requirements

Undergraduate students at Queens can choose to major in film, media studies, or television production. These three areas are linked together because of the nature of the mediums they encompass- films use filming, videos use editing, and television uses writing and producing.

All three require large amounts of creativity and expression. Students learn how to collaborate with others and how to manage time effectively as part of these programs.

Film and media studies courses focus more on understanding the craft of creating stories through narrative filmmaking, screenwriting, and video making. The emphasis is on interpreting the messages within narratives and exploring different styles and genres.

Television production courses teach you how to develop shows via scripting, storyboarding, and acting. You also learn about camera work, set design, and music scoring. All three programs emphasize teamwork and communication skills since you’ll be working with writers, directors, producers, and other professionals.

These majors prepare graduates for many career paths such as writer, director, actor, producer, cinematographer, editor, sound engineer, and visual effects artist. Some become famous filmmakers while others help create popular television shows and movies. – source Queens University

Topic and bullet point research: Is studying art a good way to get into cinema?

It depends what kind of cinema you want to make. If you want to direct feature length films, teaching yourself artistic concepts like painting, sculpture, or drawing could prove helpful.

Classes are taught in English

queens college liberal arts requirements

In addition to requiring a general education degree, most liberal arts colleges require students to take specific courses that focus more specifically on literature, language, religion, art, or other fields of study. These classes are typically considered major requirements for graduation because they directly relate to what you will choose to pursue as a career.

Many students have careers after college so their departments offer lots of opportunities to explore different areas. Some even organize trips outside of class to explore the city more closely related to the area where your academic field is focused.

Students also find many ways to connect with professors outside of formal settings like seminars, lectures, and assignments. Many make time for each student personally and keep up-to-date personal information about them which help students feel closer to someone who can answer questions or give advice.

! Important tip: Most universities allow students to register using either their Smith ID (student account) or an external registered user name and password from another source like VISA, Google, etc. Make sure to check both sources before registering.

The school is close to home

queens college liberal arts requirements

Living in New York City can be expensive, which makes attending Queens University very difficult. Almost every student has their own transportation so it isn’t an issue.

Queens is also located near several major highways and train stations, making campus-life easy. When you factor in how inexpensively students can live around here, it becomes clear that attending QLA is more affordable than most other large universities with similar levels of education.

The high quality of education at QLA is not limited to just its bachelor’s degree programs either. Many master’s degrees are offered through various departments such as Education or Business.

The campus is beautiful

queens college liberal arts requirements

Located in New York City, Queens University is an urban school that offers students some of the best opportunities for academic success and personal development that you can get anywhere.

Queens is home to many student groups and organizations that promote diversity, multiculturalism, and social justice. There are over 80 registered clubs at the university alone!

Many of these clubs focus on community service projects or educational programs that benefit underprivileged children and adults. Others hold events such as movie nights or food drives to help spread cheer during the holiday season.

All students are allowed to participate in club activities without being members, so even if you aren’t looking to gain any extra credit points next semester, you should give them a look!

The college also has its own radio station called Q101 which hosts various music genres and news updates throughout the day. Many people find this helpful because it keeps them informed and up-to-date on what’s going on in the world.

The professors are great

queens college liberal arts requirements

As discussed before, liberal arts education is an ever-changing experience that cultivates unique skills in students. These include literacy and reading, mathematics, logic, reasoning, language, history, and culture all together.

Many people refer to these as the “core” areas of knowledge for someone who wants to be well educated. But what they don’t realize is that learning takes place outside of those domains as well.

Students at Queens will get exposure to many different subjects, but none more than art. Art classes focus on drawing, painting, sculpture, and other forms of expression using various materials and techniques.

These skills can be applied beyond just creating beautiful pictures or sculptures, though. For example, some artists use their craft to create logos, advertisements, or even web pages. Others make jewelry or pottery with designs inspired by artistic styles from around the world.

All this aside, one of the greatest things about taking art classes at Queen’s is how enjoyable it is! There are no prerequisites or formal degrees involved, which makes it accessible to anyone.

Artists and educators may talk about concepts like perspective and proportion, but what really matters is whether you think something looks cool. Take your time to enjoy making art and have fun experimenting with colors and shapes, and you’ll find it’s not only entertaining, but also inspiring.