This article will discuss quotes about the importance of the arts. As education is one of the most important assets that a country can have, knowing how to integrate the arts into a school is very important.

The arts help not only to develop the ability to understand the surrounding world and improve upon one’s talents, but it also creates a sense of community and pride. It is amazing to see the most skilled in the field of art creating a painting or carving on a mountain that can be found by any traveler.

As a teacher, I understand how much these skills can positively impact a child’s life.

Enrico Caruso

“The arts are not just a luxury of some people. It is a necessity of life and progress.”

Friedrich NietzscheAssorted print painting lot

“All men die but not all men create.”

Bernadette Peters

“It is a lot of fun being a woman in the arts. There’s always some trouble.

A man gets criticized for a lousy walk, for a bad ear, for a bad mouth, but a woman gets criticized for being herself. Being yourself is too expensive.

You have to be popular, be likable, say what you mean, be artistic, and it’s really hard to be yourself.”

Pascale Casanova

“Music, an expression of the soul, can open up the gates of perception and increase our capacity to perceive the beauty, wisdom, humor, and even tragedy of this life. A poet once described music as the engine of the soul, and its contemplation is so important to human beings that people often consider music the most important of all arts.”

Steven Heywood

“The arts have always been remarkable, though not the only, source of inspiration to our greatest leaders. Perhaps no more clearly has this been the case than it is in those who understood that the foundation of all civilization is a rich and complex culture of language, literature, and the arts.

I would like to believe that at a time when few of us seem to feel any pride in the products of the mind, many of our leaders would draw encouragement from a united commitment to a culture of the arts as the wellspring of knowledge and inspiration, as the generator of the imagination, and as the source of happiness, inspiration, and pride.”

Pierre de Coubertin

“Where there is beauty and harmony, there is life.”


“The arts are the first and most important language for all men.”

Jane Goodall

“To be truly human is to be able to appreciate beauty, to find deep satisfaction in the arts, to make beauty in our daily lives, to be moved, inspired and encouraged by music and art.”

Buckminster FullerPhoto of woman portrait wall art

“Those who study the arts attain in life the qualities that make life rewarding and interesting.”

John F. Kennedy

“It is no longer a question of whether art should be understood, it is a question of how we should understand it. For the first time ever, Americans are discovering that the arts can be an important means of education, as well as a way to preserve our past and celebrate our future.”

Maurice Ravel

“The roots of art are not always distinguished by any outward sign, but from the first they always lead us to it. As life goes on we collect like dust not only the things we need but the things we want.

The fruits of our labor turn into colors and then into shapes, which become stars and then planets. In the same way, each of us has within him a nature, a treasure, a beauty, a music that will express itself in his work, if only he will ever be able to hear it.”

Nick Cannon

“It’s just like everybody goes through their own personal struggles, and if someone can’t talk to you, you don’t need to fill the silence with your problems. Try to be empathetic instead of placing all the burden on yourself and going through your own problems alone.”

Jason BiggsAssorted paintings

“Do you know the ones I am always talking about? The people who sit on the edge of the stage in their mind and dream of the day they will stand in front of the world.

People wonder why they didn’t pursue their dream sooner. People who dream of one day being able to say to the world ‘It’s my life, and I have a problem.’

I tell them to dream big, always, for everything.”

Dax Shepard

“You can’t avoid anxiety for too long. The more you try to avoid it, the more it controls your life. You need to acknowledge it, accept it, and be in it for as long as it takes.”

Jessica Chastain

“I always just try to remind myself that I’m allowed to feel what I feel, and I’m not entitled to an explanation. But I don’t feel entitled to an explanation about how I feel, which is really freeing.”