From left: Nora, Nadia and Mariam on a mountain overlooking their village, near St Catherine’s monastery in Sinai, Egypt. Photograph: Rehab Eldalil

Three ladies who herd sheep and goats daily on foot in the highlands outside Al Tarfa, Egypt, are shown by Rehab Eldalil as having a close relationship

Every day from dawn until sunset, the ladies of Al Tarfa hamlet in South Sinai, Egypt, shepherd a herd of sheep and goats as they forage for wild herbs in the nearby highlands.

The ladies converse, share worries, solicit advice, and learn from one another while the herd eats, establishing a sisterhood through solidarity and mutual support. I want for a feeling of connection and belonging.

This image, which I captured in February 2021, has a particular place in my heart because it embodies the feminine force that unites strength and fragility, calmness and chaos, freedom and rootedness. In it, Nora, Nadia, and Mariam are seen perched on a mountaintop overlooking their Egyptian community of Al Tarfa in South Sinai, St. Catherine.

Rehab Eldalil is a documentary photographer born and based in Cairo, Egypt. Her work focuses on the broad theme of identity. Instagram: @rehabeldalil

Thanks to Rehab Eldalil at The Guardian whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.