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Despite all the beliefs that introverts are unsocial, they’re actually amazingly sociable, but sometimes they have difficulty making new friends. Moreover, some introverts have trouble talking to strangers.

Indulging in a social hobby is the perfect way for introverts to make a new acquaintance. If you’re an introverted person looking to make new friends while improving your life and the lives of those in need, check out the following social hobbies for introverts. 

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1. Volunteer

While volunteering is more activity than a hobby, it’s an excellent way to help others and connect with all types of people at the same time. If you don’t feel like helping people, consider volunteering at a local animal shelter. Call your local humane society or animal shelter and let them know you want to volunteer on a regular basis.

For instance, you can volunteer for several hours each Saturday. Nursing homes are always on the lookout for volunteers. You can learn a lot of interesting information from older people while helping them to feel appreciated. There are many ways to volunteer, so why not turn it into a hobby?

2. Dancing

There are many benefits of dancing that go beyond making new friends. First, dancing is a fun way to exercise and build confidence in your body. Secondly, it helps to fight stress and prevent mental disorders. Even if you’re not a good dancer but you want to learn how to become one, give dancing a try.

hobbies for introverts

Be it ballroom, swing, bachata, or salsa, you’ll learn some amazing dancing skills that will help you tame your social anxiety.

Dancing will take you out of your comfort zone and teach you how to be more confident around others. By taking private dance classes, you’ll miss an opportunity to make new friends or simply have fun with other people.

3. Workshops

Have you ever dreamed of trying something unusual like knitting, woodworking, or painting? These are a few of the best social hobbies that introverts can enjoy in a small setting.

What can be better than sharing a common interest with other like-minded people? In reality, you might end up beginning a social connection that can jazz up your daily life.

4. Entertainment Activities

Just because you’re an introvert who loves to spend time alone doesn’t mean you should stay away from entertainment activities that involve hundreds of people. Whether alone or with a friend, make a habit of doing one entertainment activity each weekend.

Head to the cinema or theater, or have fun in the club where you can enjoy live music. You don’t necessarily have to chat with everyone around you, but it’s a nice way to become a bit more sociable and find new friends by discussing your favorite movie.

Social Hobbies for Introverts

5. Book Clubs

Since the majority of introverts are interested in books, joining a book club is an awesome social hobby to have. Instead of reading your favorite book alone, share your interest with others.

Or, you can read books at home and discuss them with the participants of the club. Find out if your local library hosts any book club and make sure you join it if it does. The introverted book lovers often create clubs where they meet together over a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy each other’s company.

If you’re looking for a great recommendation, we recommend checking out Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking which is a fascinating, detailed look at introverts and how modern society treats them incorrectly, undermining their talents and energy.

This is a great book for you to read on your own, but it will be even more exciting to read in a book club with all different sorts of people.

Introverts will get to learn more about how their own mind works, and extroverts will get to learn more about what it is like to be an introvert in an extrovert-centric world!

6. Learning a New Language

Get the best out of both worlds by joining a local community of language learners. Not only will you become more social, but you’ll also learn a new language. Whether you join a free local community or take some private classes in a small group of people, learning a new language might become your favorite hobby ever.

7. Becoming a Mentor

Of course, you can charge for being someone’s mentor, but then it’s going to be a business, not a hobby. Anyway, it’s your choice. Let college students know that you can become someone’s mentor in a certain field or area of life.

If you know a foreign language or have any other skills, you can even start your own classes or club. Knowledge is a huge power and sharing it is a wonderful activity. Not to mention that it can give you the social boost you need and help you make new friends.

8. Joining a Walking Group

Move your body regularly while enhancing your social skills by joining a walking group. Today, walking groups have a myriad of benefits to offer their participants. Walking is good for mental health and it’s still a form of exercise. As an introvert, you probably often walk alone in the park.

Social Hobbies for Introverts

Why not join a walking group, though? It’s a useful activity that you can do regardless of the season. If you don’t have a walking group in your city, you can create your own group that would consist of a few people. Choose a place where hikers can walk safely and go for a long walk together.

9. Paintball

Nowadays paintball is particularly popular among introverts and ambiverts. If you’ve never played paintball before, you’ll need special face masks, air tanks, and a set of paintball guns that you can rent or buy in advance. Before you start the game though, it’s critical to learn the basics and the rules.

You’ll easily meet new people, make friends, and have tons of fun. Before you stop playing paintball, you might make new friends in your team. Paintball is also a fun alternative to gym workouts.

If you’re looking to get into paintball, we recommend investing in a high-quality beginner set that will provide you with everything you need to have to safely play.

10. Improv Theater

This hobby is challenging and requires certain creativity skills. In improv, you have full creative freedom and no script. You simply go out and create a scene from nothing.

For introverts, improv theaters are the worst nightmare they could see. But there are many reasons to join the local improv theater today. First, it improves social interaction. Second, it helps creative introverts to get rid of overthinking and ward off mental issues.

Now that you know some of the most fabulous social hobbies for introverts, which one would you choose? All of these hobbies help to improve social skills and overall life that sometimes introverts can’t understand.