AMC has been undergoing conflict with the creators of its long-running smash hit series The Walking Dead since almost the first season. Most recently, Frank Darabont, the showrunner, hit AMC with a lawsuit claiming breach of contract and demanding close to $300 million. Now, it’s recently come to light that Frank Darabont, creator of the original Walking Dead comic, is hitting AMC with a lawsuit that could demand over $1 billion in damages.

The lawsuit is based on a licensing agreement that entitles Darabont and the other producers 5% of the shows profits, each, once production costs have been accounted for. This lawsuit claims that AMC has been understating the show’s profits and overstating its production costs as a method of paying less to those who worked on it. This denied pay collectively amounts to over $250 million per person. A full accounting of the conditions of the suit can be found at The Hollywood Reporter.

The Walking Dead will debut its seventh season in a month. So far AMC hasn’t given any indication how this suit could affect the company, or the future of the show.