Orson Welles’ Final Movie Unearthed at Long Last

At the recent Telluride Film Festival in Colorado, Orson Welles’ last film, ‘The Other Side of the Wind,’ saw its premiere, decades after the filmmaker’s death.

Welles had not finished the film by the time of his death of a heart attack in 1985.

The film has seen its release halted for many years by disputes over who exactly owned the rights to the work, and there have been multiple failed attempts to finally release the film to the public.

Netflix was among those who provided funding for the finished version of the film, which includes color footage, black and white footage, as well as footage shot on a variety of film formats, from 35 millimeter to Super 8 millimeter.

Thanks to aiding with funding, Netflix will release the film on its streaming site, in addition to a limited theatrical release nationwide.

Hollywood Wants Diversity, Can’t Supply It

Following multiple pushes in recent years for increased diversity in the bowels of the entertainment industry, Hollywood is finding that there are shockingly few minority writers and other creatives who are actually prepared for major roles within the industry.

From television to film to online content, entertainment industry executives are finally becoming more amenable to the idea of placing diverse individuals in positions of power.

However, in an attempt to locate such individuals, these executives are finding they are in short supply, due largely to the fact that these same company heads have failed to promote diverse candidates in the past.

This self-defeating cycle has created a talent vacuum in the U.S., one waiting to be filled by writers of color, as well as female writers and showrunners.

Despite numerous efforts by organizations and stars within the industry, it could be years before the U.S. can offer a substantial pool of skilled writers and creatives from diverse backgrounds.