The term ‘liberal’ has different meanings depending on who is using it and what they mean by it. To some, liberal means someone that does not hold strong moral beliefs and will therefore do anything to achieve their goals.

To other people, liberalism refers to political ideologies that promote freedom for individual citizens from government interference in their personal lives. This includes freedoms of speech, religion, and expression as well as an overall free-market system.

Still others associate the word with social justice, which can be defined as equal rights for all marginalized groups in our society. Others use the term more narrowly to refer only to policies or programs designed to help disadvantaged individuals or communities.

Regardless of how each individual uses the word, one thing is clear: liberals are often considered politically conservative.

That perception is inaccurate. While many liberals believe in limited government regulation and respect for individual liberty, we also strive to ensure that everyone in our country enjoys economic equality. We want to reduce inequality by investing in education, health care, and community resources for all.

Furthermore, even though most liberals endorse capitalism over socialism, we still believe in helping those less fortunate. We just prefer to do so through direct services rather than redistribution of wealth via taxation.

This article will discuss several examples of ways that the Second Amendment community is being labeled as conservatives. It will also look at the reasons why this characterization is misleading and potentially harmful to our cause.

Then they came for the socialists

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Over the past few years, there has been an epidemic of socialist infiltration in liberal activist groups across America. It’s time to take a stand!

There are several things that make these individuals harmful soft-spoken radicals. First, they often downplay or even deny the importance of racial equality. This is especially important because socialism was built on the concept of equal justice for all people.

Second, many socialists actively promote discrimination against white people. These individuals usually appeal to “diversity” as their argument.

Third, some socialists actually defend dictatorships and totalitarian regimes. A clear example of this happened when Bernie Sanders defended Stalin during his recent trip to Russia.

Fourth, many socialists use strong rhetoric such as “revolution” and “communism will save us.” They also speak about empowering “the working class” which can only mean overthrowing our current system – capitalism.

Fifth, some socialists try to silence free speech by arguing it hurts minorities. If you remember from high school, this tactic is called censorship.

Sixth, some socialists go as far as advocating violence towards other Americans including critics of socialism. In fact, one famous communist terrorist killed 21 people using a gun he got through illegal means.

Seventh, some socialists openly discuss killing police officers. This happens almost every day around the country and has tragically led to more deaths than anything else.

And then they came for the communists

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In 1948, just two years after World War II ended, Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin ordered his military to invade Hungary, his neighbor to the west. He accused Hungary of being an imperialist country that wanted to overthrow him and take over his own nation.

Stalin’s communist army marched in all guns blazing, looking to conquer and destroy. They were ruthless.

World War II had left behind many things — broken cities, destroyed infrastructure and lots of death. Now there was even more destruction as the Hungarians fought back against the invaders.

But instead of retreating or giving up, some Hungarian soldiers decided to use their firearms not only to defend themselves and their homeland but also as a form of self-expression.

When the Soviets invaded, many patriotic Hungarians fled or were forced out of their homes and land. Some refused to give up and let the enemy have it.

These resolute individuals didn’t put aside their weapons because they thought they would be hunted down and killed by the Russians. No, these men prepared themselves for battle with whatever they could get their hands on — including their guns.

Some carried handguns, while others practiced shooting using rifles or other heavy weaponry like machineguns. Others took time to hone their aim so they wouldn’t accidentally shoot another innocent person.

Still others gathered together what few belongings they had and made sure each one played a role in defending their home and loved ones.

And then they came for the nationalists

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Liberals have always loved to play the moral high ground, but their actions speak otherwise. For years now, liberals have been actively trying to disarm citizens of this country by any means necessary.

They continually refer to guns as “the problem” or “the source of violence in society,” creating an environment where people are constantly on edge due to fears surrounding legal gun ownership.

This is very different from how it was before the second amendment was ratified. Before the constitution, there were no firearms! The term “firearm” did not even exist back then.

Now that we have the right to bear arms, we are being pushed out of our homes and farms by wealthy elites who feel that we do not belong here. We are told that we do not deserve these rights because we are rich. Or because we are white.

These individuals are clearly showing blatant signs of classism and racism, which are both morally wrong ideologies.

And then they came for the feminists

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The other common target for these attacks is feminism, which some people consider to be an extremist ideology that encourages women to use violence against men. This is not true! Violence is always wrong, and there are many examples of powerful feminist arguments why this is incorrect.

Most importantly, even if certain aspects of feminism seem like they could potentially promote or encourage violence towards men, this doesn’t make the whole philosophy violent. In fact, most major religions preach self-sacrifice and charity, so it goes without saying that advocating personal growth and happiness for yourself is very opposite to something that advocates killing others.

Furthermore, just because someone may identify as feminist does NOT mean they will automatically agree with every argument used in the past or present by feminists. People often adopt ideologies that appeal to them, whether or not these ideas are authentic and legitimate.

It is also important to remember that while some feminists may argue strongly about gender equality, this does not necessarily apply to all areas of life. Some may focus only on political issues, whereas others may also discuss how males are privileged over females when it comes to health, education, and income.

And then they came for the LGBT+ people

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The left has always been known as being very liberal when it comes to social issues, but you might have noticed that their rhetoric seems to be changing. They are becoming increasingly radicalized and even promoting violence towards other groups of people.

This is because they perceive these individuals or groups as an existential threat to society. Therefore, in order to save our country and civilization, we must eliminate this perceived enemy before they get the better of us.

By calling themselves “tolerant” of things like homosexuality, they create a perception that supporting LGBTQ rights is not only acceptable, but also good. This creates a sense of false security in the mind of the average person who does not actively work against the destruction of our culture.

They believe that there will never be discrimination or harassment of homosexuals in America, so they do not feel the need to take action. By staying passive instead of acting out against homosexual behavior, they legitimize gay sex and promote more of it.

And then they came for the Jews

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In Nazi Germany, Hitler’s regime targeted one particular group of people that it considered to be threats to the nation — the Jewish community. Starting in April 1933 with the enactment of The Law For the Removal of Unwanted Foreigners (also known as “The Reich Citizenship Act”), German citizens were legally obligated to represent themselves only as Germans.

For example, if you read this newspaper, your name does not appear anywhere within its pages; instead, it is referred to using terms like “German citizen” or even just “citizen.” The same goes for this website: we are referred to simply as being written by an “unwanted foreigner.” We do not exist as individuals, we exist solely through our affiliation with the government.

After the Enactment of The Law For the Removal of Unwanted foreigners, anti-Semitic rhetoric towards the German Jewish population became more prevalent, culminating into the Holocaust – the systematic murder of six million innocent lives.

During the Holocaust, the Nazis killed almost every single person of Jewish heritage across Europe. They rounded up all the remaining Jews in each country and either sent them away from the continent or had them work for the state while actively promoting hatred and fear of the Jewish religion. Some countries allowed the very few remaining Jews to survive by giving them non-Jewish identities such as Aryan ancestry, but those opportunities were limited.

And then they came for us

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In March of 2018, Harvard University professor James Qiu wrote an article titled “The Weaponization Of The Media” in which he described how mainstream media outlets use firearms as tools to fuel conflict and promote gun control.

He cites examples such as when MSNBC hosts discuss whether or not guns are effective self-defense weapons while also criticizing those who own them.

Qiu says that this tactic is used because most people agree that having a firearm can be helpful in protecting yourself from harm, but that it could potentially go too far.

Some individuals may even feel compelled to carry their weapon in public just so other people know they are protected, creating a hostile environment. He calls this behavior “armed symbolic protest.”

This type of rhetoric only serves to create more fear around guns and contributes to the perception that owning one is dangerous, which may influence some to give up on doing so.

Do you know your rights?

This week, we are talking about do you know your civil liberties as an American citizen. What that means is making sure you understand your legal right to defend yourself, ask for help from law enforcement, and reach out to community members to assist in solving crimes.

It also includes understanding what laws apply to use or ownership of firearms. We will go into more detail about both of these things below!

When it comes down to it, being an armed civilian is one of our most powerful tools in ensuring that this country remains free and just. While not every situation requires you to be a warrior, knowing how to protect yourself and others can make all the difference when it does.

That’s why it is so important to be aware of your constitutional rights when it comes to guns. Get familiar with them, and if you ever feel like someone is violating those rights, stand up for yourself and for humanity.