As an artist, you will spend most of your time creating new pieces or editing existing ones. There are many ways to make money as an art creator! You can start by giving free artwork for publication, then moving onto selling paintings and printed materials.

Making money online as an artistic person is possible through several mediums. All of these can be done at a beginner’s level without expensive equipment or training.

This article will talk about five different ways to earn extra cash as an artistic individual. Some are more creative than others, but they all require some kind of writing skill and/or digital footprint.

You can choose which one(s) suit you best and grow from there! Hopefully you’ll find one that’s perfect for you and your style in this category.

K E Gallagher

k e gallagher artist

K.E. Gallagher is an artist who specializes in creating beautiful still life paintings. She also incorporates color into her art by using light as the medium!

As she puts it, “I love exploring the relationship that light has to matter-matter’s disappearance under its influence” (Gallagher). Her work is mostly focused on depicting nature’s beauty through shapes and colors of plants and natural objects.

Her artistic style is very unique because she mixes hard edges with soft textures and bright vibrant colors in contrast with each other. This creates a striking image that draws attention and reminds you of nothing else but itself.

History of the art world

k e gallagher artist

The term “artworld” was first used in 1912, when John Taylor, editor of Art & Decor magazine, coined it to describe what we know as the contemporary art scene. He described the art market as being made up of artists who are well-trained in their craft and collectors that have money to spend.

This group of people comes together under one common goal — supporting artistic expression and buying works to display them for the rest of the community to see and admire. In those days, however, this type of engagement wasn’t quite so prevalent.

It took another half century before the word became more widely known. That happened back in 1995 when British journalist Charles Saatchi coined it while talking about his collection of Japanese anime artwork with some friends.

Since then, it has become an increasingly popular way to describe our culture.

Popular artists

As we grow older, it becomes harder to find new artist that inspire you. You look at an artwork or piece of music and say ‘I could do that!’ but you never actually take the time to sit down and study their techniques or features.

That is why this article will be focusing on some popular artists and what they did to achieve success in art. These people were not just famous, they made a career off their artistic talent so most have books, DVDs, or lectures available for everyone to access their secrets.

Some of these artists had natural skill that allowed them to create incredible works, but many worked on their skills through studying the styles of other masters.

These artists’ talents can be directly learned from by anyone with a creative spirit, which is their true worth. So let’s dive into our list and learn something new.

Famous artists

k e gallagher artist

Many people know famous artists because they have seen their work in magazines, TV shows, or movies. They may also recognize some of their style from studying art classes or listening to stories about their life. However to consider yourself an artist doesn’t require any of those things!

If you love creating artistic expressions and putting effort into them then you are already a talented artist. Creating is a form of expression that can be done at many levels so there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider yourself an artist.

A lot of young people don’t understand the term ‘artist’. They believe it only applies to individuals who go on stage and perform. Or maybe it’s someone with a painting studio where she/he teaches students how to paint using her/his techniques and materials.

Both of these types of artists are very well trained in their craft, but they aren’t considered artists themselves unless they describe themselves as such. This can be tricky to do if you want to fit in!

It is important to remember that being an artist isn’t just for kids anymore! There are plenty of ways to achieve this career path today.

What is art?

k e gallagher artist

We often take art for granted. Most of us have our own internal definition of what constitutes as art, but none of them are particularly strong. I would say that most people’s definitions of what is considered art are mostly influenced by media, such as TV, movies, or music.

The media we consume teaches us about what makes something artistic. These lessons can be subconsciously applied to other areas, creating confusion as to what actually defines as art.

Artists create works according to their personal aesthetics, which may or may not include components found in media. Artists use these components to determine how to achieve their goal (producing an artwork like the ones they admire).

This article will go into more detail about some of the characteristics of art and why it is important to understand them.

Definition of art

k e gallagher artist

What is art? Defining what constitutes as art can be tricky, to say the least! There are many different schools of thought on this topic, with no clear-cut answer that everyone agrees upon.

Many consider music to be an expression of self-expression which directly touches your soul, making it art. Music has inspired people for centuries to create their own songs, melodies, and riffs.

Literature is also considered artistic because you get drawn in into the story and characters and feel connected to them.

Film is another medium that some classify as art due to the use of storytelling, editing, acting, and scenery.

Sculpting and painting are both considered forms of art. Sculptors take shape or form materials and create realistic figures, while painters use paints and brushes to express themselves.

Drawings and creative writing are not only accessible to anyone, but they require little to no special equipment. Therefore, they do not necessarily fit the category of media like film or literature.

A lot of artists include all of these elements and more into their repertoire. People who enjoy creating things make sure to learn about all types of arts and how to apply what they know to other areas.

History of art

k e gallagher artist

Artists have always painted pictures, but there is no evidence that they ever made their own instruments or materials to use in painting. Some people claim that ancient Egyptian artists used reeds as paint brushes, but this is not certain.

In other words, unless you are an artist yourself, it is impossible to know whether or not those before us actually practiced what we would call artistic skills. Many believe that Ancient Greek artists invented writing using pictograms, which combine shapes with symbolic content. This was later refined into our current form of alphabetical letters.

However, many consider these designs to be non-artistic because they feel that they are more like logos than paintings. A lot of critics say that only very few artists create works that can be considered true art.

Modern art

k e gallagher artist

Contemporary or modern art is any artwork made in the past two decades. It is not to be confused with antique art, which are pieces done before 1900.

Modern artists explore themes and materials that have never been used by artistic predecessors. Many use media such as collage, photorealistic painting, and mixed-media. Others experiment with form, structure, and rhythm to create new styles. Some even completely abolish traditional drawing methods!

Many consider these artists to be expressionists, incorporating raw emotion into their work. A lot of people associate them with feminism because they challenge societal norms and expectations.

The term “contemporary” was coined during the 1970s when some considered works from this time frame to be more contemporary than those from the 1960s. However, today it has become an overarching category for all things newer than 20 years ago.

Reminder: Does not include paintings or sculptures from earlier than 1920.