If you’re a guy and you’re the sort of guy who reads my blog, your goal is probably for her to make you happy.

To make a girlfriend happy, you need to understand that happiness is a process, and you need to make a little effort every day. A little effort can go a long way.

A good relationship will take a little work from both partners, no matter how you slice it. If you want it to be good, you need to start putting in a little effort.

When making someone else happy, you don’t need to worry about whether or not your work will be successful. You need to do it.

If you tell someone they should do something; you’re already failing. Only you can succeed.

So don’t worry about how or if you’re going to succeed. Just start doing it, and you’ll make your girlfriend happy.

So, what do you do to make a girl happy?

Give her attentionHappy woman video chatting on laptop in kitchen

Women want your attention. It’s not that you need to give her every ounce of your attention every day, but she does want it regularly.

You can give her attention in a variety of ways:

  • You can compliment her.
  • You can listen to her.
  • You can spend time with her.
  • You can provide her with a way to express her feelings.

If you’re the type of guy who wants to make a girl happy, that doesn’t mean just paying attention to her. Don’t give her attention just for the sake of it.

This is a hard thing to explain to guys. There are all sorts of different ways to give her attention:

  • You can give her attention by asking her a question about her day.
  • You can ask her what she wants to do on the weekends.
  • You can invite her to do something.
  • You can compliment her.
  • You can hold her hand.
  • You can cuddle with her.
  • You can put your arms around her.

There are a million and one ways to show her that you’re thinking of her. She’s not going to be thinking about you 24 hours a day.

She’s not going to know what she did that makes you happy. And she needs to know that you are thinking of her.

If she knew that you were happy, she’d be happy, too.

Don’t judge herWoman posing wearing white dress shirt sitting on window

Your goal is not to make your girlfriend happy by setting her up to fail. It’s not about forcing her to think that her actions are right or wrong.

If she farts in her sleep, don’t tell her you to think it’s gross or rude. She is herself.

Don’t ever get mad at her for being herself, just like you’d never get mad at yourself for being yourself. She knows what she’s doing.

She probably even knows what she’s doing right. So don’t criticize her.

Instead, make her feel comfortable around you. Don’t constantly question her.

Could you not make her feel uncomfortable? There are a million different ways to make a girl feel comfortable.

Her body language can speak volumes, just like her facial expression can. Don’t condemn her.

Could you not make her feel bad about herself? Listen to her.

Accept her. Be grateful for her.

Don’t judge her.

Do not “superficial” things

A lot of guys like to make a girl feel special by buying her things. Sometimes this works. Sometimes it doesn’t. But it’s a classic strategy, and the reasons why are pretty simple.

First of all, this sort of “fake it until you make it” is straightforward. If you are buying your girlfriend something, she is likely to think that you think she is pretty, beautiful, or impressive.

That’s the easiest thing to convince a girl of. It makes her feel special, even if you didn’t buy her something really nice.

Even if it’s a completely generic-looking gift, that will get her to put her guard down.

It works so well because it happens in the subconscious, like clockwork. It happens so quickly that you don’t even have time to think about it consciously.

When a woman is a little bit taken with you, she’ll accept your cheap Valentine’s Day gifts to see if she can get something more expensive from you.

It’s also just the easiest thing in the world to do. The typical guy would rather take her to dinner or a movie.

To do that, he’d have to take her shopping. It takes a lot of effort.

A simple present is so much easier. You don’t even have to do much thinking.

Just buy something and show her that you’re thinking of her.

It also gets boring. It’s so easy that you really start to find yourself looking at the gift rather than her.

It gets so routine that you start to check out her Facebook, and Twitter, and Linked In. You start paying attention to the people in your lives instead of the people in hers.

You do a lot of superficial things, like watching her Spotify music or Googling her. Because it’s easier, even though it doesn’t bring you closer to your partner.

A little goes a long way. A lot goes a lot farther.

So please do not buy your girlfriend a sweater every time you go shopping.

Do nothing distractingWoman walking on sand beach

Think about your day. Think about how long it takes for you to do something stupid.

Think about what makes you happy. Think about what you need. Then get yourself back to them.

There are a lot of distractions in this world. We all have our problems.

There are a million different problems. But a lot of times, these problems can get in the way of what you want.

They can distract you from what you actually want. They can get in the way of the things that really matter.

Most problems that we have are minor. They aren’t really that big of a deal.

They don’t hurt anybody. They aren’t that important.

They don’t change who you are. They’re just normal problems.

Some of these problems are so minor that they don’t even have a name. They get in the way of your daily life.

These things are just common distractions, and they can really get in the way of you getting back to what you really want. They can cause you to make poor choices and take unwise risks.

They can take time away from making the major decisions that you want to make.

This is especially true concerning love and romance.

Once you figure out who you are and realize what you want, you’ve got to make some big life decisions. And these decisions affect what you do in your life.

You can’t live your life without making some big decisions. You can’t live your life going after the things you actually want without thinking about what you don’t want.

You have to make decisions all the time, whether they are good or bad.