What textbooks can do, tablets can do better. This is evident in the newfound popularity tablets are gaining in classrooms.

Without a doubt, these gadgets are making the learning process easier and more enjoyable. Here are the top reasons tablets should replace textbooks.

1. Tablets Are Economical

Not to say that tablets come cheap. If anything, a tablet costs more than a textbook. But looking at the bigger picture, you will spend more on textbooks than tablets in the long run.

First, tablets can hold many e-books at once. Consequently, you will save on warehousing costs. In addition, e-books are not prone to wear and tear. You can forget about replacing a book every time it wears out.

What’s more, e-book subscriptions are more affordable than buying print textbooks. Unlike textbooks that require you to factor in transportation costs, an e-book purchase can be completed from anywhere in the world. Some publishing companies even allow free downloads.

2. Conserve the Environment

We have to cut down trees to get printing paper for textbooks. Similarly, a lot of paper goes into writing notes, printing tests, as well as printing handouts and assignments. 

traditional textbooks

But what happens after the paper has served its purpose? While some of it is stored or reused, most of the waste paper is thrown away and becomes a threat to the environment.

Therefore, incorporating tablets into the education sector will protect the environment and maintain forests around the world.

3. Tablets Are Portable

Doctors advise that backpacks should not exceed 15 percent of a child’s body weight. Even so, most kids carry textbooks that are far beyond this limit. This puts them off-balance and might result in fatal falls or back and neck strain.

Likewise, the excess weight makes it difficult to pass through narrow spaces and often leads to injuries. This is not the case with tablets.

Apart from weighing less, they also contain numerous e-textbooks in a single device. This makes them easy to transport and allows the student to study at any time in any environment.

4. Tablets Provide Up-to-Date Content

Because of the numerous discoveries happening in today’s world, it is not uncommon for the content in textbooks to become outdated.

Learning institutions are, therefore, forced to purchase new copies every time textbooks are reprinted to keep up with information updates. For example, you can find the same book in a library in multiple editions: one, two, three, etc.

top reasons tablets should replace textbooks

On the contrary, e-textbook updates are hassle-free. You simply need to upgrade your textbook software to a newer version to get the most recent information.

Aside from academic content, tablets also keep you knowledgeable of current affairs; a quality that gives you a holistic view of life.

5. Gain Technological Knowledge for the Real World

The computer skills students acquire from tablets will not only equip them with basic tech knowledge but also propel them into their future careers.

Most governments and industries have already digitized their services fully. As a result, there is a growing demand for techies in the world. In fact, tech-related jobs are some of the highest paying.

6. Specialized Attention for Each Student

Students have different learning capabilities. As such, they require different approaches when learning. To accommodate weaker students, teachers are moving away from conventional teaching methods such as lectures and embracing personalized learning.

Using the features in tablets, tutors can gauge their student’s progress through tools such as interactive games and educational videos.

7. Enhance Communication

Tablets are not just an alternative for textbooks in classrooms. They also provide a channel for students, teachers, and parents to communicate.

Unlike handwritten notes, which are prone to loss, messages sent via tablets are more likely to reach the intended recipient. They also store communication for future reference.

top reasons tablets should replace textbooks

8. Boost the Student’s Understanding and Creativity with Additional Features

For starters, tablets allow you to edit, highlight, and include notes in a textbook and at the same time leave it in perfect condition for the next user. You can also adjust the lighting on the screen to suit your preferences when reading.

These gadgets also allow students to interact in social platforms by asking questions, exchanging ideas, and sharing study material. If you’re exhausted from studying, you can jog your mind by playing games on the same device.

9. Quick Assessment

Tablets have programs that allow the user to take quizzes and receive results almost instantly. But this feature is not just for students. Teachers can test their student through the same platform, too.

This saves them the time involved in marking and grading the assessment. What’s more, the teacher is less likely to encounter grading errors because the system automatically calculates the marks.

10. Enrich Imagination and Reporting

Reporting skills not only boost self-confidence but also make you accountable for your actions. If for example a student is told to give an account of a trip they attended, features in the smart tablet will come in handy.

To start with, the camera will immortalize their moments throughout the adventure and make it easy to recount their experience. They can also generate maps to trace their journey and support their report.

11. Faster Comprehension

Unlike textbooks, which are comprised of only text and diagrams, tablets also allow you to watch videos. These video clips give you a deeper understanding of concepts and make learning more enjoyable.

The best part is you can replay them as many times as you wish until you understand. This makes them an ideal learning material for slow learners.

top reasons tablets should replace textbooks

12. Developing Talents

Tablets give students access to an array of learning materials. They do not just empower them academically but allow them to develop their talents.

For example, an aspiring writer might use this device to practice their writing. They can also use it to go online and find insights on becoming a better writer.

13. To Save Time

Finding a book can be tedious. You have to make constant trips to the bookshop or the library. This whole process is time-consuming.

To make matters worse, you are not sure whether your efforts will bear fruit. With tablets, however, a simple search will reveal your preferred book. The time you would have otherwise spent looking for the book can be put into your studies. 

Final Thoughts

Thus far, the benefits tablets have brought to learning institutions cannot be ignored. Should they completely replace textbooks, tablets are bound to revolutionize the education sector.

Of course, screen time limits should also be considered when using tablets in education.

Why don’t you join the revolution and read your favorite textbook on your tablet today!