These requirements are for all students, whether you’re planning to major in business, art or humanities, music or theater, education or sociology, etc. You will also need them if you plan to go into professional work after graduation (or already have and are changing majors).

The general requirement is that every student must take at least one course outside his or her major area every semester. This way, the student gets exposed to different areas of study and concepts they may not be familiar with yet.

This exposure helps prepare the student for future studies. It also gives them opportunities to learn more about things related to their major but that are still relevant to life.

Students may choose to fulfill this requirement by taking an independent study, research topic, special subject, seminar, lecture series, or any other type of class they desire.

U of M-Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

u of m liberal arts requirements

The Master’s Degree in Liberal studies is designed to challenge students in both content areas and process. Students will be engaged with rigorous academic standards, diverse student bodies, and opportunities to connect with communities beyond campus.

Liberal arts education focuses on the study of literature, language, art, music, and philosophy — all of which play an important role in developing thoughtful reasoning skills and self-awareness. By emphasizing literacy and knowledge across disciplines, liberal arts colleges promote learning that is systematic, integrative, and broadening.

The MA in Liberal Studies at the University of Michigan encourages such thinking by requiring students to develop their understanding of other fields while also exploring how different ideas relate to each other.

Students are free to choose to focus on topics like cultural diversity, feminism, politics, or environmental issues as core components of the program.

U of M-Master of Science in Information Technology

The master’s degree program is designed to prepare students for professional careers in information technology (IT). Students are required to take at least 24 credits per semester, with around 12 credits being taken directly from the field.

Students must also complete 30 credit hours that include courses such as: business administration, computer science, engineering technology, human resource management, leadership, organizational behavior, sociology, or web design. These last four courses can be completed through our departmental programs such as Business Administration, Computer Science, Engineering Technologies, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, and Web Design.

The remaining six courses can be chosen from any department within the university so long as they are related to IT and bachelor’s level studies. This includes courses like Software Development, Network Systems, Mobile Application Development, etc.

U of M-Master of Science in Marketing

u of m liberal arts requirements

The Master of Science in Marketing is designed to give you a strong academic foundation in marketing theory, methodology, and practice. You will develop in depth knowledge and understanding of various aspects of marketing including market research, advertising, public relations, analytics, and more.

This program offers both professional degree status and certificate programs. Students can also choose to focus their studies on one area or pursue either full-time or part-time study options. Either option is great for students who are working while pursuing this degree.

Students will take courses in areas such as marketing strategy, communication theories (such as persuasion, influence, etc.), business organization, psychology, economics, statistics, and mathematics.

These different components help blend together concepts that aid in developing successful marketing strategies and approaches.

U of M-Master of Science in Management

u of m liberal arts requirements

The Master of Science (MS) degree is designed to develop fundamental managerial skills that can be applied across industries. More specifically, students will focus on leadership, communication, organization, finance, marketing, human resources, business ethics, and research methods.

These are all important concepts that every manager must know, whether they work in private or public sectors. Many employers expect graduates to have at least one year experience before being hired as an assistant director, so these courses of study prepare you for that!

The MS program also includes two years of concentration. These typically relate to your career goal, and most require significant time outside of class to pursue. This could include doing independent studies, working in related fields, or both.

Overall, this level education is ideal for professionals who want to advance their careers by acquiring more technical knowledge and/or specific skill sets.

U of M-Master of Science in Public Health

u of m liberal arts requirements

The University of Michigan is a large, well-respected university with top ranked programs in many fields. They are rich in resources and opportunities for students. Their student services include career development centers, counseling facilities, as well as groups that promote diversity and inclusion.

The School of Education at the University of Michigan offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees in education. These degree programs focus on teaching various subjects to children and adults, as well as developing educational strategies and practices that strengthen learning.

Undergraduate students can choose to study teacher certification or bachelor’s levels such as early childhood, elementary school, middle school, special needs education, or secondary school (also known as high school). Graduate students may opt to pursue advanced certifications or a master’s degree in Educational Leadership or Supervision. Both degree programs require successful completion of the necessary courses and curricula as well as passing an exam to be certified.

Students will also need to pass a proficiency test before being allowed to teach. There are several ways to gain this qualification including through in-person testing, online tests, or via professional organizations.

U of M-Master of Science in Psychology

u of m liberal arts requirements

This degree is designed to prepare you for a wide range of careers in psychology, including working with individuals or groups, conducting research, advising organizations, and more.

There are five areas of study within this program: Psychological Foundations, Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology, and Social Psychology.

You will be trained across all these fields, and even some that aren’t currently part of the profession! For example, while not every psychologist studies genetics or neuroscience, many do!

We recommend taking at least one course per area outside of your major, but not more than two courses from any one field to ensure you get good coverage.

U of M-Master of Science in Urban Planning

u of m liberal arts requirements

The Master of Science in Urban Planning is designed to give students strong foundations in urban planning theory, concepts and principles. Students will develop solid knowledge of land use regulation, urban design, transportation systems, environmental issues, and other related fields.

Students will also gain practical experience through fieldwork or research projects that focus on an area of interest. These can include anything from developing sustainable communities in another country to designing environmentally friendly neighborhoods within walking distance of your home.

The student will be required to take at least six courses outside their major department to cover topics such as geography, political science, economics, sociology, anthropology and mathematics.

These courses should not only be interesting, but they must prepare you for professional success by giving you basic skills needed for employment. For example, course material about social inequalities may teach you how to assess if a policy has helped reduce inequality.

U of M-Master of Science in Business Administration

u of m liberal arts requirements

The master’s degree program is designed to develop leadership skills in students through concepts such as organizational theory, individualized management strategies, communication techniques, and problem solving.

Students will also be trained in technical business functions such as marketing, finance, accounting, and computer science. This diversity allows for career opportunities in both private and public organizations.

The graduate certificate programs are not intended to lead directly to employment but instead to enhance personal or professional development by enhancing student knowledge and/or skill sets.

Both degrees require that graduates have an undergraduate bachelor’s degree from one of our schools. All MA candidates must hold either an MBA or Masters in Education; all MSBA candidates must hold either an MBA or Masters in Business Administration.