A virtuous cycle is a process of repeated action leading to the same or similar results repeatedly. It is a form of systematized, predictable and repeatable behavior.

An example is your physical activity, resulting in your net activity, a certain kind of bodily position. The net activity then leads to your brain activity, which results in you taking action, which results in you making progress.

We can call this process the virtuous cycle. This cycle represents a continuous series of progressive steps, wherein your behavior will lead to a certain result.

It also helps you do things more efficiently and quickly.

You have the ability to create a virtuous cycle in all aspects of your life by mastering the right practices. Each of your actions has a certain magnitude and power of connection.

This magnitude and power can influence your actions and results in a greater probability of success.

Always seek the way to the virtuous cycle. This will help you do things more efficiently and quickly.

You can practice meditation, prayer, mantra, and Japa for this purpose.

Spiritual consciousnessDupatta

Spirituality is the basic requirement of success. Spiritual identity is the foundation for all the things that are ahead of you.

Whatever you seek to achieve in life must be done on a spiritual level and with a clear conscience. Spiritual consciousness gives you the confidence, which will help you tackle challenges in life and grow immensely.

The habits that will help you grow spiritually are honesty, discipline, spiritual consciousness, non-violence, tolerance, non-tolerance for others, forgiveness, self-respect, and love for God. You will have to learn to treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

A steadfast belief in a way of life

Our beliefs define our worldview, our view of life, and the journey ahead. These beliefs determine our success and the way we see things.

Think about it, if you are focused on negative thoughts like you will never become successful, then that is what you will continue to think, feel and act like. So, accept the inevitable nature of your growth and progress.

Make your beliefs go through evolution. You have to seek knowledge and then nurture it by practicing constantly.

Every step of the way, you have to decide how much effort you are willing to put in. Our beliefs determine our expectations; expectations determine our actions, actions determine our beliefs and thus our life.

Work as hard as you can

A great work ethic is a key to success. This implies that we must work hard in all our endeavors.

Many people go through life and never make anything of themselves, thinking that they are blessed with some special talent or some special gifts.

However, there is nothing that someone has got that someone else has not.

It would help if you worked hard in all that you do. Work becomes difficult if you don’t work. The easy path is the path of least resistance, and therefore, some too many people choose this path. It would help if you chose the path of hard work.

And you must work as hard as you can for it to pay off.

Seize opportunitiesLucky write - Senso ji Temple - Tokyo

Most of the time, opportunities unexpectedly present themselves. Therefore, if we are not ready for it, it would be tough to take advantage of it.

Opportunities only present themselves if you are ready to take them. The point is that you need to be ready to take advantage of any and every opportunity that you get.

Seize opportunities. Seize the day.

Your life and success depend on it.

Live your dreams

Live your dreams. I have an example.

A large number of successful people dream of becoming millionaires. And it is understandable.

What is not understandable is when they decide that they are going to become millionaires. This is a decision they will make based on someone else’s dream.

That is not taking advantage of an opportunity that presents itself to them. So, live your dreams, be a doer and not a dreamer.

I cannot tell you what you will become, but I can tell you what you are not going to be. And that is dreaming without working towards it.

Be grateful for the small blessingswoman in white long sleeve shirt wearing brown framed eyeglasses

We can get everything we want from life, but if we are not grateful for the blessings we have already received, we will not be appreciative enough to receive the next one.

When we think about how we are grateful for all the small blessings that have already been bestowed on us, then we are appreciative enough to receive anything in the future. You must look for the small blessings in your life.

A positive attitude is a mantra

Positive thinking has the power to help you achieve your goals. If you want to be successful in everything you do, you have to live a positive life.

The only person that can stop you from achieving your dreams is yourself.

So, be positive, be happy, surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts. Remember that you are the greatest piece of art, you are the greatest singer, you are the greatest dancer, you are the greatest chef, you are the greatest everything.

If you don’t believe that you are, then you won’t be.