The best way to lose weight is by increasing your daily physical activity. You don’t need to do any crazy exercise in the gym. It would help if you did simple home activities that burn your calories and are fun to do.

So, you can easily do many activities that help you lose weight.

If you are having trouble losing weight, you have to consider going on a diet, and losing weight is the best way. However, when you are trying to lose weight, you need to increase your physical activity.

You need to do some exercises at home.

However, you must follow some rules to maintain your weight loss. There are many types of exercises that you can do.

You can burn fat, strengthen your muscles, enhance your endurance, and improve your sleep by performing exercises at home.

If you are looking for some indoor exercises to lose weight, then read this article. Here, we will discuss the best indoor exercises that will help you lose weight and stay fit.

Chair planksman in black crew neck t-shirt and black pants sitting on black floor

This exercise will improve your endurance.

All you have to do is lie on the floor in a comfortable position, and then you must extend your arms and legs by moving them from side to side.

Hold your position for 10 seconds, and then rest your arms and legs.

Side plank

You should hold your body in the left and right-hand plank for 20 seconds each.

While you hold the side plank, you should move your body in the same direction, and you can extend your arms and legs.

One-arm push-ups

This exercise will help you build your arm muscles. All you have to do is lie down on the floor with your hands on the ground and your feet in the air.

Then, lift your head, and then pull yourself up to a push-up position by lifting your arms.

Walk up and down

You can use a chair for this exercise. When you’re sitting on the chair, you can extend one leg and then lower it so that your knee touches the floor.

Then, lift your arm, and then raise it while the other leg also extends. Then, repeat this movement 20 times.

Floor squats

This exercise will help you improve your posture and enhance your lung capacity. All you have to do is squat on the floor while keeping your back straight.

Make sure that your weight is kept on your heels and your chest is directly above your waist.

Squats with upright row

This exercise will help you strengthen your leg muscles. All you have to do is take a chair, and put it on the floor so that you can hold it in your hands.

Then, hold your arms straight so that your palms are directly below your shoulders.

Push-upswoman planking on gray asphalt road

Do 10 reps of push-ups. While you do this, lean your body forward.

You will perform push-ups for a few seconds and then slowly come back to a standing position.

Scissor squats

This exercise will help you build your leg muscles and increase your lung capacity.

All you have to do is sit down on a chair with your legs stretched in front of you. Then, bend your legs and sit up.

Do 20 reps of scissor squats.

Hanging leg raises

You can do this exercise on a bar in your home. Put your feet together so that they are touching each other.

It would help if you kept your legs straight and slightly bend your knees so that you can keep your feet in the air. Hold your position for 10 seconds.

Then, come back to the previous position and repeat the same 20 times.

Jumping jacks

You can do this exercise anywhere. All you have to do is stand in front of the mirror and slowly jump your legs and arms in rhythm.

Start with 5 seconds and then increase the time. Do this 15 times.

Bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight exercises are quick, easy, and they are done without any equipment. To get started, take a piece of string or rope, and tie your wrists or ankles together.

This will make you a weight. Start by doing these two basic exercises: push-ups and sit-ups. These two exercises are straightforward yet effective.

They are also one of the quickest ways to lose weight.


Walking is the most basic form of physical activity.

It is also one of the best exercises to lose weight. It is an aerobic exercise, and it will burn calories very quickly.

Jumping ropeBoxing Documentary Assignment for Shannon Courtenay - UK Boxing Champ

Another one of the best exercises to lose weight is jumping rope. Jumping rope will help you burn fat, and it will make you a more fit person.

It will also make you energetic. Make sure that you go into a good indoor store and buy a good jump rope.


Pilates is a series of simple yet effective exercises that will make you into a flexible and fit person. You can do these exercises right in your living room.

Pilates exercises are designed for the elderly or those who are suffering from injuries. In other words, Pilates will help you work on your muscles and make you stronger.

Tricep dips

Tricep dips are one of the most common exercises for losing weight. These dips will help you improve your core muscles and will also make you a lot stronger.

If you do this exercise for a long time, you will see a big difference in your body.