When we look at how businesses rise and fall in the marketplace, there is only one way they can do it. That is to compete with the very best – the very best in business.

If a business could compete with these companies, it could work its way into a leadership position in their industry.

One way to determine if you have the best in your industry is by looking at the competition.

  • Are they making the same products you are?
  • Are they making it with the same drive to gain profit as you are?
  • Can you see a competitive advantage in their company’s product or business model?

What do successful businesses do to compete?two businessmen having a meeting in the park

One of the biggest key components of their success is the people.

Are they motivated? Can they get the job done when it counts?

Most businesses do one or more of three things. Some of the most successful companies in the world are credited with just one of these, but they are important to stay in business.

  • They price aggressively.
  • They innovate constantly.
  • They create a great company culture.

The price asking for you

There is a natural price point that is in every company’s revenue. For example, if you are a lawn care company, you will have a specific price point that fits everyone.

The lawn care market is so big and different that it will likely take a different approach to price your lawn care products. In the end, you have to price for the customer that you have and then offer the most value for that price.

As a business owner, you need to be sure that you are pricing the right way for your market.

In our industry, lawn care pricing can vary drastically by the customer and service type you provide. We have packages that start around $40, and we also offer a basic package for about $30.

Some of the packages will do everything you need for lawn care, and then some. The big difference between all of the pricing is the price point.

If you are a company that specializes in small lawn care jobs, you will probably need to offer the basic package at about $30. If you offer to do entire properties, you will have to come up with a higher price for your price point.

A large portion of our sales come from selling property management programs. We offer a price for the program that is in line with our grass service pricing.

With all the value that a property manager will get through the program, we believe our pricing is fair. A key component of the price is the equipment.

If you buy and rent equipment, you should be able to get it in a package that will last you years, not just a few months.

To be competitive in your industry, you need to offer value at a good price. In the end, your customers will be the ones that determine if you stay in business.

They innovate and iterateTaller than the Trees

Entrepreneurs see a need, and they take it and run with it. The idea is great, but then you need to get started.

You need to innovate and iterate to make the idea work.

If you were starting a business that did something that was very well-known, such as lawn care, you would start with a lot of competitors and a lot of customers already using the service. The key for any business is to be unique.

It is only by adding value that you can differentiate yourself from your competition. Most of the time, when someone thinks of a service or product, they think of other people doing it.

What makes you different than the competition?

Be the first. Identify a need in your market and start innovating.

The key to innovation is to identify a need that is not being filled and see if you can invent the answer. The main goal of innovation is to make something or to solve a problem.

If you are doing something that is already being done, you should solve the problem.

When you do something new, people do not always know how to utilize it. You need to educate people on your service.

You also need to see if you can innovate and improve your service. When you are doing something new and different, you are on your toes.

If you make mistakes, you can learn quickly. This is good for the customer, too.

If you innovate service and it is not successful, you will know how to improve the service.

To be competitive in your industry, you need to innovate and iterate. You will know you are innovating and iterating when customers tell you how innovative and different your service is.

You promote your products

You are no good at your job if your customers do not know what you do. The best thing that you can do for your lawn care business is to promote your product.

It would help if you made your job known. If you tell people about your lawn care business, you are then seen as a company that does a good job.

The public will then learn about your product, and you will get referrals.

Promoting your lawn care business can start with social media. Many entrepreneurs believe that social media is for small business startups.

While it is great for those startup businesses, you should start promoting your lawn care business. Social media is a great place to promote your services and what you can do for your customers.

Tell your customers about your business and what you do. If you want to keep your lawn care business going, it is time to start promoting.

There is no time like the present.

You deliver resultsBusiness Meeting

If you were told that you would have to work 20 hours a week, you would start the business in two days. You would work at least 20 hours a week, and you would do it well.

You would want to earn a good wage.

The same goes for your lawn care business. If you want to get the best customers, you need to deliver good service.

You are the customer service provider. If you can get the best clients, you can make a good living doing this work.

Most clients will not give a high hourly rate, but a couple of hundred a month will be a very nice sum of money.

You work hard, you do your homework, and you get results.

You provide value

You have to be able to deliver. When people are engaged with your services, you will have the best customers.

This is because the customers will feel valued by you. It is the way you treat the customer that will determine your success.

This does not mean that you should be rude or unresponsive to your customers. That is a sure way to lose customers.

However, you can’t be unenthusiastic or too nice to your clients.

Focus on your clients’ problems. Determine what their problems are and then work to solve the problem.

If you do this well, you will become a top performer. You can deliver great value to your clients, and their problems will be solved.

The only way to make a living doing lawn care is to do it well. Doing your research, learning the process, and delivering quality customer service are the keys to the game.

In today’s world, customers have so many choices. If you want to stay in business, you have to be a top performer and be at the top of your field.