Nowadays, becoming a YouTube personality can be a career choice for the creative-minded or just a fun hobby to work on in your spare time.

So what equipment do you need to be a YouTuber? Well, it largely depends on what exactly you’d like to do on your channel.

For example, if you’re planning on becoming a vlogger who mostly speaks directly to camera, then you’ll probably need all of the supplies listed below.

But if you’re planning on taking POV videos of bike trips or your travel adventures, then a decent high-durability camera will be one of the only necessary items.

So take some time to think about what you’d like your channel to be and keep that blueprint in mind while reading through this list of recommended equipment.


Unless your content will be entirely created in your computer, then you’ll be needing a camera of some kind.

If you’re not too worried about picture quality, then you may already have a serviceable camera ready to go.

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Built-In Computer Camera

Many modern-day laptops have built-in webcams. These cameras don’t always create high-quality images, but if you don’t have any other camera that you can use, then it may be your only option.

And best of all, it won’t require any additional investment, making it a great choice if you’re on a tight budget.


If you have a smartphone, then you also have a video camera, plain and simple.

Rather than picture quality, the biggest problem here is simply making sure that you have enough storage space on your phone to record for extended periods of time.

You can try to edit your footage in a basic editing app or you can export your videos to your computer for editing.

Just prop up your phone and start recording. And as a quick reminder, always shoot video horizontally, not vertically.


If you’re looking for some higher production value, then you may want to use a DSLR to record all the video for your channel.

Ask friends whether they have a DSLR that you could borrow. If not, purchasing a used DSLR should only cost you a couple hundred dollars.

Once you have one in your possession, you’ll need to learn the settings and how best to shoot video on the camera to make your channel look the best it possibly can.


Having good sound in your videos is just as important as having good video. Rather than relying on the microphone attached to your video recording device, you should try to use a separate audio recording device.

Let’s take a look at a couple of varieties of microphones that will give you high-quality, reliable audio tracks.

This article also gives a breakdown of mics and audio recording that you may find helpful when getting started.

What Equipment Do You Need to Be a YouTuber

Lavalier Mic

You’ve probably already seen lavalier mics a million times before. They’re the little clip microphones that people wear on television interviews and documentaries.

The only downside is that the mics are usually visible in the shot. If you’re shooting a movie, then this may prove to be a problem. But if you’re recording a vlog, then it’s not a problem for viewers to see your mic.

Inexpensive lavalier mics are battery-operated and need to have a corded connection to your audio recording device.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more, you can find professional lavaliers that send a wireless audio signal to your recording device, cutting down on clutter and confusion.

Shotgun Mic

Shotgun mics are a great option if you want high-quality sound without having to show a mic in the shot.

Shotgun mics point straight ahead and record only what they’re pointing toward. This can help you cut down on background noise.

If you’re working with a dedicated camera such as a DSLR or a full-fledged video camera, then you can clip a shotgun mic to the top of the camera.

But they also make some small external microphones that connect to your smartphone.

Set Dressing

Your set is wherever you’re shooting your video. For many YouTubers, this is just a bedroom or another space in their home.

In most cases, the content of what you’re saying should take priority over what you’re showing in the background, but set dressing can help increase your following by showing viewers that you put time and effort into your videos.

If you plan on inserting interesting backgrounds in video editing software, then you’ll need a basic green screen or blue screen to hang behind you.

What Equipment Do You Need to Be a YouTuber

If you don’t have such elaborate plans, you can still take the time to place objects around the presentation area that are relevant to the subject of your video.

Lighting is also a major consideration when shooting video for your YouTube channel. A basic three-point lighting set-up will be more than enough.

Don’t sit in front of a bright window or another light source. And always make sure to take some sample video so that you can see how everything looks before recording the entirety of your video.

Editing Software

Even the professionals rarely get their performance right on the first try, which is why you’ll need editing software.

Some computers have free-to-use editing software programs that only offer basic functions.

But if you want to add visual effects or perform any fancy transitions and fine-tune sound, then you should purchase a full-fledged video editor.

These programs take a little time to learn, but this knowledge will come in handy for all of your future projects.


We also recommend asking YouTubers for answers. For example, many YouTubers have made videos about how they shoot their own content.

What Equipment Do You Need to Be a YouTuber

This can be a great way to find great new tips that will help you avoid many mistakes during your own journey to become a YouTube star.

More than anything else, you should focus on creating content that you truly care about. Make sure that your message is clear in your head. Or you can even write a script for yourself.

Over time, you’ll learn how to make videos quickly and efficiently. And once you’ve developed an online following, your audience will most likely mention changes that they’d like to see made to your channel.