If you’re a novice in home renovation or a seasoned DIY enthusiast, streaming platforms like Netflix offer a wealth of insightful and enjoyable home makeover shows to satisfy your creative appetite. Ranging from interior design revelations to incredible architectural transformations, there’s a series for every taste. Whether you’re seeking inspiration, indulging in your passion for beautiful homes, or searching for real-world renovation advice, these Netflix home renovation shows are indeed a perfect binge-watchable solution. In this post, we’ll dive deeper and look into some of the top-rated and most engaging home renovation series available on Netflix. Sit back, get your notepad ready for some artistic ideas, and let the inspiration take you on a magical journey of domestic reinvention.

Overview of ‘Dream Home Makeover’

what home renovation shows are on netflix

‘Dream Home Makeover’ is an engaging Netflix original that follows the life and work of talented interior designer, Shea McGee, and her husband, Syd. The couple runs a successful, high-end home design business named “Studio McGee”. Boasting two seasons, each episode of ‘Dream Home Makeover’ features a unique home renovation project tailored to the client’s personal aesthetic and specific needs. From large, dramatic overhauls to simple, space-saving solutions, this show manages to captivate the audience with a beautiful blend of creativity and practicality. The McGee’s demonstrate a keen proficiency in creating balanced, harmonious spaces that truly feel like home. Whether you’re an interior design amateur or a seasoned professional, ‘Dream Home Makeover’ is both educational and highly entertaining.

Dive into ‘Grand Designs Collections’

what home renovation shows are on netflix

Among a plethora of home renovation shows, ‘Grand Designs Collections’ stands as a triumphant titan. This architectural powerhouse embodies the essence of ultimate home transformations, executed with precision and finesse.

Be prepared to have your mind blown by audacious homeowners daring to venture into challenging renovations or constructing resplendent homes from scratch. There’s a magnetic allure in their ambitious visions and tireless persistence they exhibit in overcoming inevitable obstacles.

Adding another layer, it’s fascinating to watch as presenter Kevin McCloud’s deep architectural intuition nurtures their dreams into spectacular realities. Be it converting an old windmill or designing an eco-paradise, ‘Grand Designs Collections’ never fails to amaze.

From contemporary to beautiful heritage restorations, ‘Grand Designs Collections’ is an architectural buffet, appealing to varied tastes. Dive in and experience the magic of evolutionary home design. It’s not merely a show; it’s an exploration journey into the realm of architectural marvels.

Profiling ‘Amazing Interiors’

what home renovation shows are on netflix

“Amazing Interiors” is a standout amongst the Netflix home renovation shows that you should not miss.

It takes viewers around the globe, showcasing homes that may appear ordinary on the outside but are incredibly unique on the inside. Each episode highlights three houses decked out with lavish designs and diverse aesthetics, reflecting the charisma and creativity of the owners.

Whether it’s an indoor aquarium, an amusement park in the backyard, or a house themed like a spaceship, the surprises never cease. People invest in their homes with such meticulous fervor, portraying an enticing paradigm of passion and art.

In “Amazing Interiors”, creativity knows no bounds, making it an inspiring treat for both renovation enthusiasts and Netflix bingers alike.

Understanding ‘Big Dreams, Small Spaces’

what home renovation shows are on netflix

‘Big Dreams, Small Spaces’ is a unique home renovation show on Netflix that’s worth understanding. This British series follows the indomitable Monty Don as he assists homeowners in transforming their small urban gardens into exceptional green spaces.

The charm of ‘Big Dreams, Small Spaces’ lies in its refreshing approach to home improvement. It’s not just about grand transformations; it’s a celebration of the motivation, creativity, and determination of ordinary people seeking to add beauty to their homes within a tight budget and space constraints.

With Monty’s experienced guidance and the homeowners’ infectious enthusiasm, every episode becomes a journey filled with innovative design ideas, gardening tips, and touching personal stories. The series is a must-watch if you’re looking to renovate your property, particularly if space is a concern.

Discovering ‘Interior Design Masters’

what home renovation shows are on netflix

If you’re a fan of cut-throat competition and design drama, ‘Interior Design Masters’ is a perfect match for you.

A British television series with a unique twist to the home renovation show format, it features ten aspiring interior designers who face off in a contest of creative flair and practical implementation.

Each episode presents a new challenge, from remodeling retail spaces to rejuvenating restaurants, and the least impressive design is eliminated.

The competitors are mentored by famous industry experts, providing interesting insights into interior design concepts and advertising.

Posh and polished, ‘Interior Design Masters’ boasts of a captivating mix of creativity, tension, and reality TV entertainment.

So, get ready for some British charm, design inspiration, and heart-warming humor with ‘Interior Design Masters’.

Exploring ‘Restoration Australia’

what home renovation shows are on netflix

‘Restoration Australia’ is an enticing show to explore in the world of home renovation television.

This series specially handpicks historic homes from across Australia and documents their careful restoration journey with an eye towards retaining their original heritage charm. The skillful efforts to keep hundreds of years of history alive in these homes can make any fan of architecture and history feel mesmerized.

Interestingly, each episode is narrated by the owner themselves, emphasizing their deeply personal connection with these restorations. The varying architectural styles, the unexpected bumps in the restoration process, and the beautifully preserved historical elements make ‘Restoration Australia’ a must-watch for home renovation enthusiasts.

Coupled with breathtaking cinematography and heartwarming stories, it’s truly a beautifully curated exploration into Australia’s architectural history. You can catch this captivating show on Netflix. Enjoy the ride of restoration and transformation of these homes from ruins to ‘re-lived’ history.

Examining ‘The Apartment’

‘The Apartment’ is a must-watch home renovation show on Netflix.

This glossy reality show competition follows twelve pairs racing to deliver the best apartment renovations in a skyscraper. Each team is handed a gritty, unrenovated space to transform into an upscale apartment.

Plenty of drama ensues as contestants balance aesthetics with practicality. This show, originally Malaysian, stands out due to its culturally diverse cast and design choices that reflect various Asian aesthetics. It brings the viewers along on a wave of highs and lows, with eliminated teams having their apartments “white-washed.”

Moreover, ‘The Apartment’ infuses lessons about working within tight budgets that real-life homeowners will find relatable. This show’s magic lies in its ability to turn an outdated space into something extravagant and breathtaking, while allowing viewers to see the process firsthand.

Getting to Know ‘Stay Here’

what home renovation shows are on netflix

If you’re seeking inspiration for a residential transformation, ‘Stay Here’ is a must-watch. This binge-worthy show is a valuable source of practical tips for turning modest homes into lucrative vacation rentals.

Hosted by renovation powerhouse Genevieve Gorder and real estate mogul Peter Lorimer, the duo traverse America, all the while pinpointing properties with great potential.

Expect to catch practical insights on interior design, visual presentation, and marketing tactics, essential for any property move. Hitting the sweet spot between visual satisfaction and educational content, ‘Stay Here’ embodies a wealth of knowledge and inspiration that can be applied to your own home or business.

By adding this pick to your Netflix queue, you’re in for a rewarding visual treat that marries creativity, renovation, and commerce. It’s not just about the aesthetic, but also about the strategic enhancements that spike property values.