This article will discuss what is a good gym routine to lose weight. It is based on personal experience, dieting failures, books I have read, and observations.

I will cover what I did for 2 months and how I did not succeed after the first week. I have listed the main pros and cons of a good gym routine.

You must bear in mind that many people are struggling to lose weight or maintain the weight they already have lost. Many of them do not feel like they are losing weight as fast as they should be.

Many of them do not feel comfortable with being seen in public and being seen naked. A good gym routine helps to reduce these issues.

This article will help you make sense of what is a good gym routine for you.

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Most people quit on the first day or start to find excuses. While you may not have been able to keep up with your initial workouts, you can still maintain a decent routine.

The trick is to avoid what I call The 13 Month Rule. This rule comes from personal experience.

I worked out every single day for 13 months before I went out and tried to lose weight. When I quit, the first thing I did was to go to the gym and work out for 2 hours every day.

I followed that up with at least an hour of cardio per day. Even though I managed to eat a large amount of food, I was not losing weight.

My muscles did not shrink as much as they were supposed to. I was very annoyed by this and started to give up on working out.

In fact, I started to eat even more because I was not losing weight. So this is the 13-month rule. I was not able to lose any weight until I quit working out for 2 months.

My problem was that I was not flexible in my routine. I could not sustain my current diet or the gym routine I had established.

What is a good workout for you?

It is all about doing what works for you. If you have had problems with finding time for a good workout, make use of the morning. I use my treadmill first thing in the morning when I go running.

I can run on the treadmill for 45 minutes to 1 hour before cooking breakfast. If I am doing cardio on the stationary bike, I will exercise on the stationary bike for about 45 minutes.

If I have to exercise on a different piece of equipment, I will work out for 60 minutes. I will also do some stretching if I have time in the afternoon.

The afternoon session is usually the last thing I do before I retire for the day.

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You may find that you do not have the time or energy for the gym anymore. When you are cooking for yourself, you have the luxury of time to devote to exercise.

When you are cooking for others, you have the extra burden of trying to satisfy everyone. Try to find someplace to exercise within your area of the house.

If you have a home gym, then you should make the most of it. Get up in the morning, do your morning exercise and then get to work.

When you leave work, do your evening exercise. If you do this every day, you will find that your exercise routine will be long and difficult.

The first time I put my body through this routine, it wasn’t easy. I was able to do the exercises every day for 5 months.

I did not get bored. I was able to exercise every day consistently.

This was because I could do the exercises with complete concentration.

Set yourself up for success

When I started to exercise regularly, I made a list of my fitness goals and then set up a chart to ensure that I was hitting them all. My goals were to build a resistance band around my waist, build up my waistline by 10 centimeters, and build muscle tone.

After a year of exercise, my waistline had grown by 10 centimeters, and my waist was 40 centimeters away from the floor.

Try to schedule your exercise so that you can complete your goal every day. If you do not work out, you will soon find yourself without the will to live.

For me, I must stick to the routines that I have established. I also schedule a personal training session once a month to ensure that I do not go soft.

I always go to the gym, and I usually exercise every day of the week. I even try to work out on Saturday mornings.

I get some exercise in before everyone else arrives for the day. The Saturday morning session is different from the weekday sessions.

The usual gym session is for an hour, and I go to the gym, work out for an hour and then go home. The Saturday morning session is designed to be done in 1 hour.

There is no more time for leisurely exercising.

Avoiding body insecuritiesYoung female athlete training alone on treadmill in modern gym

When I decided to lose weight, I wanted to lose weight without ever having the body I wanted. It was not about vanity for me.

I wanted to live long enough to enjoy my family, my grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Even though I was eating the proper diets and doing the exercises, I was still putting on a few pounds.

I started exercising again because I was starting to get depressed about my own appearance. I was not happy about my size.

It was not so much that I did not have a body that I wanted to be with. I was the kind of person who did not like myself.

It was more of a feeling of dread when I looked in the mirror, and I was unhappy with how I looked. I do not recall exactly when this started.

I do remember going to the gym with my daughter. She had stopped going to the gym, and I decided to start going again.

I started slowly, and I enjoyed myself when I started working out. Then, a few weeks later, the depression came.

I was not happy with my appearance.