A liberal arts degree is not limited to just making you feel good about yourself, it can also help you find employment. Many employers look at education as a key factor in determining if someone will do their job well. For example, an employer might want to read a book and learn how to do something so they can teach themselves or themself and go from there. They may ask for proof of learning that lesson already, or require some additional training or certification.

With social media spreading information quickly, most companies now expect their employees to be familiar with digital marketing. A liberal art degree could get you this position. A college English, communications, sociology, business, psychology or other related field could offer you these opportunities.

It is important to remember that while a BA is great for getting a career, it does not guarantee one will succeed where they work. Employers look beyond your education when hiring. Are they people who care and try to put others first? Do they show up on time every day? These are things that matter more than what school you went to.

Movie production

what jobs can you get with a liberal art degree

Many people who work in movie making are not necessarily trained as artists, but they do require a talent for depicting scenes and environments.

Artists that work in film often contribute to the filming by designing sets or props. For example, an artist might design the setting of a scene so that it is clearly seen and understood, and then another artist would use their knowledge to create a very specific picture out of these settings.

This process can be repeated many times until a completed image is produced. Artists also have to understand colors and how light changes hue depending on what material it illuminates.

There are many other roles that art students may not learn about while studying painting, drawing, or sculpture, but which have similar fundamentals. Some of these include graphic design, photography, and illustration. All of these rely heavily on artistic skills and concepts such as color theory.

Movie makers are always looking to add special effects into filmed segments, so being able to manipulate shapes and textures using Photoshop or other graphics software is a valuable skill.

Movie editing

Movie editors are very important people in the film production process. They take raw footage or shots of a movie scene and edit out anything that is not part of the story, adding special effects or changing the angle of the shot to make the scene more interesting.

Movie editors have several different titles depending on what kind of editor they are, but all work with limited time and resources to complete their task.

Theirs is a crucial position as everything you see in a movie has been edited and organized by someone before it was put onto screen.

Editing allows us to give the audience the best look at the movie’t casey and character, add some special touches like music or narration, and organize the scenes into an easy-to-follow plot.

A liberal arts degree can help you find employment as a movie editor. Many employers recruit through online job sites so being able to create your own unique style is helpful.

General studies courses like creative writing can also help you write your own movie reviews and stories.

Movie writing

what jobs can you get with a liberal art degree

Recent developments in movie making have made it possible to put your artistic skills to work beyond illustrating concept art or crafting posters and billboards. Writing for film is an increasingly popular way to make money as writers’ creative voices are needed at every stage of production, from scripting new scenes to serving as story editors and directors of various segments.

Writing for cinema has become one of the most lucrative careers paths for those with creative flair who can write fluidly and clearly. The best screenwriters make around six figures per year, and even casual scribblers may be paid well enough to pay off student loan debts within a few years.

Movie studios actively look for writers with strong fundamentals so that you will get good feedback from their editorial team. This includes being able to organize thoughts and express yourself logically and clearly.

General courses such as English literature and business studies can help you hone your verbal reasoning skills, while other areas like marketing and media literacy can strengthen yours about how to market yourself and your services.

Online classes

what jobs can you get with a liberal art degree

There are many ways to go about acquiring an art degree online. Some schools offer courses completely free of cost, while others can be expensive depending on how much you pay for college tuition per semester.

Some sites that offer art degrees exclusively are Udemy or Coursera. Both have their pros and cons, but most people agree that they are both good sources of learning.

You get the same quality education as students at traditional universities, and it is almost always less expensive than attending school in person!

These educational platforms usually require you to purchase some sort of software or tool to access your lessons, but there are few exceptions. Most let you use their apps or programs freely.