We live in a very busy world, and there are days when your family and friends may be too busy to spend time with you. 

If you have a day off and all your family members and friends are busy, it doesn’t mean you should stay in your bed and feel depressed about being alone. There are tons of fantastic things, including frugal ones, you can do to entertain yourself.

When you spend your day alone, you don’t have to compromise with anyone but yourself. This means you can go wherever you want whenever you wish. Here are a few ideas for what to do on your day off alone. 

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1. Explore a Local Museum

When was the last time you visited a museum? Today, going to a museum seems to be an outdated and boring activity. In reality, it’s an interesting place to hang out alone and even make new friends.

The best thing about modern museums is that most of them are free on certain days, so check out details online. It never hurts to learn a new piece of history or art and educate yourself in the process.

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2. Treat Yourself to an Exquisite Lunch

If you live paycheck to paycheck or you’re trying to save for a car or a house, eating out is definitely not on the list of your entertainment activities.

Splurging on yourself once in a while though is actually good for you. Plus, when you eat out alone, you save cash as well. Choose a place where you can treat yourself to an exquisite lunch or dinner, and don’t forget to dress up.

3. Go for a Long Walk

Like other people, you probably spend most of your time online and rarely exercise or take strolls in the park. Now that you’re alone, walking in the park alone may not seem too enticing.

However, there are many perks of walking by yourself. First, it’ll help to improve your mental health. Second, it’ll boost your physical health and help you maintain a healthy weight. Third, if you’re not in the mood, walking in the park and meeting new people will instantly lift your spirit.

4. Have a Spa Day

Whether in the salon or at home, have a spa day on your day off. You work hard, stress a lot, and are probably sleep deprived. Don’t you deserve to relax?

Not only will you relax, but you’ll also get glowing skin and enhance your mood. If you suffer from any respiratory conditions, consider including a sauna in your spa day treatments. A massage can be an ideal addition, too.

what to do on your day off alone

5. Take a Road Trip

If you drive a car, try taking a road trip alone. You won’t have to make compromises on which songs to listen to, where or what to eat, and what things to see and to do.

Unlike traveling with someone else, you’re the only one here who can choose what to do. Start with a small town nearby if you’re afraid to travel alone.

6. Sing and Dance

Take full advantage of being alone at home and enjoy dancing and singing. Chances are, you’ve always been too shy to sing or dance in front of someone.

Now is the perfect opportunity to dance no matter how you do it. No one is watching! Dancing and singing have awesome benefits, including anxiety relief, stress reduction, and easing depression.

7. Get Creative in the Kitchen

Have you saved a bunch of recipes but have been too busy to try them? If you don’t feel like eating out, make something delicious at home.

If you’re new to cooking, it’s okay to make mistakes. Don’t give up, though. No one will be laughing at your failed risotto or pumpkin pie.

what to do on your day off alone

Plus, once you finish cooking you can arrange a wonderful candlelight dinner for yourself. You can also use this day to learn how to cook unusual meals to surprise your loved ones.

8. Try a New Hobby

From gardening to photography to knitting to making jewelry, there are thousands of hobbies to try these days. Choose the one you’d like to try or that you’ve dreamed of trying.

There are many tutorials and guides available online so you don’t even have to leave your living room. Who knows, maybe this new hobby will become your own business one day!

9. Educate Yourself

Whether you learn a new language or read a self-help book on Kindle, educating yourself is highly important. It stimulates your personal development, boosts your confidence, and can even help you speed up your career growth.

10. Volunteer

If you want to help those in need, spend your day off – or at least a few hours – volunteering in a local shelter or a nursing home. Check out where you can volunteer in your city on your day off. And you don’t need money in order to volunteer, of course.

11. Head to a Movie Theater

Of course, you can watch any movie at home. Why not get away from family issues, stress, office gossip, and daily problems by watching a flick?

Buy a ticket and head to a movie theater. Treat yourself to some popcorn and enjoy watching a new movie. It’s absolutely okay to go to the movies alone. People won’t even notice it.

what to do on your day off alone

12. Invite Your Neighbors

When was the last time you saw or had tea with your neighbors? Why not prepare some tea and cookies and invite them over. This will help you improve your relationship with your neighbors, especially if you recently bought a house.

13. Unplug and Think 

Turn off your TV, computer, smartphone, and other gadgets that can distract you from thoughts or worries.

When you’re alone, it’s easier to think about your life, your successes and failures, and your future plans. You can even write down one big plan or small goals on a piece of paper.

14. Take a Hike

If you live in an area where you can hike any day, then this makes for a great activity to do on your day off alone. You’ll feel inspired and rejuvenated, albeit a bit tired. Hiking can replace your gym trips as you train different groups of muscles.

The next time you have a day off, give some of these ideas a try. Don’t be afraid to come up with some of your own ideas as well.