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K Gallery Denver opening times

k gallery denver

This November, one of our favorite local art spaces will be expanding! Kellie Gallagher, owner of K Galleries in Lakewood, is planning to open a second location in downtown Denver!

K Gallerist specializes in hosting artist talk-and-talks as well as exhibitions that focus on artistic expression and exploration. You read that right — they do not show traditional gallery exhibits.

Their goal is to promote creativity through self-expression, while offering an informal environment where anyone can explore art. They also strive to have fun with their events!

Downtown Denver is a bustling area full of beautiful architecture and culture. Art has played a major role in shaping the city’s history, and it remains a significant part of the community today. Providing a space for artists to display and discuss their work is a perfect way to contribute to this legacy.

What makes this venue special is that it does not require you to be artistic or creative to enjoy what it offers. Many of the event attendees are not necessarily professional painters, but they all leave feeling inspired.

Visitors often comment how much they enjoyed the event experience and want to come back to see more artwork or learn more about painting techniques.

Artists love holding events at K Gallerist because of its energy and attention paid to each individual attending. It really boosts their own confidence and helps them connect with other people around the world who share their passion for creating art.

K Gallery Denver address

k gallery denver

Located in the heart of downtown, K Gallery is surrounded by some of the city’s most well-known buildings. The one thing that sets it apart from your average art gallery is its unique space.

K Gallery was designed to showcase the work of local artists while also creating an open environment where people can come together and enjoy artistic expression.

The spaces within the gallery are completely customizable so you can create the perfect setting for attending events or just hanging out.

It’s like having your own private showroom without all of the overhead costs!

What makes this special is that anyone can do something with these resources. You don’t have to be an artist or design professional to make use of them. Even if you aren’t able to produce artwork yourself, there are many ways to contribute to ensure the success of the next generation of artists.

By supporting local talent, not only will you get great looking pieces, but you’ll help keep the community strong.

What exhibitions are at K Gallery Denver?

k gallery denver

Recent exhibitions include The Year in Pictures, which focused on still photography from across the globe over the past twelve months, and Follow Your Instincts, an interactive exhibition that asked visitors to find their inner child and explore childhood games for insights into who they are as people.

The gallery is also hosting its first-ever traveling exhibition this September – Art Decoded: An Exploration of Artists’ Hidden Messages. For more information visit

K Gallery was founded by Karrie McInerney in 2004 and has since grown into one of the largest non-profit art galleries in Colorado. It offers educational programming designed to inspire creativity and exploration through discussions about art, artists, and craft concepts.

It is open every Sunday during museum hours (11 am – 5 pm) and by appointment.

Is there a website for K Gallery Denver?

k gallery denver

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And because it is digital, you can access these sites 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What artists are at K Gallery Denver?

k gallery denver

Artists that have exhibited at K Gallery Denver include some of the most well-known names in art, including Ansel Adams, Chaka Khan, Pablo Picasso, and David Hockney. Some have even said that these artists inspired them to pursue artistic careers!

Many consider Ansel Adams one of America’s greatest photographers. His work has been featured in over 200 museum exhibitions around the world and he is considered by many to be among the great masters of photography.

Chaka Khan is known for her unique style as an artist and musician. As a singer, she has won three Grammy Awards and sold more than 30 million records worldwide. She also designed several lines of clothing that now bear her name.

Pablo Picasso was arguably the most famous painter in the 20th century. He created works such as The Guernica, which depicts a scene from World War II. Many say his painting influenced both modern and contemporary styles of art.

David Hocking is best known for his colorful landscapes and seascapes. Since starting his career in 1980, he has received over 40 awards and over 50 nominations. You may recognize some of his pieces like My Morning Jacket or Dandelion.

Why should I go to K Gallery Denver?

k gallery denver

This is not your average art gallery! As mentioned before, most galleries offer you an experience that feels more like visiting a museum than exploring artistic expressions. They are typically very corporate and organized, so it can feel formal and sometimes even intimidating.

At Kallery Denver, there’s no such thing as “normal” when it comes to exhibiting artwork. The space is open and raw with exposed brick, wooden beams, and other features that give off a casual, natural vibe. There is also never really one main focus of exhibition; instead, visitors will find a variety of styles displayed together under one theme or area.

Some examples of areas in the exhibitions at KGalleryDenver include:





There have been many artists featured both nationally and internationally here, including collaborations between artists from different countries. All of these pieces are displayed for their individual beauty, but also how they relate to each other and influence others around them. Many people enjoy looking at them, while some discover new artists or ways to express themselves through this research.

What drinks are served?

k gallery denver

Beverages are not limited to water, milk, or soda. You can find many different types of beverages at K Gallery events! Some examples include: iced tea, coffee, wine and beer.

Not all venues offer alcohol as an option, but they very well should if you’re looking to make this event free for you. Most people agree that attending art exhibitions is more enjoyable when there is drink available; therefore, it is your responsibility to bring your own bottle or ask someone else to buy one for you.

There will almost always be some kind of refreshment table where guests can help themselves to some watered down juice or soft drink, or better yet – free booze!

Why not enjoy the show and eat snacks while listening to music or chatting with friends? There may even be some opportunities to chat with the artist about their work or contribute towards a donation for the organization after the exhibition.

Prior to coming to the exhibit, research the artists and learn something bit about them.

What food is served?

k gallery denver

While attending any event at The K, you will not find expensive beverages or fancy snacks. There are however, some things that are sure to be in plentiful supply!

The bar area of the space offers several varieties of beer, wine, and sodas. Some of these drinks can cost up to $10-15 per bottle depending on size!

They also offer coffee for those who love that flavor (some even add milk!). You can always check out their drink menus here!

Snacks such as chips and dip, pretzels, and fruits are usually available as well. All of this can easily cost under $20 if you are lucky enough to win the snack game!

There is one other item we wanted to mention – there’s live music almost every night of the week at The K! Many people attend events outside of the gallery just to hear what they have to offer.