This article will discuss why do drummers wear headphones live.

How do drummers wear headphones live?

First, I will discuss the “norm” for headdress. It is a perfect topic.

I will not discuss the subject in this post. What is good for the norm is bad for the rant and rave post. So, this will be the last you will hear on this topic.

Most musicians go with this basic lookPerforming drummer surrounded by fogs

They are lucky to have a special headdress that has a special meaning to them. So, they prefer not to wear a special headdress that they will not want to wear.

When they have a special headdress, they usually wear it because they have special meaning and not just because they are being sentimental or expressing their emotions. This “crying” behavior is usually only seen in bikers.

A particular “mood”?

They like to wear it, and it is a self-confident move for them.

Oh, they want to be thought of as special? I see….

Now, their emotional side:

Most drummers like to listen to music or some sort of another audio source. The major reason is to not fall asleep while drumming.

Here is the key insight

Musicians do not do anything unless they want to do it. Most musicians do not do anything unless they really want to do it.

And for them, it is a small effort. I know this is a hard concept to grasp, so please try-hard.

So, even if they really want to listen to music, they will not. This is part of the preparation to work.

The act of preparation is the biggest part of the work. The act of preparation is characterized by humility.

This humility is a way to prepare.

Trying to work while listening to music is impossible.

Remember what you read before? This is the nature of musicians.

It is our nature to do something, to prepare, to sacrifice.

The preparation is the reason to listen to music while working. However, you cannot just do this while working.

You have to do this before you work. It is too easy to get distracted.

The preparation is very hard. It is what separates work from play.

Music before work

Some musicians prepare before work. This prepares the mind for working.

Some play in their band to get ready for work. Some prepare while playing.

Others practice their drums in their studio. This prepares the body for work.

In this order, a few musicians listen to music and others practice. But, in most cases, they will not listen to music.

The rehearsing is very short – usually, a few minutes. So, the music preparation has nothing to do with the show.

Most musicians may be preparing for a show, but they do not perform that day.

Most people do not do anything before the show.

The whole purpose is to get into a good headspace, to prepare for the show. It is called “mental preparation.”

The show is the performance. It is only the performance. And it is “exactly the show.”

This is only possible if you have prepared before. This is where the excitement and effort come from.

There is no enjoyment until you start working.

Play during the showCrowd in front of people playing musical instrument during nighttime

Most bands play concise sets. Often, they are only a few songs long.

So, they have to work very hard during the show. It is a hard show.

But, this is what the show is for.

There are many reasons to do this. Some drummers know that they may not be playing long enough.

So, they play a few songs in a row. This ensures they have a certain length of songs, and they end on a high note.

Some drummers know they will not get into a long “groove.” So, they start playing really fast or way too fast.

Some have a concise set and want to play well. So, they play a short set and focus on that.

No difference. They all try to play as long as possible.

Some want to put on a show. So, they play very quickly and stop.

At the same time, they hope to get a lot of applause at the end.

And some think they are crazy for playing so fast.

This is not about doing anything during the show. It is about the performance.

Play the right tempo

How do I know that a drummer plays the right tempo?

Watch a drummer play a high tempo. I say high tempo, not high volume.

Because if you are playing very fast and stop, it will sound low volume. But it is still deafening.

Most drummers play with much slower tempos. In fact, some have a tempo so low; the sound does not sound loud at all.

High tempo will have a very soft and pleasant sound. The low tempo is very loud and “shoots.”

High tempo has lots of dynamic range. In low tempo, there is not much dynamic range.

This shows you the right tempo.

This shows you the wrong tempo.

There are many tempo diagrams on the internet. However, only two of them are the right tempo diagram.

And they only show one way to play. So, here is the correct tempo diagram.

TuningMan in beige dress shirt tuning acoustic guitar

I do not say that a drummer plays too loud. This is not true.

Many drummers can play really loud. But, these are mostly excellent drummers.

I don’t care if a drummer plays too loud. If he plays loud, he does not play the right tempo.

So, he is playing too fast.

Tuning should be as close to perfect as possible.

  • A small mistake can have a big difference.
  • A small mistake can create a sharp transition from a soft sound to a harsh sound.
  • A small mistake can create a loud sound with a very soft sound transition.

But, most mistakes do not have these characteristics. So, they are tough to notice. And it is often hard to correct the error.

So, most mistakes are not so bad. However, most drummers play in a bad way.

Some do play badly, but they can fix it. And this helps them play better.

If a drummer plays in a bad way, this problem can be hard to correct.

But if he is playing badly, he will have a hard time playing well. And this will make the music worse.

So, if a drummer plays poorly, it is tough to play well. So, it is better to stop.

Keep playing

Some drummers think that they have a “good” job and they are always paid well.

However, the drummer has a tough job. Most people do not know what drumming is like.

So, a drummer has to be an example.

Most drummers get paid peanuts. Yes, some drummers make a lot of money, but most do not.

And, if they work hard, they can make money. However, this rarely happens.

So, a drummer will need to work hard, day after day, for a long time to make money. So, they will always be motivated.

Many drummers do not work hard. They will quit in a couple of months, with no job left, because they are not motivated.

Some do work hard. They will be successful.

They will get paid well.