Ok, so you’ve decided to stick a drumstick through a wristband and are excited about the look, functionality, and convenience. “Cool,” you think. “I’m ready to play.”

I am too. Or, so I thought.

Because after all, you read the information, you made the purchase, and now you have a drumstick dangling off your wrist. But wait… you don’t understand the bigger picture.

Why do drummers wear wristbands?

As a general principle, I would argue that any device that straps around the wrist is bad for your wrist. The wrist is simply a joint.

It’s made up of separate bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons. Most of them are not designed for extended flexion.

So once a device has been added to that joint, this can cause significant wear to the joint and eventually even disfigure the wrist. Now, we all know about wearing a helmet and the potential damage to the skull.

Wear to the wrist is not nearly as common, but the damage can be just as serious.

What should you do? Well, buy another drumstick and try again.

Some researchers are trying to determine how long drumsticks last on average and how much the consumer needs to spend on quality replacement drumsticks. But for now, I suggest you skip the wristbands.

How to care for your drumstickGroup of people playing drums during daytime

Ok, so now you’ve decided to stop using the bandage and try your hand at the wristband. The wristband has been around for a while, and drummers all across the world have learned how to care for their wristbands.

Of course, there are some things you need to keep in mind before you put your hand in a drumstick. Read on.

Before you can care for your drumstick, you need to decide on the type of wristband you want to buy. You have a few different options here.

The two most popular wristbands are the following.

Metal wristbands

These are easy to slip on and off, and they are stronger than plastic wristbands. A metal wristband should be thicker than a plastic wristband, and the inside should be painted or bonded so that water cannot seep through.

Metal wristbands should be attached to your hand through a lanyard. There are some advantages and disadvantages to metal wristbands.

They are heavier, which makes it harder to swing the drumstick in the air. The rings are made of metal which can scratch your skin.

And when the rubber bands snap, it is quite painful. This is why metal wristbands have been somewhat supplanted by plastic wristbands, which, once fastened, should not come off.

Plastic wristbands are stronger and tougher than metal, and once fastened, can generally last longer than a metal wristband. Beginners should not wear metal wristbands as they can injure the wrist joint.

They also tend to get pretty dirty over time. Beginners should not wear plastic wristbands as they can cause friction burns and wear over time.

You should be able to remove the wristband with no pain, and it should not dig into your skin. Plastic wristbands should be replaced once they have worn out.

Elastic wristbandsWhite and black snare drums

This is a rubber band that is flexible and stretches with your hands. The advantage of elastic wristbands is that they can fit your hand really well.

They are also easy to put on and take off, and they don’t dig into your skin. There is, however, a disadvantage.

They are not as durable as metal wristbands, and over time they can get pretty dirty.

Problems with wristbands

One problem with wristbands is that the band can become loose over time. This means that the rubber bands become frayed, and the wristband is more likely to come off.

This is a problem, especially for beginners, as they are more likely to get this problem. Another problem with wristbands is that the bands can break over time, causing your hand to be permanently scarred and making playing drums an impossible task.

And since plastic wristbands come with a specific design, you are limited to the type of wristband you can purchase.

Why buy a drumstick?

If you are serious about drumming and want a quality drumstick, then a drumstick is the way to go. In the market, you will find a wide variety of drums, both metal and plastic.

Metal drumsticks are strong and stable but will be more expensive than plastic drumsticks. Plastic drumsticks are affordable but will be flimsy.

And plastic drumsticks tend to come with logos.

Buying a drumstickdrum set, drums, musical instruments

When you want to buy a drumstick, it makes sense to buy from a place that has a solid reputation in the market. Quality comes with a price, and a better drumstick will cost you more.

It would help if you always did your research before you buy a drumstick. First, look for the supplier’s reviews online to see if there are any complaints.

Next, make sure you get a drumstick that fits your hand perfectly. All drumsticks are different in size, and this is especially important when you are getting a brand new one.

If you want to get the most bang for your buck, you should get a drumstick that is durable and long-lasting. Make sure that the drumstick is no less than 3.5 inches long.

Metal drumsticks have a metallic coating on them that helps protect the drumstick from scratches, making them less susceptible to damage over time.

You should also get a relatively heavy drumstick. And the more weight the drumstick has, the better.

Most metal drumsticks weigh between 8 and 10 ounces, but some weigh as much as 12 ounces.

Some drumsticks are heavier than others. There is, however, a size cutoff.

It would help if you never bought a metal drumstick with more than 10 ounces because it will be too heavy for you to hold. Metal drumsticks are built to be played for long periods of time.

But, if you are inexperienced or only play for a few hours per week, then a lighter drumstick might be more appropriate.

When you buy a drumstick, you should be careful not to overpay. Some drumsticks cost over $100, which is more than you would pay for a brand-new toy.

That said, you can often find a quality metal drumstick for around $20. Metal drumsticks are also more durable than plastic drumsticks.

So, it would help if you always were careful when buying them.