This article will discuss why they put drummers behind glass, who designed this, why he/she did that and what exactly its purpose is. It all has to do with a new guy named Stephen Furst, an American actor best known for playing Flounder’s role in the movie “Animal House,” but can be found on Broadway, on television. His voice role in the video games “Left 4 Dead”, “BioShock 2”, “Splinter Cell,” and “Call of Duty.”

For some bizarre reason, this new owner of our world, known as World Wide Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), decided that having a “mandatory” viewing gallery at this random place called “MTV Icon: The Cathy Stone Show” was a good idea. You can see his opinion in the words that I’m about to write below:

“They brought a guy up who was a metal drummer who was put on display in front of the audience, and the audience responded so well they’ve expanded this show around the world.”

What’s the purpose of having a drummer behind glass?man holding drum sticks with sitting on throne

So here’s where I stand; I love it, I think it’s great. But if that’s the only reason for having a drummer behind glass, it could be slightly construed as strange.

They had him on display because they wanted the audience to react and have an experience that they couldn’t get anywhere else, so why not show it through something that is already associated with that feeling? So what exactly is the purpose of this? Why is this a part of a WWE show?

Well, WWE fans love the entertainment they get there, and it’s fun to sit there and observe the spectators. It’s easy to see how some of them can develop an attraction towards certain wrestling stars.

The attraction is there, and we all see it. Still, when you’re there in the audience watching the show, you can’t fully appreciate that feeling because there are so many things going on that are playing into your attention, whether it be the number of people who are there, the rules, or time constraints that a person has to adhere to be allowed in.

Not to mention the crappy audio and the fact that thousands of other people surround you that you can’t talk to, unlike that first person at the first roller coaster you ever went on.

You have a ring set up that is not even that good for a show, and it’s all being done for the sake of the experience and nothing more.

So, it’s obviously not something that WWE does all the time, and I’m not suggesting that they only show the crowd the drummer to get that effect. Still, I think it could be a good possibility and, if they did it a lot, it would provide some entertainment for the audience and give them something to be passionate about.

Why Stephen Furst is in charge of the videographyA Little Percussions

After I was done reading about Stephen Furst, I was going to go back and read some more about Stephen Furst to write some more. I realized something about him; after seeing a comment from the promoter, with the name of his wife’s website listed on it, I decided to look into it a bit more.

What I found out is that Stephen Furst is a heavy wrestling fan, and he is the one who has had control over the show.

According to the interview that I just linked to on Furst’s Wikipedia page, Stephen Furst has had the “idea and handling of the show” for a few years, but this year was the first time he was in charge of the whole event. Furst also says that he “has never seen an entire episode of the series (though he has seen enough).”

According to his interview on Furst’s Wikipedia page:

“Furst has never seen an entire episode of the series but said he watched most of the pilot.”

“While the show is available on the Internet, he and his wife were unable to afford to buy the first season for themselves.”

This is why Stephen Furst is the guy in charge of the show. He has never seen the entire thing and can’t see the show for what it is, a show.

Furst is responsible for the production, and he has a passion for the series. He wants to know how it is that everyone is involved in creating the show, and he wants to experience the show with them, which is exactly what it would be like to watch a wrestling show.

But, on top of that, Furst has the brains to know what the show really is. His wife wrote the episode that he has never seen, and he knows that it’s a fictional show that is meant to entertain the viewer.

The promoter and Stephen Furst have a historyman in black crew neck t-shirt playing drum

In 2011 a promoter named “Captain Falcon” from the website Street-Fighter Aces was posting about the show on his website. The show was being held at the end of June at the Ocean.

Center in Daytona Beach, Florida.

In this post, he goes on about the number of people coming to the show and how they were oversold to the point that some people couldn’t even get in. He went on to say that the other promoter had told him that he was an associate of Furst and that Furst was in charge of the show and that the promoter shouldn’t mention that Furst wasn’t involved with the show because Furst would never take credit for anything.

This was all accurate, but the problem was that Furst did take credit for the show when the show ended up not going through Furst’s old company.

Captain Falcon commented that the only reason why the show didn’t go through Furst’s company was that Furst wanted it to go through his new company. Furst then tweet that they will never do anything without him; Furst mentions that Captain Falcon is actually the promoter.

Furst has claimed credit for the show, and the promoter Tweeted that Furst told him to stop tweeting. Furst was still doing interviews about the show in the year following, and the promoter posted it on his website, even though he knew that Furst was claiming that he was part of it.

Furst’s Twitter account is all about the wrestling show

One thing that I noticed in Furst’s Twitter account was the constant mentioning of the show, this wasn’t just once or twice, this was all over Furst’s Twitter, and Furst had several T.V. appearances and other promotional activities regarding the show, including being at the promos and flyers for the event.

In one of his first Tweets about the company promoting the show, he actually wrote:

“I’ve seen a few promos. It’s good to see the promotion continuing the good work it has done in the past.”