If you’ve ever had a conversation with a musician, you know they have particular views about sex. Their perspective is rather skewed due to the sheer number of musicians in their respective work line; they usually come off as somewhat envious of “conventional” sexual interactions.

I can confidently say drummers are universally good at oral sex. Most drummers I’ve met, and I’ve had many, have a very sensitive gag reflex; some guys have no gag reflex at all.

That can really work against you when it comes to things like making out, but at the same time, it’s a large part of why a drum kit is a popular place for a drummer to jack off. Drummers have very soft cocks, and it’s much easier to rub a guy’s dick with a drumstick than it is with a hand.

Drummers have big balls, and that means guys can thrust for much longer than most dudes. It also helps drummers last longer, either due to the deep muscle tissue of their dick or just the sheer size of their nut.

Drummers are big boys, their phalluses are huge, and their balls are full.

Their technique is also similar to a penis. Drummers have firm muscle control, and they usually have full control over what their penis does.

They are either hyper-sexual or anti-sexual (their default setting), but they know what they’re doing down there for the most part.

I’ve known a lot of drummers to have a high tolerance for shit. Many drummers go as long as a few hours without having an orgasm, and those people are usually willing to give anything to get some action.

My suggestion is if you find yourself in a relationship with a drummer and you can only have sex once a week, give him an orgasm before sex to ensure you can get off every single time.

Drummer gives good oralman in white and blue crew neck t-shirt playing drum

Sure, your mouth is normally the second-best place for a drummer to shoot his load, and sure, you could probably suck a rock band member off, but why not opt for the best method for both of you.

The penis is highly sensitive, and drummers have full control over it. Drummers often wear condoms in case they have to throw one away or use one on themselves.

Not only does that mean you can control the ejaculation process, but it also means you’ll both know what each other is doing, and it helps regulate your own climaxes.

In this way, you can see both climaxes more often, and if you haven’t already, you can make a solid start on an oral sex routine.

A drummer is easily masturbated

When you’re doing the dirty deed with a drumming guitarist, their focus will be on the music and their body. Most guitarists are past the age of 15, so they’re self-conscious of their pubes, which means they won’t turn down blow jobs.

They’re usually at home, so you’ll be able to choose a time and place that is comfortable and easy to get to. Drummers are big boys; they love having the attention on their penis and balls.

A drummer usually doesn’t care if you can climb the drum setmen's black and white top

Maybe this isn’t a huge deal for you, but as someone who’s not nearly as comfortable playing drums as he is with oral sex, I was always worried about jamming my penis in between a huge set of cymbals.

That didn’t make any sense to me, but then again, a guy can put his cock up your butt, and it’s not that bad. But, a guy can put his cock up his girlfriend’s ass, and she’ll have an extreme reaction.

But, the height of the cymbals is usually only about two inches. On the other hand, a drum set is nine feet tall.

That means the penis would have to be able to reach your clit and have enough room to reach up and start to penetrate the cymbals.

A drummer has big balls

This is the most important factor for you as a woman. I’ve known a lot of chicks who can bang any drummer, and it’s because their boyfriends have big balls.

Guitarists are all circumcised, except for that guy who couldn’t play because he was born without a foreskin. Drummers, however, are fully and naturally circumcised.

That means their balls are absolutely huge, and they’re designed to let more blood flow to the tip and expand with the size of the drummer’s manhood. That means their woman can have lots of fun during sex because it will have the ability to cause her to squirt a few times.

Drummer gives her an “O”Bethbap Drums

Some of my friends said drummers turned them off because they thought they would be able to turn every girl into an orgasmic wreck.

They said drummers had super-tight perineum and were able to squeeze all their air out of the girl, and she’d only be able to cum with their own hands. I’m afraid I have to disagree, but I agree with some of them that many girls complain about when a guy has an “o” face.

Many drummers can make you squirt when you’re having an orgasm and not just because he’s in the room.


Drumming is part of the core structure of many songs. Songs that include drumming are often characterized as more aggressive than other kinds of music.

With this in mind, drummers appear more aggressive than other musicians. Drummers often take on characters while playing music, and, for the most part, they only appear relaxed when drumming.

This is why they are often considered to be more dominant individuals.