This article will discuss why alternative music is good. Though many of the comments will suggest that it is good, I must question this as I don’t think it is.

There will be some criticism of what I have said in this article to address those.

First of all, if we take a look at “classic rock,” at least in its original form, the definition of “classic” would certainly not be “acceptable” music these days. It was “acceptable” for its time. Do we think “folk-rock” would be accepted today?

What are punks?

We have another term for people like this; punks. Punk is a young person that doesn’t want to follow the rules.

This is part of why it is called punk. These are the kids that came from the rock and roll scene in the 70s.

They dressed in leather and make-up, scorned anyone that was their age that wore ties, and went to church. This is what you call real music.

They may not have cared about the people that didn’t like them or didn’t buy their records, but they desired to make music their own way.

Hard rockRed Fang in Lido Berlin 19.06.17

Perhaps another example of real music, you might even call it hard rock. In the 80s, bands like Bon Jovi were true hard rock.

Many people hated them; many thought they were too pretentious. Their music was honest and for the people. In the words of Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins:

“We were so incredibly effective, my favorite thing was I would go to some grunge show, and I’d go and stand by this dude who was doing an impromptu version of The Wall for someone who had just left, and I’d go, ‘Here you go, man.’

And he’d turn around and go, ‘You listen to this, man.’ And I’d go, ‘Listen to this.’

It was honest, man. What he was doing was pure, man.”

No pretentiousness. This is what hard rock is.

We love the melodic hard rock of Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses, and Poison. I might even go so far as to say we love the glam rock of Gary Glitter. The worst thing you can call it is “alternative.” It is sub-par music.

Granted, many alternative bands are more accepted by people, but you can’t deny that most of them are definitely not real rock music.

We are left with a scenario in which there is a rock music audience passionate about rock music. There is an alternative music audience that is equally passionate. Both audiences want to follow their favorite rock bands and some alternative bands want to give a good example for the alternative crowd.

The problem is, except maybe Radiohead or a couple of others, the alternative music crowd’s music is generally sub-par rock music. Many of these brands claim to be alternative, and yet their music is very sub-par.

I cannot find any problem with asking alternative music fans to stop supporting these bands.

Why does it matter?This is Miguel (Michael) recording bass tracks for RED CAN first EP which took us just 50:00:00 hours to get done but it stretched out to 8 months due to delays, computers colapsing and broken fingers (and yes, it was Michael finger with a friendly door).

Along Matt and Ramon (Raimond), we are RED CAN. A new rock band. And we have written your next favourite songs. 

📸 @redcanband

The answer to that question is really quite simple. When people go out to concerts, they look for real music.

Rock music is the obvious choice. Indie music is sub-par music. Big music is highly mainstream and is usually loved.

A protest would be warranted when considering that people like this can make real money off our music. You cannot turn to the alternative music scene for a solution as the solution is there.

If people want more good rock music, they need to buy more real rock music. Now it is up to the underground community to do what it can.

I call it the “conscious approach.” The conscious approach is the process that is about to be highlighted here.

For those who do not know, an alternative music fan spends a lot of their money on rock music.

Why are we spending our money on rock music?

I believe the answer is quite simple; because the alternative music scene does not have real rock music.

If people want more real rock music, they need to go to their local record store and buy some actual rock music. Rock music is sold in record stores, so I would hope that they would buy it.

I also expect that they will buy some alternative music, and they will buy some hard rock, and they will buy some hip-hop. This is what sells in record stores.

We need to get the word out to people that the alternative music scene does not have real rock music.

There are a few reasons for this. It would give the hard rock community a chance to show that we do have good rock music and that we do not have the good rock music scene that everyone thinks we have.

Secondly, it would send the message that alternative music is legitimate. Finally, it would give the alternative music scene a chance to show that they have quality rock music.

Hard rock is mainstream musicman in black suit playing brown electric guitar

People should not be spending their money on rock music.

If the alternative scene wants to be taken seriously, it needs to show real alternative music.

The only way to do that is to provide real alternative music. Only this will give the rock music scene a chance to prove itself.

Why don’t I feel like I should call for an alternative rock music boycott?

It really boils down to this question. I don’t feel like I should call for an alternative rock music boycott for the following reasons.

Rock music is mainstream music. If rock music were an alternative, then perhaps I would feel different about it, but it is not.