This article will discuss why alternative music is popular among young composers and explore the reasons.

Asking whether rock music is dead or alive depends upon your point of view. Some fans embrace its liveliness within rock music, and many others regard it as meaningless, just noise, but does it matter?

Many people, as you know, disagree with the idea that it is music; many others still consider it to be a form of art.

Many critics of the musical world – music for you and me – make compelling arguments against rock music as some art. Many rock artists have also joined in on this attack, making a case for its inferiority.

Many people who believe that alternative music is merely a musical fad tell us that if something is a fad, it is usually better if it is forgotten. With that in mind, let’s look at the history of rock music, from its beginnings in the 1950s and 1960s to the present day, and talk about why many young composers are attracted to its relatively rock-like characteristics.

How rock music became popular in the 1950sBrumby at Rooftop Concert Series

Ritchie Valens’ rendition of “La Bamba.” This rock song from 1957 made the song popular.

In the early days of rock music, it was mainly blues and rhythm and blues music that appealed to listeners. In 1955, the rock-and-roll craze spread to California, first by way of Buddy Holly and then by way of the Champs of Santa Monica.

With that came a whole new style of popular music.

Young people wanted to wear long hair, which had become a fashion trend. This gave rise to the creation of bands called the Champs of Santa Monica and the Long Beach Turtles.

Many singers also started to change their names, such as Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Bill Haley, who became “Haley.”

A long-time peerless rock artist

Once rock music spread across the U.S., the world, and around the world, it was made even more popular when many of its singers and composers became rock stars, like the Beatles, Jimi.

Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, and Jimmy Page.

In the 1980s, when The Rolling Stones added to their fame with the release of Exile on Main Street, many people became aware of their unique rock sound, which was truly different from that of traditional rock artists The Beatles.

Rock music at its best, with all of its traditional aspects included, is music for whom every element is matched to make one sound, a sound that one has never heard before.

The primary virtue of rock music is this: it’s a sound that, when the listener hears it for the first time, the sound has such a powerful effect on him that he never forgets it, such as seeing a concert live.

Why some composers are in love with alternative music

I think much of the appeal of alternative music lies in the fact that its creators don’t care much about trying to be conventional or traditional. Classical composers have been looking at creating their own unique sounds, but this seems to be less concerned with rock music.

To this listener, a rock musician trying to create his or her own unique sound and music has the effect of inspiring his or her composers. Here is how I put it in my book, The Album Notes Chronicles:

“The fact that The Beatles or Nirvana are trying to create their own unique sound and music is one thing. But if they were to try and create their own style of music – like a traditional symphony orchestra creating a style – the classical music composer would perceive this as being negative, as a deviation from the tradition.”

In the past, rock musicians played many of the same instruments as classical musicians did. But in modern rock music, they don’t play those instruments, which has been the result of both accident and design.

Many classical musicians have turned down the chance to play in the band because they felt it would be contrary to their musicians’ goals. I think this is a sign of the growth of the classical music field.

The great choices of the young composersman in black suit playing brown electric guitar

In this way, alternative music will become more popular among young composers, as it will be their choice of what they like to listen to. This is generally a rarity when listening to music, as what’s popular becomes more and more popular as time goes by.

The fact that young composers choose alternative music to listen to is a very positive step in the direction of alternative music being seen as an art form to be appreciated and respected.

Less popular composers are catching on

These composers are completely understandable. When listening to alternative music, it is hard to come away from your headphones without some form of genre recognition.

The music that people like to listen to is often related to what they like to see themselves. The fact that this is the case gives a different meaning to a less popular composer.

The muse & the composer

The composer’s thoughts and feelings are by far the most powerful tool that an artist has at their disposal.

When they are not performing music or actively composing, they are most likely thinking about composing, making it quite clear to the listener that they are thinking about what is coming out of their bodies.

Young composers enjoy alternative music

The reason that young composers like alternative music is because they can relate to the styles of the composers that they are listening to. For the young composer, this gives a sense of something new, something different from the music they are familiar with.

By relating their lives and thoughts to the music, it shows that their mind is open to the possibility of something new and interesting.

Rock music is out of style

I’ve heard on several occasions some classical musicians say, “I can’t play rock music. The melodies and rhythms are too hard, and I’d have to change my style of music, something that I would never want to do.”

In the past, the classical musician aimed to be a master of classical music, the way Mozart or Beethoven were masters.

The evolution of the rock musician also seems to have led to some mental change. Instead of pushing one’s unique style in classical music, they push their own style in rock music.

This is similar to what Michael Jackson did, changing his style from a voice to a dance style. This is a dangerous trend in the modern world.

My choice of music has always been to play rock music, as it’s what I am best at.