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Let us discuss why is rap music is called rap music.

Why is rap music called rap music?

Rap is a music style where words are linked with music to create a short but awesome song related to a story or an event. With the use of the words, the singer or the rapper wants to tell the story to a specific person or a group of people in society.

As mentioned earlier in the introduction, rap music is related to the story, but the word “rap” is a slang term representing an urban lifestyle. Most of the artists of rap music claim that they have used this kind of slang word to create a unique type of music.

Different types of rap musicLocal rock band at an apartment

Different types of rap music have been developed in the world.

The first type of rap music is straight-up-speak, where the word is straightforward and short, but it gets connected to the rhythm and the beat. For example, I am talking to you through this kind of rap music.

Most of the rap songs are close-up-speak. For example, I love you as a girlfriend.

The listener of this kind of rap music is supposed to sing and listen to a person or a group of people telling him/her a story.

Most people believe that rap music is not a serious form of music. However, it is one of the most famous forms of music.

People enjoy listening to rap music, but they don’t find it useful and meaningful for their career.

D-J music, on the other hand, is much different than rap music. In D-J music, the artist or the singer tries to create a musical story and then adds an awesome, catchy tune to that story.

It makes it more entertaining for listeners.

Types of rap songs

There are different types of rap songs, including the following:

  • Club rappers
  • Urban rap
  • Hot topics
  • Social consciousness

My apologies to the listeners. I will write this blog’s main content instead of listing out the different types of rap songs. You should listen to the song’s lyrics for any rap music and then decide if you can relate to it.

If you can relate to the song’s lyrics, you should definitely try to write or record it. If you are a rapper, then do try to write an original rap song and record it for your audience.

For this, you need to search and listen to the real raps.

If you are planning to record a real rap song, then keep reading.

When you need to write a rap songOn the set in New York with TY BREEZZYY , for a music video with Gordon Cowie Films.

First, write down your story or an event in your life. Please keep it in a blank book and then write the first line of the poem.

You can write the entire poem first. Write the lines quickly, and then try to fit your poem to the first line’s rhyme.

This may not be easy, so you should try to write a song with the first line as the chorus and the lines between the verses.

At this stage, you can develop the melody of the song. Just pick up a guitar and try to play a tune.

If the melody is acceptable, you should try to develop a melody line and a beat around the melody. In this way, you should be able to present your song to your audience.

On the other hand, if the melody is also accepted, you should add another verse to make it more interesting. Add as many verses as required.

When you need to record a rap song

Record a demo version of the song. It does not have to be perfect; add your track and play it to your demo master and produce your demo version.

When your song is ready, you should look for a music producer.

This is not hard, but it needs a lot of effort. It is much easier to find a good producer than to find an amazing producer.

The same thing is also true with finding the right record label. You can post your demo version on music sites and ask the listeners to rate it.

It is possible to find a good record label online. There are many music producers and record labels in the world.

However, when you want to record your first rap song, you should hire a producer. If the producer does not accept the song, then you can try again with another producer.

The same is also true for getting the right record label. If the label does not accept the song, then you have to look for another label.

When you need to produce a rap songman in blue and white shirt singing on stage

There are many ways to produce a rap song.

You can write your own song and record it as a demo. If you are a great rapper, you can then record a full rap song in the same process or record a demo first and then make a full rap song.

You have to write the lyrics, music, and beat in a convincing order in the first case.

If you choose the second option, you will need to record your song with your demo and then make a full rap song.

Before you choose a production method, try to record some demos. You can record the first demo first and then make a full song, or you can record the first demo, make a full song, and record another demo.

When you need to record an urban rap song

If you want to record a rap song related to the current social situation, you should write a song about a social topic. This will be easier to record and produce than a traditional song.

You can also write a song that you believe would relate to the current social situation’s rap culture. Then, you will try to make a song with a chorus that matches the song’s lyrics.

If you want to create a traditional song, you will need to record a song without a chorus, and you will record a chorus only after you record the song.

A rap song can be about many different topics, and you should choose the subject that you want to write a rap song about, and then you will decide about the sound, the beat, and the words you want to use.

You can also record a song about a social topic you want to write a rap song about. Then you will record a song without a chorus, and you will record a chorus only after you record the song.