Rap music has gained popularity over the years due to several factors, including social norms, popular culture, American culture, and the time’s varying political situations. Hip-hop music has followed and expanded this development, making it a cultural phenomenon.

It was created as an outlet to give to the disenfranchised youth in the 1980s, and it has had an influence on many influential artists over the years. However, there are many issues with the music industry that help contribute to the turmoil and lack of peace in America.

Many of the artists who made the start of rap music in the 1980s were from the ghettos and were mainly comprised of young black men looking for an outlet for their thoughts and feelings. The music was simple and spoke to the people who were hearing it.

By the end of the 1980s, many rappers moved to larger cities in the U.S. and tried to compete with the bigger artists.

This article will discuss why rap music is a problem. The playlist will be based on music played in our school’s cafeteria.


The majority of rap music promotes a culture of violence, prostitution, sexual promiscuity, and many other illegal things. The majority of the material promotes violence, murder, gun battles, murder, torture, robberies, and other violence.

Rap music also promotes the killing of black people and the murders of several celebrities and celebrities who have spoken out against hip hop. The music’s lyrics include the words “Fuck the police” or “Kill every Nigger.”

Rap music glorifies the criminal activity, rape, and murder of people and makes very mean comments about the sexuality of women. The name for the genre, “rap” itself, is a form of the N-word.

This means that the majority of the black people that love this music are white racists that want to destroy the image of black people. Rap music was originally made in the ’60s, and 70’s to promote violence and killing.

The structure of rap musicTory Lanez

Rap music is essential, a type of jingles used to promote certain products such as Dr. Pepper.

However, what makes rap music so bad is that rap music lyrics are hard to understand, and they are very negative and rude towards women.

The songs include vulgar slang words and have language and names that are very hard to understand.

The sexual and vulgar remarks

Rap music tells you that they can have sex at any time and that all the girls want them. It tells you that you can pay for sex in drugs, weapons, and even the blood of animals.

Rap music tells you that you can make lots of money by selling drugs to other people or that the money can be made selling guns. Rap music also tells you that women and children are available to be raped at any time.

Rap music glorifies the idea of being pimps, prostitutes, and drug dealers. It glorifies the idea of killing people. Rap music tells you that violence is the answer to every problem and that everything is possible.

Rap music tells you that you can kill people for no reason and that murder is ok.

The stigma of hip hop

The majority of people think that hip hop is only for black people or people who like to smoke crack. That’s why this type of music is called “Gangsta Rap.”

Hip hop is not just an art form of music. Hip hop is essentially the word “ghetto” and “street” combined with music.

This language is used to describe what white people think of the “ghetto.” All of the music created in the ghetto is not art but rather entertainment for white people to have fun.

If white people don’t like hip hop, it makes them feel uncomfortable or ashamed.

The drug use

As a kid growing up in Baltimore City, you can’t go anywhere without hearing about someone selling crack or doing drugs. Many people say that they have never seen a black person who didn’t do drugs or sell drugs.

Many adults that I know have used drugs, including but not limited to crack, marijuana, LSD, PCP, cocaine, methamphetamines, Ecstasy, and even DMT. These drugs have negative effects on your body, such as being addicted, hallucinating, going crazy, and even dying.

Drugs can even cause you to lose your mind, thinking that you are a terrorist, or even going crazy.

The focus on guns and violencelook me in my eyes

Rap music glorifies the idea of guns, violence, shooting, and death. The music promotes you killing women. Rap music promotes the idea that you should use guns to murder people.

The lyrics in rap music even tell you how to make the killing: “Bam, Bam, Bam, some fellas on my squad, they making money as Pimpin,” and “Me and my baby, we ready to party, we gonna use the rifle.”

These are just a few of the many lines that are used in rap music. Rap music tells you to shoot your own people and to use all the power in the world.

The violence towards women

Rap music tells you that it is ok to talk about rape, women, and even murder in a vulgar way. Rap music tells you that it is ok to disrespect women and that you can do anything to them.

Rap music tells you that women are meant to be raped and degraded. It tells you that you should rape, murder, and use other people.

Rap music glorifies sex, rape, and violence against women.

How music makes you want to harm people

Rap music can be addictive. The music makes you want to have sex, smoke weed, drink alcohol, take drugs, and do drugs.

It also makes you want to be violent and shoot people. If you listen to this type of music all the time, you may go to extremes to do these things.

All the money and money-making that goes into rap music only make it worse.

Conclusionman in black t-shirt and black jeans standing on stage near drum set

I believe that hip-hop is harmful to our society and our youth. In the same way that drinking alcohol, tobacco, and drugs are harmful to our society, so is this type of music.

Music is used to make people feel good. If your only motivation in life is money and fame, then there is no good reason to make this type of music.

What’s even worse is that most hip-hop artists are Caucasian and Hispanic and even include the words “thug” or “gangsta” in their names. This type of music can become more popular and damaging because the majority of the people who listen to this type of music are white, which is the majority of the people in our society.

In response to everyone’s questions, it’s because they are afraid of being called racist. People are afraid of saying that they don’t like rap music because if they admit that they don’t like rap music, they are called racist.

The most powerful way to change racism in America is by saying that you don’t like rap music and refusing to listen to it. Instead, look for good music. Look for musicians who make positive, uplifting music and make you feel good.

If you are not sure what type of music you like, you can ask people what type of music they listen to and learn something new. After all, ignorance is not bliss and can become harmful.