This article will discuss why rap music is so bad now and will be critical of modern rap. This is not a passive discussion where you will passively listen and read.

You will actively participate in the debate by arguing both for and against things. Rap fans might feel like they should know their place and accept that rap is good or bad.

If you have a problem with rap in particular, then you should defend rap in general.

Personally, I think rap is inherently good, and bad rap is actually not rap at all.

What makes it bad?ACTION! - Behind The Scene ''Schatten des Licht'' from Pascal Views

There are two main problems with rap today that I see:

  • It’s dumb
  • It’s purposeless

I think two main things are dumb about rap today, and I think they should both be fixed.

This article will discuss why rap music is so bad now and look at the flaws in some current hits. If you are in a good mood today, maybe a little sad, or just a little introspective, this article might be of interest.

This has been a sad week for rap music. I don’t know what to make of it.

It’s been a year and a half since Kendrick Lamar released To Pimp A Butterfly, which was released with high praise. The press was in love with it.

It was the most anticipated rap album of all time. Now, it’s just a lackluster mess of awfulness.

We got a full album of here-goes-the-crowd solos, bloated without substance, club bangers that get in the way of their song, synthetic beats with their samples removed and thrown away, meaningless lyrics, and some songs that will make you wonder how such a genius was this wrong. These aren’t just “throwaway” or “flash in the pan” artists, these are a few of the best hip hop artists of the last ten years, and I have not heard one good song from them.

These songs are hideous and in no way embody the art form they’re supposed to. It’s like the music police came to shut down the creativity.

Yes, I wouldn’t say I like the art form as much as they do, and they’re doing the best they can with what they have. These artists are unique and creative.

They have taken music to new places that have not been explored before, and it is a shame that they are completely lost to their own lack of creativity.

I would think that if you’re going to make an album, you would really work hard to make something great, not a side project that is to make more money. This is just a waste of the best and the brightest the hip-hop community has to offer.

It’s insulting to me as a rap fan. I like to think of myself as a hip-hop fan of the most ambitious kind. In my opinion, we’ve seen the golden age of rap music.

We’ve seen hip hop go from revolutionary to incredibly mainstream. The evolution has been interesting, and I feel that we are entering a new era of rap music where many musicians are just trying to cash in.

Rap is the most popular music right now, and I want to see the genre continue to evolve, but this current output is not the proof of a larger movement.

Rap sucks now

If you’ve ever listened to contemporary rap, then you might disagree. Many mediocre artists are rap artists, but they aren’t really true rappers anymore.

Here are the obvious problems with rap today, in the order of least important to most important.

The songs are all about partying and being rude to women

No person with a soul wants to listen to every rapper who goes out of his way to say mean things to women and wants them to want to have sex with him. As a person, I don’t want to have sex with anyone but my significant other.

As an artist, I don’t want to spend my time making music about sex.

For some reason, people keep believing that rappers have to be rapping about sex to be true rap artists. It makes no sense.

These rappers are making music about other things. They are usually doing stuff that isn’t even true to themselves.

I don’t understand why people keep voting for a sub-genre of hip-hop because they hate women or are rude.

The lyrics are too dumb to listen toCool rapper with a white bandana on the head

Why is so much of today’s rap so boring? I don’t understand why artists think they have to rely on self-contradictory and useless lyrics to stand out.

People still get into rap music because they enjoy listening to it, but today’s rappers don’t seem to have much of a point to make, and a lot of the songs are just wasted on saying something that has already been saying. Even worse, rap artists aren’t even rhyming on the lyrics, so it’s impossible to follow the music and form any cohesive meaning.

“If I had a million dollars, I wouldn’t kiss girls in the club.” Well, okay, but I don’t know any rappers who would like to do that.

Rap is kind of like a pop song with shitty lyrics. If the lyrics aren’t good, the music won’t be good either.

So if you want to get really deep into the music and have a certain type of musical experience, you have to listen to terrible lyrics.

Rap is not about being creative

For some reason, people think that only singing has to be creative. Some people say that being a rapper is just a way to get attention or that rap is just a special form of singing.

The problem with that idea is that rap is not supposed to be about creativity. It’s supposed to be about being rude and being a jerk.

To be a successful rapper, you have to make your own music that doesn’t challenge people; it just tries to confuse them. In fact, artists who try to break down complicated concepts to make a statement or tell a story will probably be considered more hip-hop artists than people who spit a bunch of bullshit.

Can’t you listen to lyrics without having to think about it? This is true, but you still have to pay attention to the music to enjoy it.

A bad rap song is not just a bad song; it’s a bad experience. In fact, I think the best artists are the ones who take the simple route and make songs that get in your head and drive you crazy, and that is definitely what the best rap songs do.

Just give me your attention, and I will give you my mind.

Rap is inauthentic and pretentiousDisfrutando de su buena musica

I wouldn’t say I like the idea that everyone is supposed to like hip-hop. The only people who should be listening to it are those who like it and hate it.

You can’t accept anything that someone says unless you agree with it. If the person saying something has a problem with you, you’re mistaken.

If the person saying something doesn’t have a problem with you, you’re wrong. So instead of taking things at face value, we have always to be analyzing rap lyrics.

If you say that you don’t like rap, you say that everyone who likes rap is dumb or pretentious. And it’s not true, because even if you think that you hate rap, you have to admit that there is a massive amount of talent in rap music, and it just so happens that a huge amount of talent in rap music is white and gay.

So if you hate rap, you hate a way of life, a way of thinking, and being. I think it’s wrong to criticize rap, and I think it’s wrong to make assumptions about rap music.

If you think it’s okay to hate something, you should probably hate everything. So it would help if you hated it more.

Rappers who dance like idiots are losers

Rap artists dance and sing because they think it’s cool. If they think they’re getting too much attention because they dance like an idiot and sing like a little girl, they will definitely change their style.

They will be seen for who they really are, a loser. The rappers who try to be too cool and act like they’re too cool, just because they don’t dance and don’t sing, are the worst people in rap.

These artists are usually the first ones to change styles and be seen for who they really are. Hip-hop is not really about being cool; it’s about being true to who you are, and if you have no clue who you are, or you’re so sensitive that you think you have to be like a bunch of ruffians, then you’re not hip-hop.

I know what you’re thinking, but you have to listen to it in your head first. I’m sure people are annoyed by rap because it’s in their head, but the music is too loud, and it’s too fast, and it’s too fucking close.

But guess what, rap is in your head. And it’s your head.

Rap is not your friendwoman wearing black framed eyeglasses

Rap artists only know how to talk about drugs and sex.

They don’t have real-world connections; they don’t get invited to the best parties, they don’t go to the beach or go for walks in the park. Rap artists are not your friends.