This is true and hard truth. People who dislike rap music usually attack it for its vulgar lyrics.

But how can a certain type of music that is otherwise intended to be fun suddenly be vulgar?

In recent years, the music industry has become increasingly liberal when it comes to taboo topics and subject matter. This means that the boundary that was once very clear and determined by the media has been replaced by a more fluid mentality where a more progressive approach is acceptable.

The music industry has allowed subject matter, often suggestive or sexually explicit, to be at the forefront of mainstream music. Rap is no exception, and the era of superstars, like 50 Cent and

Eminem, openly making degrading and sexually aggressive music to the masses is one of the most damaging things to the industry that many of us love.

How do we know that? First of all, the music that we love to hear, like ‘memory rap,’ is often heavily laden with sexually suggestive lyrics that make every child instantly hate the song.

This is even though rap has always been around for as long as people can remember.

With the Internet and technological advances, such as the ability to listen to music on the go, we can now avoid exposure to certain topics. However, even with the ability to block out certain content, the power of information is too much for many to pass up.

In the age of the Internet, kids have seen videos for explicit songs, they have heard the lyrics, and the whole idea that the music is not meant to be heard has quickly dissipated. This is a hard thing to rectify, but unfortunately, it is an impossible task.

Some rap artists are too explicitLight people art girl

Rap artists love to swear a lot, and it is only because they are very expressive and love their craft.

However, it is also because they have to release their real emotions, and as someone from the other side of the world who listens to hip-hop, it does seem like cursing is a necessary evil to get that good flow.

While we all want to hear music that we can relate to and appeals to us, we have a responsibility not to spread propaganda. By relying too much on the internet for our news and social media content, we end up with a society unable to filter out certain information.

A simple Google search of “rap lyrics” will soon reveal most of the music released. We only are exposed to the cool/hip music that makes people like us feel good.

In doing so, the press is working too hard to make the idea of vulgar music acceptable. We have become so far removed from the real world that we have lost all control of the true content making it to the mainstream.

We have lost sight of what is making people love music and for all the wrong reasons.

What happens when the violence of rap music begins to emerge?Man in brown coat and black hat

As defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, violence is “severe or repeated acts of physical aggression, especially during a quarrel, fight or struggle, or to inflict severe or repeated physical harm.”

Violence is all around us. People bully each other, insult each other’s parents, and hurt each other.

However, if it begins to affect innocent people, then it becomes a problem.

Frequent violent attacks on women

Rap music becomes violent and degenerates into an unsolicited way to promote violence against women.

Rap music is a perfect way to express your anger, rage, and disappointment, but this rage is different from any other emotion.

When women are insulted, it is generally because they violated society’s moral codes and got their wrongdoings punished.

Rap music, on the other hand, celebrates those who take a life. It also shows how the writer feels about women.

No compassion for the victim

Rap music puts a woman in a position where she is weaker than her attacker. She has no rights in society and no defense for her character.

Rap music also teaches that, in the end, women are the ones to blame, not the men who took advantage of them. Rap music holds women responsible for the violence perpetrated on them by men.

The dangers of this way of expressing oneself should be emphasized. It has already been shown that people tend to make rash decisions that lead to retaliation when one is angry.

ConclusionMan standing on stage facing people

I am trying to say here that although it may be painful, we need to start paying more attention to the songs we are consuming. Are they really as sexually deviant as we have been led to believe?

We have a responsibility not to believe everything we hear blindly. Be open-minded and analyze what is being presented to us.

Be careful to question everything that you listen to. Because if we all start listening to music without any thought, the music industry would probably be forced to give us something worth listening to.