This article will discuss why rap is the best music genre, not only in 2016 but also in 2017.

Now, I am not here to argue that rap is better than all other music genres. But let’s be honest, it is the best music genre for 2016 and 2017 because of a single reason, the constant innovation coming from rap music.

This is what always endeared rap music to me in the past, innovation. How are other music genres compared to rap music?

What about rock, metal, classical music, etc.?

Background of rock musicDJ at work

Rock music is well-known for its constant changes in song lyrics. You know a rock song is old when there are new lyrics to the song, and even rock songs change song lyrics weekly.

For example, when rock is over 70-years old, you’ll still see rock songs change their lyrics weekly. Also, do you remember how the lyrics of different rock songs were before they changed?

The same thing happens in rap music.

Rap is well-known for its originality in song lyrics. Most hip-hop artists had no idea that a song will not be known to the public as it does now.

Most rap songs, when released, were considered sh*t for the month. But as years passed by, the content of the lyrics of those songs changed, and hip hop music has always been known for its originality in song lyrics.

Even rock music has had more than one album and a song with the word “sh*t” in its lyrics.

The founding fathers

These music genres also have well-known founding fathers.

James Brown started with James Brown and the Famous Flames, John Lee Hooker started with the Hooker Brothers Band, B.B. King with the Kings of Rhythm, Little Richard with the Drifters, The Ventures started with the Ric-Tones, Jerry Lee Lewis with the Revelries, The Rolling Stones started with the Roaring Twenties and then changed to the Stones, Elvis Presley started with the Crickets, as well as the list goes on and on.

But rap music is famous for having multiple music genre founders. Most famous rappers such as Eminem, Tupac, Nas, and Jay-Z are well-known for being the founding fathers of these rap music genres.

Nowadays, most rappers are not even original; they copy Jay-Z or Kanye West’s concept on their music. If these rappers were really original and had original ideas, they wouldn’t have to copy these rock music pioneers’ concepts.

This is what always endeared rap music to me in the past, innovation.

This is what people of all ages love about rap music. The rap music genre is meant for people of all age groups.

I love the hip-hop music genre, and I believe people of all age groups can enjoy the things it offers.

Why hip hop is hip hopFlume at Field Day Sydney

There is no genre or language. All the media and all the time you can spend on any genre are really to be yourself.

For example, you are listening to rap, and you are wearing a suit, and you can express yourself. You know you are a rapper, and you can dress up as a rapper and express yourself.

That is the great thing about hip hop; it’s hip hop. You can express yourself without a limit.

It’s the same when you have to go to the opera; you can express yourself there without the limit. Like if you go to a nightclub or music hall, you can express yourself there, but you can’t express yourself when you are going to the opera or when you go to the theatre or whatever, or when you’re at a football game or whatever.

That is where we stop when we don’t have anything to express and when we are stuck.

So it’s the music that really connects with you. It doesn’t matter where you are, and if you live in Russia, Germany, or New York, it will really connect with you.

This is how we are made. We are made to be free, we are made to express ourselves, and we are made to sing and dance.

And the way to do that is the way of Hip Hop. Hip Hop, because it is so open and diverse. Not in the sense of taste but in the sense of culture and the way of expressing your culture.

Why rap music is different from rock

Rap, as a genre, has been around since the 1920s. It’s been around, and there have been moments where it has been influenced by what’s going on in the society, and it has changed and changed and changed, but there has been the spirit of what is going on in the music.

Like when rock music was influenced by rock-n-roll, the blues, and R&B., It changed from a blues thing to a rock thing and has become what it is now. But rap is really a unique and different thing.

It is a full, full sound. It’s a whole voice.

Rap is something that you can enjoy while you’re doing a lot of other things. If you are a professional football player, you can listen to rap.

If you are a real athlete, you can listen to rap. If you are a businessperson and you work all day, you can listen to rap and enjoy it and find a little bit of relief.

It’s not like a video game where you have to pay to get the rewards. You can listen to it, and it’s not like a reward, but it’s just listening to a song or reading a novel.

What is the best tip you have for someone trying to make it in the music industry?Music fan’s room

To be yourself, to stay free, and express yourself.

When you are really free, you are never bored.

You are always interesting, and if you have a bad day, you can always listen to a rap song, and you can find some inspiration.