This article will discuss why there is rap music in The Great Gatsby movie. Read, enjoy and respond below.

This article will discuss why the plot of the movie Gatsby is mixed with rap music. These are the questions that need to be answered.

The plotPeople cheering at a party

The movie’s plot revolves around a rich man named Jay Gatsby. He is a local of New York. Jay Gatsby always falls in love with rich women but never gets them because of his immoral lifestyle.

But his money doesn’t stop him from having a love life; instead, he uses his money to find a rich woman so he can marry her. Gatsby falls in love with Daisy.

They eventually get married, have a daughter named Nicki, and are among the most popular couples in the movie.

One day Gatsby gets into a relationship with Daisy’s friend, Myrtle. They fall in love and get married.

However, they soon divorce after Myrtle is forced to return to her father. Gatsby then starts a relationship with another rich woman named Daisy.

He proposes to Daisy, and she accepts his proposal. They are later married in a lavish ceremony.

However, they eventually divorce because Gatsby has an affair with an unknown woman.

Gatsby then starts a relationship with a singer called Jordan. When Jordan’s life becomes a mess because of his alcohol addiction, Gatsby calls him into the bathtub.

This is when Jordan drowns in the bathtub.

After committing suicide, Jordan’s body is found. He was decapitated.

This clarifies that the playboy lifestyle has proved to be a total failure because he failed to make it in the music industry. He finds himself dead and decapitated in the bathtub and is found by the beautiful singer.

Why is Gatsby mixed with rap music in the movie?Toast

It is never certain whether the music played in the movie is played in real life or not. Many speculate that the movie’s songs are real songs, or they are merely disguised as American-made songs.

This would allow Gatsby and Nicki to hear a song without having the chance to hear another song.

What are the reasons behind Gatsby and Nicki’s relationship?

The most compelling reason for Gatsby and Nicki’s relationship is that Gatsby has a terrible past. It is revealed that he is a one-night stand. Gatsby never really loved Daisy, as he gets back to her and doesn’t mind.

She accepts his proposal to be together, and they get married.

That’s when Gatsby’s true colors shine. He lost all of his money and was trapped in a cycle of poverty.

He got drunk one night, and his character shined brighter. This is when he fell in love with Daisy, and they got married.

Now, if it were not for Daisy’s fate, Gatsby would not have found Nicki. However, he finds out that her ex-boyfriend abused nicki, and he took care of her when he found out.

On the other hand, Nicki gets back in touch with her father after she was disappointed with her mother. Gatsby decides to give her the right advice so she can make the right decision.

Nicki later decides to move on and start a life with Gatsby, but as soon as she steps into the house, she sees her father’s decapitated body. This is when Nicki remembers Gatsby.

He again shows his love for her by saving her from drowning.

The ending scene of the movielas4estaciones

The end of the movie reveals that Nicki and Gatsby’s daughter was the real Gatsby’s sister. He made the same mistake that he made in his past.

He made another one-night stand and kept the relationship going until the next day. After all, he is a one-night stand guy and can’t get past this part.

However, the one-night stand he had turned into a wife, he went into a second one-night stand, he lost his fortune, he ended up in the same spot where he was the night before, and he

drowned in the bathtub because he drank too much alcohol again.

However, what people don’t know is that he was not completely dead. His remains were still preserved in the shape of a face.

During the death scene, the ghost of Gatsby is revealed. It is revealed that Gatsby was the ghost that Nicki saw in the bathtub.

He was forced to commit suicide because he wanted to live in reality and not his “glamorized” life.

Even though the movie ends with Gatsby drowning, he still chose to live and make Nicki happy. Even though he wasn’t a good guy, Gatsby was not the bad guy.

He was stuck in a mundane lifestyle where he had no place to go. He was dead and needed to be resurrected. He went through the same experience that the title character was in “American Psycho.”

However, he found himself, and this is how rap music comes in.